Prediction – Miami Dolphins at Carolina Panthers

This evening Jay Cutler and the Miami Dolphins visit Bank of America Stadium to take on the Carolina Panthers in a Monday Night Football extravaganza. Fun fact – the Carolina Panthers have never defeated the Miami Dolphins in Charlotte. Tonight, they hope to remedy that situation.

At first glance, this is a game the Panthers should win fairly easily. The Miami Dolphins have the worst scoring offense in the league currently, averaging only 14.5 points a game. The number one ranked Carolina Panthers defense should have little problem holding the Dolphins to under ten points. If that happens, one would assume a Carolina Panthers victory is imminent.

Unless, of course, the Panthers had a similar situation this season and failed miserably. That would likely give pause to thoughts of an easy victory.

As it so happens, the Panthers did have a similar situation once already this year in Chicago. A game in which the Panthers defense only allowed 3 points and still ended in a Panthers loss. It took an offensive melt down of epic proportions for that to happen, but it indeed happened.

For this reason I am hesitant to automatically assume tonight is a Carolina Panthers victory. After all, the Miami Dolphins did march into Atlanta recently and hand the Falcons a big fat L at home. I reveled in that fact for an entire week, poking fun at the Falcons for letting Jay Cutler get the best of them.

I can concede that the very same thing could happen tonight to the Panthers, thanks to the Chicago Bears embarrassment.

That said, the Panthers offense has shown improvement lately as Cam Newton has realized his skill as a runner is the key to overcoming poor coaching and play calling. In other words, he remembered what it took to win in 2015.

I am taking the Carolina Panthers in a game that will bore most of the MNF viewing audience.

Carolina Panthers – 13

Miami Dolphins – 6

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