Carolina Panthers

Cam? Coach? A look into the future of the Carolina Panthers

Last night I performed a ritual that allowed me a glance into the Carolina Panthers short term future. The ritual was performed by drinking spoiled goats milk out of a commemorative Super Bowl 50 beer stein while simultaneously forcing myself to re-watch every moment of the Panthers at 49ers game. This put my body into such a state of disappointment and disgust that I was transported into early 2020.

The following is an account of what I witnessed.

New Coach

The Carolina Panthers hired Kevin Stefanski as their new head coach soon after the Minnesota Vikings were eliminated from the playoffs. Stefanski fit perfectly the mold that Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper was seeking in a new head coach. An offensive mind that is open to new practices in analytics but still seasoned enough to have the old school football mentality. Stefanksi was extremely excited to have an offense with legitimate play makers at skill positions to work with as head coach. The biggest question would be quarterback.

Cam Newton

The Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton were at an impasse. Newton was unwilling to play a season with only one year left on his contract. The Panthers were unwilling to extend Newton over concerns about his foot but also his shoulder. The franchise was not willing to gamble a third consecutive season on Cam’s health and lose again. No blame could be placed on either party as they both wanted what was best for themselves. The Panthers sign-and-traded Newton in return for a 2nd round selection in the 2020 draft and a third round selection in the 2021 draft. Newton got a multi year contract and the Panthers got at least something in return.

The NFL Draft

In an amazing turn of events, LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow drops to to #5 as the Dolphins opt for Tua. The Panthers use picks to trade up from 7 and grab Burrow. Burrow becomes the day one starter with Will Grier as his backup. The rebuild is fully on and jump started by grabbing the next franchise QB of the Carolina Panthers.

The rest of the draft focused heavily on the offensive and defensive lines with of course Hurney reaching in the third round for an unathletic safety.

Do not flame me for the things I write for they were not of my own cognition. They were a vision implanted by the football gods themselves. Now, go ye and be merry, for although the darkest days are ahead, a new hope will soon arise.