Carolina Panthers

Life without Christian McCaffrey

With Christian McCaffrey out for a few weeks, Mike Davis takes over at runningback for the Carolina Panthers. A 2019 free agent pickup, Davis has 10 starts in the NFL and the full confidence of his coaching staff. 

Rhule spoke about Davis recently during his press conference. 

“Mike Davis is a starting tailback in the National Football League. He got out there and made some great catches, was physical, he was ready when his number was called,” Rhule said. “He’s a big back, he runs with power, he runs good routes, has good hands, can block. He’s real intelligent. He’ll play well for us.”

Against Tampa Bay, Davis played the last three series after McCaffrey left, and ended up setting a career high with 74 receiving yards on eight catches. That is nothing to sneeze at and could be a sign of an offensive system that most talented backs can flourish in. 

Life without Christian McCaffrey might actually be a good thing for the Carolina Panthers in the long term. Overreliance on a single player doesn’t win many football games (see 2019). Now is the time for the entire offense to each pick themselves up a notch individually and improve the offense as a whole. All while CMC gets to add longevity to his career as he rests. Win-Win. 

This new twist in the 2020 Carolina Panthers season won’t exactly make winning games any easier, but it will definitely be interesting to watch. 

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