Carolina Panthers

Panthers worst in the NFC South?

Now is the time for NFL prognostication, and that includes the grim outlook of the team that experienced the most drastic change this offseason. I am speaking, of course, of the Carolina Panthers.

The latest depressing prediction comes from Sports Illustrated , predicting a 2-14 season for the Cats and a high enough draft pick to land coveted Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence.

“Carolina just doesn’t have the horses to compete, especially in a division this stacked. After not drafting an offensive player last spring, the Panthers break that streak by selecting Trevor Lawrence with the first overall pick of the 2021 draft.”

Unfortunately, I have to concede that this is a real possibility. No other team in the league has experienced as much change and turnover. New coaching, new schemes, new players at key positions. Anyone’s outlook at this point should be less than stellar.

But 2-14? I am not so sure. I know there are a good many Carolina Panthers fans that would like this to be the case. They would love to look forward to the NFL draft in October. But that ain’t me.

I see this Carolina Panthers team winning 4 games this season, winning 3 of their last eight and giving this young team a little confidence going into a (hopefully) more normal 2020 season. Sure, that would place them in the pick 4-7 range and likely out of reach of a top quarterback prospect. But to me, no draft pick is a sure thing.

Winning building momentum and confidence? That is a sure thing.

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