Cam Newton Carolina Panthers

Report: Carolina Panthers open to trading Cam Newton

There has been speculation this season over the future of Cam Newton with the Carolina Panthers. Newton’s time may be up in Carolina as the Panthers look to rebuilding their team. They may be unwilling to wait yet another season to see if Newton can be healthy again for any significant amount of time.

Now word is out that the Panthers are indeed willing to trade Newton if the price is right. NFL insider Ian Rapoport has new whispers to report from across the league.

” The expectation is that the Panthers will attempt to trade Newton this offseason provided they can get a large deal to make it worth their while. In what could be the most active QB market in years, Newton — if healthy — could be the centerpiece. “

Rapoport then goes on to contemplate what it would take to pry Cam Newton away from the Carolina Panthers.

In my estimation, if you are hoping for multiple or even one number one draft pick you may be disappointed. Cam Newton has not been 100% healthy for quite some time. In addition to his newly repaired foot there is still concern over his throwing shoulder. No one really knows if Cam Newton will be able to throw a ball for an entire NFL season ever again. He may look great in training camp, but what happens after his 500th throw? Repetition is not kind to ailing joints.

With that much doubt bring a lower selling price. I suspect the Panthers are looking at around a second or high third round pick in return for Newton. That would be worth the risk for a team in need of a quarterback.