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  2. It was a republican plan he adopted after the right had a meltdown over single payer.
  3. I never said they were fine, and if you will go back and look at my post, you'll see this is one of the very few subjects I agree with AOC on and then got attacked for agreeing that its ok for companies to make a fair profit... then I was asked (something to the effect ) who was I to say how much profit a company could make? if the dems would actually work with trump instead of just trying to find an excuse to impeach him , they might actually get something good done instead of bringing down this country
  4. Yeah well the Jets suck balls doesn't mean it's ok for the Panthers to suck balls too. Joking aside, the condition of our streets has deteriorated significantly in the last 5 years and the current lame ass city council should be held accountable for it.
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  6. I’m glad that we are loosening the standards a little bit. This kid would have never been drafted under JR. don’t get me wrong, I don’t want any wife beaters. But a young kid who makes a stupid mistake and then puts his time in to make up for it is fine by me. It’s football. Not a Nobel peace prize. I hope he has learned from his mistakes as a young youth and can bring some juice to our backfield to spell CMC a bit. I do love how hard he runs.
  7. Obamacare has decimated healthcare for consumers premiums have skyrocketed...deductibles are thru the roof consumers have been royally hosed as obama wanted to make things “fair” his social engineering policies were just a total castastrophe
  8. "Interest" doesn't necessarily equate to SERIOUS interest. I'm sure lots of teams would be interested in a player like McCoy at the right price for them, but that right price for them may or may not end up being anywhere near what ends up being his market value. The only way to find out is to call his agent to get a feel of what they're looking for. That very well could've been the extent of the Panthers' "interest".
  9. https://apps.irs.gov/pub/epostcard/cor/261634671_201712_990_2018103115855811.pdf some interesting things in pfir’s most recent 990
  10. $2000 for a drug that costs pennies to make but my lord and savior donald trump told me he's taken care of drug prices so better run to the internet and tell everyone things are actually perfectly fine lol what a fuging idiot
  11. Wake me up, when you have a candidate running for office anywhere in the land. Yes, you are kissing the behind of Trump, who has never done anything to make you believe he cares about ADOS. You don't care what conservatives think, but you cry foul, when teachers are allowed to carry guns in schools in FL because it will impact ADOS kids ... Or don't you?
  12. "This year, the list price of more than 3,000 drugs went up, while the price of only 117 went down, according to data compiled by Rx Savings Solutions. Last year, an analysis by the Associated Press revealed that, from January to July, 4,412 branded drug prices went up, while 46 were cut." https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2019/may/22/donald-trump/fact-checking-donald-trumps-claim-drug-prices-are-/ lol if you think drug prices in America are just fine
  13. oh yeah well greensboro ended its glass recycling program
  14. I read Panthers we're just kicking the tires not going to happen. WTH does that crap mean. Either u want to sign a guy or u don't.
  15. I'm not a Umar Johnson fan but listening to YC attack a person trying to get something going is sad, Of course, YC won't refuse the superchat money she gets and patreon and T-shirts she sells online. Those Blacks who don't have any money are donating 1000s to her channel.
  16. A Lot of Big names in FA this offseason. So here is how I can see things shaking out this offseason The Knicks get their superstar duo of Kyrie and KD. They trade Ntilikina to a team needing a PG, my Prediction is the Jazz here giving up their 1st in this thin draft class Knicks looking forward to: starters Kyrie, 1st round pick, Durant, Knox, Mitchell Robinson. Dennis Smith 6th man Boston: they lose Kyrie and Rozier. Bring in Ricky Rubio and IT3. Rubio recently said in a interview thatbhe is interested in going to the Celtics if Kyrie were not to return. IT3 has also mentioned wanting to return home Mavs: Kemba turns down the Hornets max offer and goes to Dallas to create a big 3 out there. Nets: they miss on the Big targets in Butler and Kyrie. They lock down Russell but also bring in Nikola Vucevic. Magic have mentioned wanting Vucevic. But with drafting bigs such as Mo Bamba last year and needs elsewhere. They move on from Vucevic. Nikola fits perfectly with Russell Magic: speaking of the Magic and their needs elsewhere. They go out and sign Terry Rozier. The Celtics were Really interested in him around the trade deadline. https://celticswire.usatoday.com/2019/01/19/zach-lowe-orlando-magic-have-chased-terry-rozier-in-trade-talks/ Magic did end up trading for Fultz, but they are really going to be patient with him and not expect much from him anytime soon Detroit: Piston's made the playoffs but really need a PG. With Memphis drafting Morant, they are shopping Conley. They ship him to Detroit for their 1st plus a few players Suns: desperate to please Booker. They spend some $$ on Julius Randle. Pairing Ayton and Randle inside and planning on drafting a PG with thir 1st pick. Clippers- Kawhi just seems to want ti be The star of his team, not under the spotlight of Lebron in the Lakers. He takes a max deal from the Clippers and recruits Cousins to come along. Clippers quietly become conters in the West. Beverley, SGA, Kawhi,and Cousins in the starting lineup and Lou Williams off the bench. Lakers/Bulls/Pelicans Lebron wants AD, and after signing Jimmy Butler. He puts everyone on the table. They ship Lonzo Ball to Chicago for a future 1st. They package that 1st with the #4 pick, Ingram, Josh Hart, Kuzma, plus another future 1st. Lakers adds AD and Butler as the 2 big names. Lebron took a backseat as a ball handler but takes that role back. With the league has moved to a 3 point shooting league and his biggest villan has been Steph Curry the last few seasons. He brings in Seth Curry. Seth, Butler, Lebron, AD turn this Lakers squad around overnight Golden State: resigning Thompon, they keep the Big 3 core intact. Philly: they bring back Tobias Harris and resign Reddick Raptors: resign Danny Green Hornets: after watching Kemba walk off, MJ and Kup panic. MJ has stated over and over he wants to compete, so he isnt going to tank even if he has the worst roster in the league. With the $$ available from not resigning Kemba. They lock up Jeremy Lamb Now onto the draft 1. Pelicans: Zion 2. Memphis: Ja Morant 3. Knicks: Jarrett Culver- real smoke coming out of NY that they take Culver over Barrett 4. Pelicans (via Lakers): RJ Barrett 5. Cavs: Deandre Hunter 6. Suns: Darius Garland 7. Bulls: Cam Reddish- with them grabbing Lonzo Ball via trade. Bulls add Reddish the talented wing 8. Hawks: Jaxson Hayes- they know if they dont take him here, the Wizards would. They still have another 1st to get their wing 9. Trade! Hornets: Coby White- after watching the organization best player and PG walk. They begin to get desperate, with Coby White beginning to fall they jump up to grab him. Again this draft isnt all that deep. So I dont expect it costing Too much to jump up 3 spots. Hornet part ways with Malik Monk and a 2nd. Wizards top target they were chasing was Hayes, once he is pff the board they really try to move down 10. Hawks: Nassir Little 11. Minnesota: Brandon Clark 12. Wizards: Goga Bitadze- Wizards desperately need a Center. Bol Bol scares them with the injury so they go with Bitadze 13. Miami: Sekou Doumbouya 14. Celtics: Bol Bol 15. Memphis (via Detroit): Romeo Langford 16. Magic: Kevin Porter Jr
  17. he left cleveland without a contract. good news with that one. onto Baltimore
  18. Im also not talking about all time stat wise im talking pure talent and superstar ability
  19. Doug Williams is up there for sure. Especially with that super bowl win. RW will be in the conversation too.
  20. why should you? you aren't threatened by anything and you don't have an emotional investment in anyone that is. of course being detached is easy for you. your opinion is worthless and counts for nothing to anyone discussing anything in this forum
  21. PhillyB

    Pro Life

    if this forum existed in the 1930s mods would be handing out bans to posters for telling himmlerpanther88 to kill himself
  22. DJax was named the fastest player in college football in 2017.so,for this young man to win this event and be named the fastest player in the NFL would be quiet an accomplishment
  23. I'm sorry you have the hate in your heart that you do. I'd never wish ill will on you. By the way, your city is a poo hole. https://www.wunc.org/post/greensboro-votes-scrap-glass-recycling-citing-rising-costs You should be ashamed.
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