Cam Newton’s injured thumb may be worse than you think.

After the Carolina Panthers victory over the New York Jets, Cam Newton stated his thumb did not play a role in his performance. Newton had arguably his worst game as a passer this season just after a solid performance against the Miami Dolphins two weeks ago. All indications are starting to point to Newton’s thumb playing a bigger role than he is letting on.

Last week, Newton was seen at practice with a new glove on his throwing hand. An odd sort of glove for a quarterback, with fingers missing.

Newton injured his right thumb at the end of the Carolina Panthers victory over the Miami Dolphins. Here is a GIF of the play in question. Cam Newton does appear to take a helmet to his throwing hand.

After this news hit the wire, a doctor weighed in on the injury. “It does not appear Newton suffered a ligament tear. That would be bad news, as it would make it very difficult to grip and throw a football. He likely has a contusion or sprain at the base of the thumb.”

The good news? This is not a season ending injury for Newton. The bad news? The injury very likely played a big part of of Cam Newton’s poor performance against the Jets. Even a slight loss of grip on the football would have a tremendous effect on accuracy. In a game that Newton completed less than 40% of his passes, it becomes difficult to believe his injured thumb did not play a role.

To make matters worse, even a mild sprain to the base of the thumb can take several weeks to fully heal. Taking the bye week into consideration, Newton’s thumb will have had three weeks to heal when he heads into New Orleans. Is that adequate time? We will find out soon enough.

The Carolina Panthers likely want to keep the status of Newton’s thumb close to the vest, letting as little information reach the New Orleans Saints as possible. The bad news is the Saints have an entire game tape to look over and discuss with their own medical staff. As a result, you can safely expect the Saints defense to test Newton early.

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