Carolina Panthers

Panthers risers and fallers

The Carolina Panthers once again lost their home opener, this time to the Las Vegas Raiders. While the circumstances surrounding the team could not be more different, the outcome was nearly identical. Even though it was a team loss, some individuals performed well. Others, not so much. Here are the Carolina Panthers risers and fallers as I see it.

The Risers

Carolina Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater finished the game with 270 yards passing, a touchdown, and no interceptions. Bridgewater played well enough to win the game, if only he had just a drop of help from the defense.

Robby Anderson’s Panthers debut was electrifying. His 75 yard touchdown reception was the longest since the 2016 season. Anderson appears to be one of the better signings of the 2020 offseason and should only improve in this offense.

I liked what I saw from defensive rookies Derrick Brown and Jeremy Chinn. Both looked already like they belonged on the NFL playing field. Derrick Brown anchored the line for much of the game and took up plenty of space. Chinn looked to be as athletic as advertised.

The Fallers

Veteran Carolina Panthers safety Tre Boston looked like he always had. Decent on some plays, less than decent on many others. I never understood his contract extension and still don’t. His level of play can be easily replaced by most any free agent. He was outplayed by Jeremy Chinn in the defensive backfield, and it wasn’t close.

I had high hopes for wide receiver DJ Moore this season, and I still do. However, his poor play and his personal foul are things I did not expect from the young star. This is hopefully a one time aberration, I don’t expect to see such a thing from the usually level headed Moore again. But for no, he is a faller.

Did you hear Panthers defensive tackled KK Short’s name called yesterday? No? Me neither. Short is being relied on as a veteran presence on the defensive line and should be able to at least muster one quarterback pressure. He didn’t. While Derrick Brown and Bravvion Roy demanded double teams from the nose tackle position, Short was left one on one and man handled the entire game. He must do better or it will be time for the Panthers to eat his contract and move on.