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Will the Panthers extend Curtis Samuel?

When the Carolina Panthers drafted Curtis Samuel in the second round of the second round of the 2017 draft, they hoped he would develop into a reliable number two receiver capable of playing in the slot and stretching the field. As Samuel enters his 4th and final season of his rookie contract, he has yet to do either of those things.

Sure, there are reasons why he has not developed as much as the Carolina Panthers would have liked. He hasn’t had much of a quarterback for most of his career. He either had an injured Cam Newton or a backup quarterback throwing his way for most of his career. But then again, so has DJ Moore and Christian McCaffrey, two players that are far better receiving targets than Curtis Samuel.

During yesterday’s press conference, Carolina Panthers GM Marty Hurney mentioned that no talks had transpired so far in retaining Curtis Samuel another season. Unless Samuel finally shows great improvement he won’t be getting those talks.

The Carolina Panthers have far bigger needs on their plate than a third receiver that could be replaced quickly by a lower tier veteran. If you haven’t noticed, the Panthers are tasked with rebuilding a team in the Covid era with possibly a reduced salary cap next year. There simply isn’t enough of a budget for a player that so far only has potential as his primary benefit.

Instead, look for the Panthers to extend Taylor Moton who has been a reliable right tackle. It has been a while since the Panthers have extended a right tackle. Both Mike Remmers and Daryl Williams were allowed to walk (thankfully). But Moton has been healthy and a good tackle on the right side. He, not Samuel, deserves the extension.

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