Carolina Panthers

Panthers could look to trade Curtis Samuel

A few months ago rumors swirled around the Carolina Panthers desire to trade wide receiver Curtis Samuel. Word on the street was Carolina did not see Samuel as a long term core player on the team. Samuel has struggled to create an identity for himself as of yet, although it is still early in his young career.

However, there were more pressing needs for the Carolina Panthers. Those needs have only gotten more urgent in recent weeks. This is particularly true for the cornerback position. Carolina will be facing perhaps the most lethal passing offenses in the NFL twice this season. When it comes to airing out the ball, the NFC South reigns supreme. It is widely accepted that as of today the Carolina Panthers are woefully unprepared to cover the likes of Julio Jones and Michael Thomas.

DJ Moore and Robby Anderson have decisively positioned themselves as the number 1 and 2 receivers on the team. Curtis Samuel is a distant third that may be used more as a gadget player, a role he ultimately may be more suited for in the NFL.

Would the Carolina Panthers trade a distant 3rd receiver in exchange for a legitimate corner and instantly improve their defense this season? The answer is likely yes.

One possible trade could be with the Philadelphia Eagles. Veteran corner Sidney Jones is rumored to be in his last season with the Eagles. In addition, Philadelphia has found themselves to be thin at wide receiver with Jalen Reagor out for a month with a shoulder tear.

A straight up Samuel for Jones trade would make sense for all parties involved, including the players. A change of scenery could improve the long term prospects on their new respective teams.

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