Carolina Panthers

Whats Bucs fans are saying

This week the Carolina Panthers travel to Tampa Bay to face a Buccaneers team in front of no fans, something they have done every season for a while now. But if fans were in the stadium, what would they be saying before the game? 

I searched far and wide for Bucs fans who have well thought out opinions. It wasn’t easy but I did find a few. Here are the results. 

From Buc Zone

Some Bucs fans are dreading what losing to the 2020 Carolina Panthers rebuild would mean.  

“Gotta think we take the Kitties this week, if not it’ll be a long year and another offseason hype train gone off the rails. As you guys have stated stop CMC and make Teddy beat us, win the turnover battle and we should be good. “

“The Panthers are not the Saints. They aren’t favored to win the NFC with a HOF QB and a long time HC. They are just as “out of sync” with a new QB as we are. Even more so with a whole new offense for everyone else. Not winning this game would definitely be a huge red flag.”

This is my main motivation this week. I want the Carolina Panthers to inflict a tremendous amount of chaos and drama within the Tampa Bay organization. Losing to the Panthers would start a panic the likes of which we have never seen since the Jon Gruden Tampa Bay days. Mass hysteria, and I would soak up every single Bucs tear and save them in a special bottle as a keepsake. 

Some Bucs fans are more impressed with the Carolina Panthers than Carolina Panthers fans are.  

“The Panthers scare me a bit. They’re not good, but nobody has scouted their schemes yet. They have a ton of speed on both sides of the ball, especially at the skill positions. McCaffrey, Robbie Anderson, DJ Moore, and Curtis Samuel aren’t the BEST group in the league, but they’re all juiced. On defense, even in his first game, Derrick Brown was a Man, and he’s going to give our line problems. Brian Burns too. Again, not a great group, but they have guys who can cause problems.”

“I do know how good or bad Las Vegas is but Carolina is probably better than people thought they would be. I don’t like this game for us. I don’t think Carolina is a team you can let hang around and I think they can beat a team that makes the mistakes a Bruce Arians led team does.”

I think this is a reasonable attitude for Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. The Carolina Panthers offensive line did pretty well on Sunday. That was the biggest question mark on the offense. If they can continue to play at a high level the Panthers can put up 30+ points all season long. A couple of turnovers by the Bucs and they will likely lose. Sure, the Carolina Panthers are not a playoff team this season, but they are good enough to whip your hiney if you sleep on them for a second. 

Score predicitons

Of course, most Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans predicted a Bucs victory. But my favorite score prediction is right here. 

Panthers 28 Bucs 17

Bridgewater 167 yds passing

Brady throws another pick 6 and the fans start calling for Josh Rosen to start.

My god, to hear calls for the great Tom Brady to be benched in favor of Josh Rosen? My god. What an amazing period that would end a tainted legacy. 

What do you think of the matchup? Talk about it right here.