Panthers have that 2015 feeling all over again

As the Carolina Panthers improve to a 4-1 record, I cannot help but notice just how much this season is starting to feel like the Panthers’ Superbowl season of 2015. No, I am not saying the Panthers are headed to the Superbowl (yet), but the similarities are undeniable.

The Drama

Remember that nearly every week during the 2015 season there was some sort of distraction for the Carolina Panthers. Tennessee Mom, bullying OBJ with a baseball bat, Cam Newton ripping down a Packers banner, Josh Norman eye gouging, the list goes on and on. Every Panthers victory brought a story line that no one saw coming.

The Panthers have had off field distractions for two consecutive weeks now. The Panthers dealing with the NFL protest and Cam Newton’s unfortunate press conference remark. Both weeks ended in Panthers victories against two good teams. Seems a whole lot like 2015, doesn’t it?

The Games

Consider the games themselves, the previous two in particular. Heck, the Carolina Panthers victory over the Detroit Lions on Sunday could have been a 2015 game. Think about it.

The Panthers were on the road against a tough opponent. After getting a comfortable lead, the Panthers allow the Lions to stay in the game. The offense gets conservative, the defense gives up big plays. Tension is mounting, the game is in doubt.  On the final drive, Cam Newton overcomes adversity to win the game under pressure. If there was a script written for the 2015 season, Sunday’s game followed it word for word.

To make things even more eerie, the Panthers are winning after losing an major offensive weapon to injured reserve. ( Benjamin in 2015, Olsen in 2017)

There is no denying it. This season is starting to get that 2015 all over again. Will it end with a conference championship and a Superbowl appearance? I am not ready to go that far. But if things continue the way they have been, I see no reason why not.

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