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  2. How can you look at the actual footage of this “stomp” or “step” on the flag and think this was some sort of disrespectful act against America? Her teammate dropped the flag beside her while they were all celebrating. The actual truth is you are looking for something that isn’t there because YOU have a bias. Because she is “foul-mouthed” for saying “I’m not going to the fuging White House.” So that’s two lies you’ve stated in this thread. 1. That she said “fug Donald trump” she didn’t, she said “im not going to the fuging White House” in response to an interviewer asking her a question and two 2. That she purposefully stomped on the flag. where are you getting your information from? or are you purposefully lying because you have biases against her and why do you have those? I can understand saying “I wish she didn’t cuss to get her message across” (she even said as much about herself) I mean that’s a weird hill to die on to not like someone but whatever dude (don’t watch all or nothing or you’ll hate the entire panthers organization)
  3. Wow it’s finally here. These off seasons seem so long. Glad we made it. I’m excited to here about the competitions. Should be a good one. That All or Nothing made me miss my boys ever more. Let’s go !!
  4. That is my general feeling. We need the stars to align for us to have that kind of season. I think we are generally fielding a good roster but our depth is extremely suspect. It will only take a handful of injuries before we likely see some glaring weaknesses.
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  6. Last election we did, you lost. Go Merica
  7. Satire, sarcasm and irony. Study these words.
  8. Jangler, what's the secret on determining how "f'in HAWT!" a 10 year old is?
  9. It's gonna be Biden. The Bernie bros will pitch a fit... again.
  10. Jangler


    rockn roller only shows up to say something because I wouldn't blow him in the Sonic parking lot.
  11. Jangler


    and yet Bill Clinton get a pass...
  12. Jerry Epstein on a Panthers message board!
  13. Your candidates suck dick ah right wing political activism so adorable cant have a dick sucker running against a pussy grabber go ‘merica
  14. It does all kinds of checking. Seen plenty of debunked left wing reports from them. The real truth is just not “in between” it’s either a fact or it isn’t. Snopes isn't there to assuage any ones world view. If you think they are wrong about something why not use facts and evidence instead of complaining about stuff like “both sides” and “truth is in the middle”.
  15. It's terrible that those folks did that. Unacceptable. What's interesting about your observation is here we have another person (Mini AOC) on the conservative side of the ledger being attacked and threatened, same as Kaylyn Kyle, and Andy Ngo, and.... ....all documented.
  16. Kind of like that president guy? Agree with him or get out?
  17. lol you know the Jewish people are the government of Israel? it's not like the US of A. you would be shot down in any other country of the world, but hey lets hate America, the most free country in the world.
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