Carolina Panthers

Along the Sidelines: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

Christian McCaffrey had his first rushing touchdown of the season. It seems McCaffrey sees better results when running outside of the tackles. Who would have guessed? In this four frame look, you can see how completely along CMC was on the way to the end zone. When I can snap a touchdown photo with zero defenders in the frame, something went dreadfully wrong on defense.

No one was happier for CMC than Cam Newton himself.

Newton spoke about McCaffrey after the game.

“Going back to those gurus in my household saying you’re putting too much on [McCaffrey], he’s just a rookie. But when the guy’s touched and he’s blessed, you’ve just got to give him the ball and step back and just be in awe. Whether it’s in the run game, the pass game, I’m a proponent of seeing how much he can digest before we ease off of him because when the ball’s in his hands, that’s a good thing for us as an offense.”

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