Carolina Panthers

Sports Science? What Matt Rhule will bring to the Carolina Panthers

Apparently the Carolina Panthers were so enamored with Matt Rhule that they would not give him the opportunity to continue interviewing with other franchises. Rhule historically has been finicky when it comes to interviewing with teams, much less accepting a position. The biggest selling point for David Tepper and the Carolina Panthers was likely the opportunity for Rhule to develop a Sports Science program.

Rhule did the same thing at Baylor, and now wants an NFL version. David Tepper is willing to cut the check. I’m sure Mr. Analytics was all about it.

What is a sports science program? Well, here is some info on the Baylor program under Rhule 

“We look at it as, we really have two windows of opportunity where we can really affect performance in-season, and that’s the first 48 hours after the game, and the 48 hours before the game,” Baylor director of applied performance Andrew Althoff notes after saying that their approach is to take the latest research and sports science and apply it to performance.”

“How can we help get them recovered, and get them back up to full speed by the time that practice starts the following week? Those final 48 hours are the massage, and body weights, and hydration and working with strength and conditioning, working with nutrition to make sure the athletes are ready to go, fresh, fast and physical on game day,”

The Panthers were already doing this type of thing to a certain degree with their GPS sensors on the uniforms. It looks like Rhule and Tepper together will be taking it to a higher level together and innovating the NFL in the process.