Carolina Panthers

Tennessee Titans at Carolina Panthers – Keys to the Game

Today the Carolina Panthers host the Tennessee Titans in a matchup of the mediocre. The question is, just who can out mediocre the other team? 

We will know soon enough. 

Until then, here are my patented KEYS TO THE GAME


Yeah, this is not an X’s and O’s kind of key. This is a key that speaks to the very soul of the team. After the embarrassment they endured last week, they need to come out with the mindset that they need to dominate the Titans. Want some respect again? Punch the Titans in the mouth and then keep kicking them when they are down. I want a blowout today. Get angry, boys. 

2. Pressure Tannehill

Tannehill is a decent game manager but will crumble once he is hit a few times. Such has always been the way with that guy. Take his mind out of the game early with a few nice legal hits. I like SpiderBurns today, feel he will have a another solid game at home. 

3. Diversify the offense

We all love Christian McCaffrey, but when he is 90% of the offense the team is just too susceptible to stalled drives. Kyle Allen needs to rebound from a horrible performance last week and deliver to Curtis Samuel deep early. That should loosen things up quite a bit for Norv Turner to call his typical gameplan.