Carolina Panthers

What Bengals fans are saying about the Carolina Panthers

This Sunday the Carolina Panthers host the Cincinnati Bengals with the hopes of improving to a 2-1 record. It is difficult to make predictions this early in the season, it sometimes helps to take in the viewpoint of the opposition. As such, I recently stopped by The Bengals Board to see what Cincinnati Bengals fans are saying about this game.

On Christian McCaffrey

“Everyone knows it is coming. They check the ball down to Christian McCaffery a ton of times in the game. He will have targeted early and often. The Bengals would do well to put Dennard on him and follow him the entire game. Austin can’t sit back on this one. He has to defend them up tight or they will have a lot of long drives.”

Pretty accurate here. Checking down to CMC seems to be the bread and butter of the offense this far. Problem is, if you try to take away a check down that means a throw higher up on Cam’s progression is going to be open. So yeah, go ahead and worry about taking away a check down. Please do.

On Carolina’s offensive tackles

“I love our DEs versus the Carolina Tackles. However, they are aware that their Tackles are terrible, and plan around it. We’re going to need for the LBs and Safeties to play the most disciplined game that they are capable of. Go ahead, allow the DE’s to run wild and cause chaos, the rest of the D needs to be ready to pick up those busted plays that Cam Newton is so good at making.”

I really don’t think the Carolina Panthers tackles are all that bad. Taylor Moton has looked like an honest to god legitimate starter and Clark has looked like an upgrade over Kalil (I know that isn’t saying much). Am I still concerned about the offensive line? For sure. But I am far more concerned about other areas right now such as corner and safety.

On containing Cam Newton

“Just keep Cam in the pocket and tackle the checkdowns while your DB’s try and hold up.”

I mean, this is pretty accurate and was for the most part how Atlanta was able to succeed. Contain Cam, cover the sub par wideouts, and tackle McCaffrey when he gets the ball. Sure, the Panthers will get yards, but not necessarily points and perhaps there will be a turnover or two that will swing the game.

On the outcome

“That TE dropped a major pass in the Falcons game Sunday. McCafferey has to be our main focus going into this game. Their O line is banged up and missing starters which means we should be able to get home, we just have to focus on bringing Cam down. Offensively they just haven’t been that good this year. Kuechly has even had a couple bad games.

I think we win this one by 7-10 points.”

This is a pretty good consensus of how Cincinnati Bengals fans feel about this game. Most see Sunday’s match against the Carolina Panthers as a fairly easy victory. However, I just don’t see it that way. You should read my prediction for the game and we will see on Sunday how it all shakes out.