Carolina Panthers

A quarterback controversy in Carolina? You bet.

For the first time in the Ron Rivera era, the Carolina Panthers have an honest to god quarterback controversy. However, things don’t need to be as tricky as they may seem. I offer you the following thoughts.

What to do at QB?

Kyle Allen didn’t simply manage the games as a backup quarterback. He went out and actively and aggressively won the game. You don’t bench Allen after that type of performance, especially with the easiest portion of the schedule still ahead. You play him and see if he sustains that type of extremely high level of play.

What about Cam?

Cam’s foot sprain was given two weeks to heal in preseason, and it got reinjured on a simple scramble. Obviously it needs more time. The Carolina Panthers now have the luxury of giving Newton weeks, not days, to heal.

The solution is simple.

You play Kyle Allen for at least the next two weeks and let Cam fully heal his foot. If at that time Kyle Allen is still playing at a high level you keep him in. You never bench a QB with a hot hand. If he looks average to below average, you put Cam Newton back in. This is how it has always worked in the NFL. See Bledsoe/Brady as reference.

In short, Kyle Allen has earned the starting role for now, and it is his to keep (if he can).