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Carolina Panthers Quarterbacks Update

No position on the Carolina Panthers roster has seen such drastic change this offseason than Quarterback. Gone are Cam Newton and Kyle Allen. In their place are Teddy Bridgewater and P.J. Walker. Will Grier is the only holdover from the Panthers 2019 season.

On Thursday, head coach Matt Rhule spoke on the status of the Panthers passers, he began with high praise for starter Teddy Bridgewater when asked if he was being pushed by the other quarterbacks.

“No, we feel like we have three quarterbacks that can play, but right now this is Teddy’s show. And he’s played really well this camp, so we’re going to keep pushing to get better with him.” Rhule said.

When asked the status of the backup position, Rhule revealed one quarterback has looked better than the other.

“I would have said through the first week of camp P.J. would have been a little bit ahead.” Rhule said. “I think Will’s battled back, to me it’s way too early to be thinking about that, yet. We’re just trying to teach these two guys the system. So one day one might look really good, one day the other might look really good, but really we’re just pointing to two weeks from now.”

It sounds like P.J. Walker has impressed early and Will Grier needs a bit more push to compete for the number two position.

Walker is an interesting quarterback prospect for the Carolina Panthers. Walker took a hiatus from the NFL to go and lead the XFL in passing yards and touchdowns. Sure, that was only the XFL but it was professional football none the less.

I have not discounted completely the possibility of P.J. Walker becoming a starting quarterback in this league, perhaps even for the Panthers. Walker excelled at Temple under his head coach Matt Rhule and went on to be named the AAC MVP in 2016. In other words, Walker has excelled at every level he has played. Why not the NFL?

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