Carolina Panthers

Must win for Carolina? You bet it is.

Welcome to week 2 in the NFL and already a gut check for the Carolina Panthers.

The excuses have already been spent. Lack of preseason? Shaking off rust? Not on same page? Equipment errors? Time management issues? Ok, fine, but absolutely none of that should apply when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to play the Panthers on Thursday night. Those excuses are dead and buried. 

Not even the good ole “short week” excuse applies here as Tampa Bay will have an even shorter week with travel time taken into consideration. 

We now find ourselves at a pigskin precipice, a jagged cliff built on missed opportunities overlooking a yawning chasm of ineptitude. A loss would cause a catastrophic series of events not seen since the days of the one known as Pickles. I dare not speak his actual name.

The Panthers may be playing Pirates, but the mutiny would be occurring in Carolina as Panthers fans call for accountability. 

As such, I hereby declare on my authority that Thursday night be declared a must win. A convincing victory against the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers would help to rally the fans of Carolina and give hope to this season. It would validate all the excuses listed above as legitimate. Fans would again willingly place their hearts and hopes on Ron Rivera and the possibility of a Superbowl victory. A crisis averted, a season saved. 

So it is written. So it shall be.