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Along the Sidelines: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

In what could be a turning point in their season, the Carolina Panthers were able to rally to defeat the Atlanta Falcons. Now sitting at 6-3 and a bye week still to come, they are in a prime position to make a run for the NFC South title.

Here is what I saw yesterday as I roamed the sidelines.

All eyes were on Cam Newton before the game yesterday, wondering what he might be feeling without close friend Kelvin Benjamin. For the most part, Newton was his normal self. That means plenty of dancing and tomfoolery as warmups transpired. However, he also showed a bit more emotion as he spoke to individual players like Thomas Davis.

carolina panthers atlanta falcons

Once warmups were over, it was time for introductions. Allow me to dissect for you the anatomy of a Cam Newton introduction just in case you have not seen it in person. This is a formula that is replicated every other home game as the offense is introduced.

First, Smoke fills the tunnel. For a few seconds nothing is there. Then Newton slowly appears as he points to the sky. The crowd noise begins to increase in volume.

Newton then drops his hand and breathes in the moment, filling his lungs with the energy and emotion.

Then Cam flashes his patented superman pose and exits the tunnel as flames surround him.

At this point the crowd is whipped up into a frenzy. Should you ever get a chance to visit Bank of America Stadium for a Carolina Panthers game, be sure to be in your seats for this spectacle.

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