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    im new here but have been lurking for quite some time now... First auto panthers thing i got was the steve smith row boat. 2nd was the deangelo williams picture girlfriend bought me deangelo williams first NFL touchdown signed/authenticated jersey my final batch of goodies.... Steve smith 06 signature proof #d 1/5. Steve Smith ultimate achievements #d 56/99, Steve smith "Down & Distance" #d 30/50. Muhsin Muhammad '99 Signed card #mm, Jimmy Clausen Rookie card signed #57/99, My favorite Jon Beason "The Beast" photo and the picture EVERYONE should know, Deshaun Foster Diving for the TD in the superbowl.
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    lulzed very loud in the office after seeing this one
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    Chaos is getting mongo rep for that... Here's one I made yesterday... My first attempt and it cut some text off, but you get this gist of it... These are pretty funny...
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    I hear you my Jarrett collection is quite impressive and sickening all at the same time. I wonder how much I could get for this lol,, I could never sell it.
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