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Panthers at Bucs – Bruce Arians biggest concern

Today the Carolina Panthers face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James stadium. Both teams are coming off of disappointing losses, although Tampa Bay’s loss is probably more dire. No one expects the Carolina Panthers to win games. The Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneer? Today is a must win for them.

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians recently spoke on the matchup and once of his concerns stood out to me. When speaking about the Carolina Panthers receivers Arian gave up who is is most worried about.

Bruce Arians is most concerned about Robby Anderson.

“He takes the top off, like he did last week. He took a short one to the house,” Arians said. “Moore can run. Samuel can run. But Robby, he is a speedster and he has a good resume as a speedster. He’s a threat every time the ball’s snapped.”

Arians is right on target here. Robby Anderson was by far the most impressive receiver on the Carolina Panthers team last week. Fellow receivers DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel played less than stellar games and neither made much of an impact. This is especially disappointing in regards to DJ Moore who had over 1000 receiving yards last season.

Today, look for Robby Anderson to get extra attention from safeties as the Bucs try to take away the Panthers leading receiver. It will be up to DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel to step their games up and take advantage of their one on one matchups.

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