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  2. Only if you're looking to make an issue out of it. It's an extremely common conceit in English grammar to identify a group of people by the event they were gathered at. Or are you such a dick that you read the headlines about the Vegas shooting that said, "concert-goes fled," and all you could think was, "Is it so hard to call them, 'Jason Aldean fans?' Because I and my delicate sensibilities are the real victim here."
  3. what provides the the greater context? Saying Christians were attacked during church? A church was attacked during an Easter worship service? 2nd one actually says more.
  4. I'm laughing my ass off just thinking of how the huddle would implode
  5. So glad we showed the Saints a lesson and won a meaningless game. We haven't had a pure LT since Gross. It's time
  6. Rest in peace Omar Higgins. passed away a few days ago when they were just starting to really catch on. for those who don't know the band, they would cover nazi-punk songs and make them anti-racism anthems
  7. Hopefully we pick the right players and not cause a nuclear meltdown here.
  8. As I said earlier, I haven't followed the O-lineman as closely as some of the other positions because I was assuming (perhaps wrongly) that the Panthers would be looking for a d-lineman in the 1st round. I need you to enlighten me. Who are the top 3 rated OL in this years draft? Which lineman do you think will be available at 16 who are as good as better than Dillard? You spoke highly of his pass blocking, which is what we desperately need. Is his run blocking better than Kalil and Clark? I don't think the two guys I mentioned are highly rated players, yet CMac was still able to rush for 1,000 yds this season. Do you think time he'd spend with Matsko before the season would be enough time to improve the run blocking?
  9. Nah. Nothing about Rosen appears to be better than Grier. Giving up a 3rd and paying as a 1st for Rosen doest sound too wise. He was inaccurate in college. That wont change. I'm not big on Grier in the 2nd but this certainly doesn't sound better.
  10. when you point out that it was an Easter service, in reality that pretty much doubles down on pointing out the religion. I mean it is detailing that not only that it was Christians but that the event happened on one of the most 2 most important days within the religion. are you a practicing Christian?
  11. This guy had a lot of praise from the guys on NFL radio yesterday and were talking about why is he underrated. They really like the kid to and what he could possibly bring to the field.
  12. Injury prone- yes Age- not too old Talented- immensely Nobody is going to throw more than a one year deal at him, why not Carolina. Luke restructured, Torrey can be cut. This allows Carolina the full green light for LT in round 1 and Rd 2 can be DE that gets to rotate behind Mario/Ziggy/Irvin and learn from some good ones. Cam is wearing down, every investment in assets should be made to avoid this We're not playing football in January/February 2020 because we have a ferocious D-Line We're playing post season football again if Cam is remotely close to putting throws like this together You don't need a Buick in Will Grier, you need put better tires than Nankaang and protect your Ferrari
  13. Actually in my initial post I didn't need to, I highlighted you specifically (deep seeded insecurities, consumed with hate) but thought I'd avoid a conflict this early in the morning and just comment on the general population of this board that is still fighting the good fight for Cam's rep/genuinely and sincerely doesn't know what good OL play looks like or how the collegiate level is holding the NFL hostage at the position.
  14. Welcome to draft week on the Huddle. This is the busiest non-playoff weekend of the entire year here on our beloved Huddle. I have completed the server upgrade. We are prepared. Here are the rules: 1. NO SPOILERS!!! We go by the podium announcement. We enjoy the build up excitement. Climaxing too early is no fun, trust me I know. 2. A mod or admin will start a thread for each Carolina Panthers draft pick. Do not start a new thread announcing a Panthers selection. Please use the existing thread for general reaction to the pick. 3. There will be a draft thread for general banter for every other team's picks throughout the evenings. 4. All other rules will be strictly enforced. Have civil discourse and enjoy the weekend. You don't want to find yourself banned for draft weekend. Love, Management
  15. Comparing a guy drafted to be a back up to a top ten draft pick who was the starter most of his rookie year and has made arrogant comments before and after the draft.... yea that makes sense Because people respond well to "do what i tell you and shut the Fug up"
  16. It wasn't really hard to use the word Christian was it?
  17. maybe I can post something on the secret Illuminati agreement to keep Colin Kaepernick out of the NFL to spice it up
  18. Are you actually dumb enough that you think she means "Easter-Worshipers" as in people who literally worship the holiday of Easter, rather than people who were worshipping on Easter? Are "Spring cleaners" people who clean the Spring? Or are they people who are cleaning during the spring? Are "holiday shoppers" people who are shopping for literal holidays? Like buying packaged "Valentine's Day?" Are "daydreamers" dreaming about the daytime? You must be so confused when you hear about "social drinkers" and think they're literally imbibing an entire party. I don't think you can't actually be this stupid. But hey, I've been mistaken before. Please prove me wrong.
  19. I'll go way off the grid with Nik Needham the CB from UTEP. http://insidethepylon.com/pylon-u/teams-ncaa/division-ia-fbs/conference-usa/utep-miners/2019/02/12/nik-needham-best-nfl-draft-prospect-dont-know/
  20. Please elaborate on this remark, and don't hold back.
  21. Who cares if he is happy... you think Jimmy G or any of the Patriot backup were happy to be signed behind a legend that wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon? Fact is your here to learn as an insurance policy, do your job well the move on to your next starting destination. You have to play the long game like an adult.
  22. Do you believe that there's intelligent life on other planets?
  23. I think it's going to be something like that. Or like a situation where things kind of "reset" I.E. someone wins the throne, gets overthrown by the other houses, essentially starting the "game of thrones" again.
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