Carolina Panthers

Panthers win. Here is how.

Today the Carolina Panthers host the Las Vegas Raiders in the most uncertain NFL opener the world has ever seen. Anyone that tells you they know what will happen today is lying. Don’t trust them. That said, here is what will happen today.

Strike first, Strike Hard, No Mercy, Sir! 

The Panthers at this point are a complete unknown. They need to use that to their advantage. Come out against the Las Vegas Raiders aggressively and unafraid of mistakes. Why? Because hell we are all expecting them anyways. This season you get a free pass on things not running so smoothly. What you do not get a pass on is football that lacks in passion or excitement. I want to see Curtis Samuel and Christian McCaffrey in the NFL’s first quadruple reverse. Make it happen.

Pressure Carr, watch him crumple. 

This is a make or break season for Las Vegas Raiders’ starting quarterback Derek Carr. More and more he looks like his older brother, minus the white gloves. Shake his confidence early and often.

The Carolina Panthers have one of the youngest and most talented defensive lines in all of football. Brian Burns could very well make a huge difference in this game. The Raiders’ offensive line is formidable, true enough. But this game could set the rest of the league on notice that the Carolina Panthers will not be overlooked.

It’s Teddy Time. 

Teddy Bridgewater has had a long comeback to a starting role in this league. I am begging you, do not leave him on an island for 5 seconds while this makeshift offensive lines tries to protect him. Do him a huge favor and get the ball out quickly. Fans may not like the “dink and dunk” offense, but building Teddy’s confidence is so much more important. 

Teddy is good enough to win in this league provided adequate protection. The last Carolina Panthers franshise QB was seldom offered it. Please do not let history repeat itself.

Talk about today’s game right here with hundreds of Panthers fans.