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  2. Every back patio needs a wind chime feller. Learn to soak in the breeze. Go Panthers!
  3. I’ve already “burned the tape” and posted “ WTF “ so ... yes I have lololol .
  4. Big Eric Reid fan here and can’t wait until the real bullets start flying and his play shuts everybody up. I’m getting my son an Eric Reid jersey for his birthday. Keep Pounding!
  5. To be fair, it’s hard to expect to get anything for a PK that teams knew you had to get rid of and was just picked in 7th 3-4 months beforehand.
  6. I mean, he’s not wrong. I can think of at least 10 passes that we’re wayyyyy over the WRs head.
  7. Wow. So you really are sticking to the same old BS? It usually takes you a couple posts to use the Gettleman deflection. What exactly does he have to do with any of this? Nothing. Just avoiding the issue and throwing an crap you can to get off topic. It seems I’m not the only poster who feels that way. What are their excuses and bias? Is it DG, you, JR, D-Lo....etc....? And considering the only thing I’ve really posted recently about is Gettlemans worst move. So how am I defending him now? It’s always someone’s agenda and never the real issue with you. What are all these “baseless” attacks that are bothering you(and yours) so much?
  8. You could tell the O-line was in trouble by all of the holding calls . I thought we would be better this year , but looks like nothing is better yet .
  9. Torrey Smith is on the coalition they are a good organization and are being heard
  10. Glad to have him on the field making an impact he is not the face of our team
  11. g5jamz


    That’s the new gun law angle.
  12. Pick one of the two and try to work out a trade deal to a team needing a kicker . We gave away Butker for not even a Bo biscuit
  13. It's really about being able to track what folks do with their tickets....and....giving the team a better chance to capture some of the revenues generated in the resale market, especially when teams like Cowboys & Steelers come to town and fans are able to get big prices for those tix. The "security and scalper control" chatter is a line of BS. Agreed on section security. A person could screenshot the "ticket" (whatever that looks like) and text it to 10 different people and have them join him in the section. If the team insists on charging people extra for a paper ticket I think they will take some heat for it publicly as the season goes on.
  14. You've completely missed the reason of concern here.
  15. Yet one side used their starting QB, starting skill position players, and the other did not? One side is known for having a great defense (Buffalo) and went against another side not playing most of their Offense? Did we watch the same game? Or are we just conveniently forgetting key details to push a narrative? Buffalo played more of their key starters from the get go..and oh. Look at that. The first half is where they got everything done.
  16. The same could be said for the players Buffalo were trotting out. Maybe because the coaches on both sides of the field were coaching with players on the field of virtually equivalent talent and one side dominated the other? If one set of coaches is using bad players and the other set of coaches are also using bad players, shouldn't the better coaches win?
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