Carolina Panthers

Three Panthers starters that could be replaced

Now that week one of the Carolina Panthers NFL season has come and gone, we have a clearer picture of what this year’s incarnation has to offer. Some things are new and exciting, and others look all too familiar, and not in a good way.

There are a few players that are in danger of quickly losing their starting spot, and the Carolina Panthers would likely be better off for it.

Sometimes a starter loses his placement on the depth chart due to injury, and this could be the case with corner Donte Jackson. When Jackson left the game on Sunday with an ankle injury he was replaced by the newly acquired Rasul Douglas. The result was an immediate improvement in the Carolina Panthers defensive secondary. If Douglas continues to impress and Troy Pride Jr can improve, Donte may be relegated to playing the slot (where he may need to be anyways).

Tight end Chris Manhertz has been an enigma for Carolina Panthers fans for quite some time. Manhertz has never done anything particularly well on game days. It was Manhertz poor blocking that contributed greatly to the failed 4th and 1 attempt that lost the game for the Panthers against the Raiders. With Ian Thomas recently being praised by Teddy Bridgewater for his smart play, it isn’t difficult to imaging Thomas getting the starting nod more sooner than later.

What we saw from Tre Boston on Sunday was exactly what we have seen from him season after season. Boston often find himself out of position, unable to recover, and/or unwilling to initiate contact. Not exactly ideal attributes from a starting safety. I didn’t understand Boston’s contract extension when it was given, and I don’t today. If you are going to have poor play from the free safety position, you might as well get it from one of the rookies. Burris could be moved to free safety allowing Jeremy Chinn the fully time strong safety nod.

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