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  2. Biden's gaffes and footage of him being a creepy weirdo are going to be used against him over and over again. It doesn't matter if Trump has done and continues to do things that are ten times worse every day, that kind of poo just doesn't stick to him at all and pointing out the absurd hypocrisy of it only fires up his death cult even more. There's just far too much ammunition against Biden for him to avoid getting dragged down into the pig poo and having to play the game by Trump's rules. He'd be a dumpster fire of a candidate, just absolute poo. It isn't 1992 anymore. The only reasons he's considered "electable" are the Obama connection and the fact that he's not on TV making an ass of himself every day yet. He's a horrible mismatch for Trump's debate style too and would get bulldozed and bullied by him all night. None of this is even considering his poo track record as a politician either.
  3. The Washington Post is the same rag that printed 16 negative articles about Senator Sanders in 16 hours. Hard to imagine the Washington Post defending Senator Sanders if he were making non-stop gaffes like "Sundowner" Joe Biden. The Washington Post is going out of their way to protect their favorite corporate shill for POTUS.
  4. Tom Brady is going to fug us in the asshole on Thursday night
  5. It doesn’t need to be brought up. That is the difference between someone who is woke and someone who is a part of the problem. Guess where you fall in?
  6. Always with race card garbage when that hasn't even been said or brought up.
  7. Every back patio needs a wind chime feller. Learn to soak in the breeze. Go Panthers!
  8. I’ve already “burned the tape” and posted “ WTF “ so ... yes I have lololol .
  9. Big Eric Reid fan here and can’t wait until the real bullets start flying and his play shuts everybody up. I’m getting my son an Eric Reid jersey for his birthday. Keep Pounding!
  10. To be fair, it’s hard to expect to get anything for a PK that teams knew you had to get rid of and was just picked in 7th 3-4 months beforehand.
  11. I mean, he’s not wrong. I can think of at least 10 passes that we’re wayyyyy over the WRs head.
  12. Wow. So you really are sticking to the same old BS? It usually takes you a couple posts to use the Gettleman deflection. What exactly does he have to do with any of this? Nothing. Just avoiding the issue and throwing an crap you can to get off topic. It seems I’m not the only poster who feels that way. What are their excuses and bias? Is it DG, you, JR, D-Lo....etc....? And considering the only thing I’ve really posted recently about is Gettlemans worst move. So how am I defending him now? It’s always someone’s agenda and never the real issue with you. What are all these “baseless” attacks that are bothering you(and yours) so much?
  13. You could tell the O-line was in trouble by all of the holding calls . I thought we would be better this year , but looks like nothing is better yet .
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