Carolina Panthers

It is ‘do or die’ for the Carolina Panthers offense

As the Carolina Panthers prepare to take the field against the Atlanta Falcons today, one thing remains absolutely clear. For the offense it is do or die, truly a life or death situation.

So far this season, the “evolved” Mike Shula offense has looked more a single celled protozoa struggling to find meaning in the primordial soup. Watching this offense at times feels like being force fed a bowl of that soup, one thick green spoonful at a time.

Lacking in any discernible identity, the Carolina Panthers offense has been impotent and ineffective, despite having most of the focus of the 2017 draft. Three picks in the first two rounds were offensive players. The result has been zero improvement over last season. A complete failure. This offensive experiment has been a complete failure, there is really no other honest way to say it.

Don’t give me injury excuses, either. This offense was horrid at the beginning of the season when completely healthy.

That said, I am ready to wipe the slate clean for just one game.

carolina panthers atlanta falcons

With the trading of Kelvin Benjamin, the Carolina Panthers made their first real change in offensive identity. After 8 full weeks of lackadaisical lollygagging, they had seen enough. The plan now is to keep speed on the field at all times. In theory, this should loosen up the opposing defense and give the Panthers running game new life.

If it works, if the Panthers can finally run the ball, everything else will fall into place. Opposing safeties will actually have to show some concern with play action instead of chuckling to themselves as they approach the line of scrimmage.

It is do or die for the Carolina Panthers offense. Put up 20+ against a decent Falcons defense and a new hope will be felt across the Carolinas. Put up 6 points and there is going to be outrage the likes of which have never been felt before. If that happens, make haste. Quickly go get your bread and milk, it is going to get ugly.