Carolina Panthers

Game Grades – Tennessee Titans at Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers improved to 5-3 with their victory over the visiting Tennessee Titans. Still firmly in the playoff hunt, the Carolina Panthers were able to muster enough offense for a comfortable home victory. I could get used to this. On with the grades.


Carolina Panthers QB Kyle Allen started the game looking much like he did in San Francisco. That is to say dreadful. However, once Norv Turner called a few short passing plays Allen was able to find his rhythm again. Allen deserves ample credit for the ability to shake off a bad first quarter and finish strong.

Christian McCaffrey once again proved to be the best player on the field. The home crowd’s chant of MVP was the first I had heard since 2015. Music to my ears.

Offensive Grade – B


For the life of my I cannot figure out this defense. In one half they look like world beaters, in the next they look like they cannot make a tackle to save their lives.

The Tennessee Titans showed how painfully easy it was to run the ball against the Panthers in the second half. What a strange coaching decision by the Titans not to do so in the first half.

Still, ample pressure was put on the quarterback and turnovers were forced. The turnover ratio in this game was the deciding factor in the game, so credit the defense there.

Defensive Grade – B


I would like to address one key coaching decision that requires much praise from every Carolina Panthers fan. Head Coach Ron Rivera pulled Christian McCaffrey out of the game once victory was imminent. The Panthers will need every ounce of energy Christian McCaffrey can muster in Green Bay next week. Taking him out of the game early could make a big difference.

Coaching Grade – B