Has Cam Newton returned to MVP form for the Carolina Panthers?

Has Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton returned to his MVP form of 2015? A question that would have seemed preposterous just two weeks ago now seems plausible. Newton has been turning heads with his consecutive 300+ yard games, and rightfully so.

Brian Baldinger is one NFL analyst that is taking note. Baldinger broke down the Carolina Panthers quarterback in a series of videos on Twitter.

In this first video, Baldinger takes not of Cam’s ability to stand tall in the pocket and deliver a strike under duress. Again, this is not something we saw two weeks ago. Now that Newton is able to participate fully in practice, his game has been elevated. Baldinger notes Cam’s ability here just can’t be taught, and he is right.

The next video is far more impressive and a better indicator that Cam Newton is back in MVP form for the Carolina Panthers. Yes, the throw is amazing. But for my money it is Cam looking off the Detroit safety that has me the most excited here. This is something he did throughout 2015 but was absent for the first three games of this season.

If Cam is now taking his time and looking off safeties, that means he is comfortable and confident in his offensive line. Amazing what a little protection will do for a quarterback’s game.

The last two games clearly indicate that Cam Newton still has MVP ability. A few more weeks of consistent play at this level and you can bet your bottom dollar that Newton’s name will be in the mix for league MVP.

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