Carolina Panthers

Game Grades – Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers continued their descent into the depths of NFL obscurity as they lost to the Atlanta Falcons in one of the most putrid games in Panthers history. The egg was laid. What emerges from it will likely be a lame duck. On with the grades.


It is difficult to believe a NFL franchise purposefully put together this offense. It seems more like a ragtag group of guys recruited to stand in for NFL players on a television movie of the week.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen by far had his worst game of his career. For the first time, I am starting to doubt he is NFL material. The fact that he made the exact same end zone interception in the exact same manner from just a week ago is the most discouraging thing I have seen from him. Mistakes are excusable. Repeated mistakes are not.

The offensive line is no where near approaching that of a legitimate NFL team and need a complete overhaul this offseason, yet again. That task is more important than finding a quarterback. No sense in ruining a promising young passer behind a rotten offensive line.

Offensive Grade – F-


The Carolina Panthers defense is as healthy as any defense in the league at this time of year, but somehow they are among the worst in the league.

Donte Jackson has hit a sophomore slump and is constantly taken advantage of. Brian Burns has all but disappeared since his self inflicted wrist injury.

Perhaps the loss of Thomas Davis meant more than we ever suspected. The Carolina Panthers defense currently lacks heart. Maybe it is in Los Angeles?

Defensive Grade – FS


As stated earlier, we now seem to be approaching the lame duck portion of Ron Rivera’s time in Carolina. It feels much the same as John Fox in 2010. We all know he will be canned at the end of the season, so what we are left with is a weird mix of watching the current team and wondering what next season will look like.

Bottom Line – Ron Rivera’s time in Carolina has run its course. Good luck in Chicago next season.

Coaching Grade – Something far less than F