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  2. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/04/23/frank-clark-chiefs-seahawks-trade-domestic-violence-arrest
  3. Really like Polite in round 3. Had a first round grade on him until he blew the interviews. Great consolation prize for missing on Burns, Cle or Sweat.
  4. That is the deal. We can develop talent. So if we aren't going to get a starter then there are guys in the second or third round who we can develop. Is Dillard a plug and play starter? He seems to have climbed the draft board but why are there so many knocks on him?
  5. I've already come to terms with the fact all players will be gone by #16.
  6. Since you guys are talking about OL , the same site in this thread has a nice article up on Moton and our ability to develop talent on the OL. ---- The Carolina Panthers find another under-the-radar offensive lineman turned starter in tackle in Taylor Moton BY CAMERON PEZET • APR 23, 2019 It’s become very apparent during Ron Rivera’s tenure that the Carolina Panthers have a knack for developing their young offensive line talent. Players like Andrew Norwell and Daryl Williams, who weren’t valued much in their respective draft classes, both came to the Panthers as projects and evolved into coveted NFL starters. The 2018 season yielded another young gem for the Panthers, as offensive tackle Taylor Moton emerged as the Week 1 starter and exceeded all expectations. Moton, who was the 64th overall pick of the 2017 draft, played sparingly during his rookie campaign and saw just 70 total snaps at guard and tackle. With a year under his belt and some turnover on the offensive line, Moton began his sophomore year as the Panthers’ starting left tackle, however, with the aforementioned Williams suffering a season-ending injury in Week 1, Moton slid over to the right side where he would excel for the rest of the season.
  7. Apples and oranges in my case--I have seen many others say what you mention--you are right. my facts are based on what they did--yours are based on what they say during press conferences--and that is all we have to go on. Again--I never pretended to judge who the best player was--I was mentioning facts that suggest what they will do. There is a big difference. Oh well. I agree with you, fwiw. You say, "Moton never got a chance until injury..." He was second team before the injury and they practice and have preseason. That is where I disagree, if I understand you. That is a chance--and we both feel that he was the better player--but that was never my point. Do THEY feel he is a LT? Facts suggest that they do not. No biggie, but I am only interested in what they do, not what I think.
  8. About Williams--a T coming off a knee injury is not a guarantee. I would like to know more about his being cleared to play and then blowing it out--we all thought he was being rushed back into service, when compared to others with that injury. If he was healthy, then he could have a chronic problem. If he was NOT healthy, then wtf?
  9. I have not seen him at G enough to say one way or another.
  10. I have no clue on Williams. He could play like poo and we dump him. He could play well and we decide to let him leave or we could re-sign him. We have way more cap than people realize next year, especially if we dump Poe and Short who aren’t really be effective anymore. My point isn’t about replacing Williams, it’s about when. There are good 2nd or 3rd round RTs that we could get instead of hoping the guys at 16 are good LTs. I’d rather have Sweat/Burns at 16 and Risner or McGary or Howard in the 2nd.
  11. Would be nice if it were that simple. Unless you can run both left and right you are handicapping the offense in today's game. That old saw about pass protection on the left and run blocking on the right doesn't work anymore. Right tackles better be able to block and left tackles need to be athletic and strong. Otherwise they won't be starting this year and isn't the huddle mantra that we need a starter not a contributor. If we pick Dillard, I hope the analysts are wrong and he is great. But even when Kalil didn't suck the knock was he couldn't run block. I want a brawler with quick feet and great hands who is strong and athletic if we are going to use a 1st on him. I didn't read that was him... Otherwise go DE or the best corner/safety who would start this year. If the lines on both sides are deep then there are good choices in any of the first 3 rounds. That gives us 4 picks to make sure we get quality players.
  12. Today
  13. David NewtonESPN Staff Writer Another NFL Nation Mock Draft in the books. With the top offensive tackles gone and a big need at edge rusher for the Panthers I selected Florida State defensive end/OLB Brian Burns with the 16th pick.
  14. I would have not problem giving up a 4th to move up for him. I would even think about it for the comp pick if I could get a 4th or 5th back.
  15. Kalil isn't on the team and KK cap hit is 17 million. Clark is now the highest paid defensive linemen so that wasn't the market until he set it. And who wouldn't want Mahomes on a rookie deal. But when the 5th year option is due and Clark's contract is backloaded that will be a ton of money for 2 players. Secondly we have as good a chance as KC to compete for the playoffs this year. As long as Cam is healthy we can go 11-5 or 12-4 this year. This offense is loaded and under Rivera the defense is going to be much improved So yeah we don't know how hard Clark will play but I expect his best not worse. I understand that KC is all in at this point and this makes sense for them. I am glad we didn't get in the sweepstakes. 21 million a year for a DE. It wasn't 5 years ago that was a lot for a quarterback.
  16. This would be the dream/ ideal scenario.. but I dout Gary last til our pick in the second round.. you probably would have to move a 4 or something to get him in the second. I’m afraid of the patriots who have 3 number 2 picks and 2 3rds and some 4ths.
  17. don't need to trade up for a tackle...obviously if we trade up we need to take one of the top D linemen...at this point I prefer quantity and take what we can get at 16...
  18. Ford could have easily added 20 lbs and been a 4-3 DE, plus he would have been cheaper and they keep the 1st AND 2nd. Not to mention all the off-field risk and Ford had none of that too. KC traded Ford, a first, and extra millions for Clark.
  19. If we got an offensive lineman preferably Jonah Williams, Cody Ford, Andre Dillard in that order and then had a chance to get Gary in the 2nd this draft would be a home freaking run. I understand that he won't be 100% all year and might surgery but you don't pass on that kind of talent. And just as insurance take Christian Miller in the 3rd as our pass rusher. Imagine having our 1st 3 picks being Jonah/Ford, Gary and Miller. That would be amazing and just to make it even more exciting pick up Khalen Saunders with our comp pick and our old defensive line with little depth just becomes pretty exciting.
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