Carolina Panthers

Along the Sidelines: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

In his first game as the number one wide receiver, Devin Funchess performed well.  After the game, Cam Newton spoke about the growth of Funchess.

“The funny thing about it is, he had some quiet yards.” Newton said. “That’s what he can do, he can give you those yards after catch. He’s very savvy and he’s just grown into that role and that’s what you love to see. I feel as if there are some things that he can learn from, things that I can learn from being that he’s at a more poignant position and we’re only going to get better.”

Not every receiver performed so well. Russell Shepard had a costly drop near the end zone. Clearly the ball is in his hands in the following photo. In a moment to step up and make his claim for more targets, Shepard fell short.

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