Carolina Panthers

No excuses. Panthers must win without Cam Newton.

Today we learned that Carolina Panthers starting quarterback will likely miss multiple games with a foot injury. But playing without Cam Newton is not something that should come as a shock to the Carolina Panthers staff. In fact, it was more of a probability all offseason.

Let us not pretend that the prospect of playing without Newton should come as a shock to anyone, especially GM Marty Hurney or head coach Ron Rivera.

The Carolina Panthers have had nine months to prepare this team for life without Newton. While hopes were high he could weather a full season, it was never seen as a probability. If anything, it was always unlikely.

As such, the loss of Cam Newton is not an applicable excuse for losing. Excuses are made up of unknown variables. Circumstances that arise out of no where and alter the course of a season. Cam Newton missing action is far from an unknown. The possibility has been known for quite some time.

The message from Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper should be clear to both Hurney and Rivera, with or without Newton.

They must win, or they must go.