Carolina Panthers

Is Kyle Allen good enough for a Carolina Panthers playoff run?

When the Carolina Panthers defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday it was their first home win in nearly a full calendar year. For the first time in a long while Panthers fans could rejoice together in the splendor that is victory.

But can that feeling continue with Kyle Allen at quarterback? Is Allen good enough to help his team reach the playoffs? Should the fans pin their hopes and dreams on a UDFA QB?

Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars answered this question for me. For the first time, Kyle Allen struggled to complete rather ordinary NFL passes. Up until this point, Allen’s biggest flaw was his penchant for fumbling. When he did manage to hang on to the ball, his passes were crisp and on target. But not against Jacksonville.

Thrown high, thrown behind, thrown short, Allen’s passes just did not look the same on Sunday. Perhaps it was the Jaguars defense. Perhaps it was Allen being in his own head about fumbling and not about throwing. Whatever the reason, Allen struggled.

But here is the thing. Even though Allen struggled in the passing game he still had zero interceptions and posted an 85 quarterback rating. A bad day for Kyle Allen looks a lot like a good day for most NFL backup quarterbacks. An 85 QBR and a win under Derek Anderson would have sent Carolina Panthers fans dancing in the streets of Uptown.

Now back to the original question. Is Kyle Allen good enough for a Carolina Panthers playoff run? Yes, I believe he is. If what we saw yesterday is the other side of the pendulum opposite what we saw in Arizona, then his quarterback play is good enough.

Great at times, good frequently, and not too terrible on bad days. If needed, Kyle Allen can get it done.