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    Our first chance to go to 6-0 in team history, we can do this!
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    Eagles @ Panthers 8:30pm Bank of America Stadium The Carolina Panthers have the opportunity to go 6-0. Here is what they need to do to get there... - Win the turnover battle. If the Panthers come out of this game in the positive for turnover differential... they win. - Take what the defense gives you. A low score can win this game. Don't take chances, see above point. - Make Bradford beat you. Sell out to stop the run, dare Bradford to beat you through the air. View full article
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    In a tale as legendary as time itself, unlikely hero Martin McFly once found himself in 1955, trapped in his own past thirty years before the present. There he found his father, George McFly, pummeled and ridiculed by Biff Tannen, subject to the insults and repeated harassment of a bully able to impose his will every time they met. Marty watched in disgust as his father, a gangly, overgrown, underpowered high school milquetoast, kowtowed to Biff's every offense. It was a dynamic that molded his identity, indeed his very consciousness. Biff's bullying became the essence of who George McFly was. Does this dynamic sound familiar? Biff Tannen is the Seattle Seahawks, and by my estimation that makes the Panthers George McFly. But we've all seen how that one ends, and it's glorious. Faster than you can yell "Hello McFly!" the Panthers did swear, George, goddammit, and they punched Biff square in the face, knocked him out, and took the girl. And thirty years later, back in the present, Marty observed the difference that win made in his father's life, his personality, his outlook, his attitude. It became the single defining moment in his life and spawned greatness. But all did not end well. Just like Seattle isn't the end of the season, so did Marty find that his misadventures were only beginning. Having only just triumphed over his own family's fate, Marty found himself in a new crisis. So it goes with the Panthers. Forget the past, it's time to go back to the future and avenge the poor choices of your children: that is, the 2014 Panthers matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. October 21, 2015 That's the date Marty went to the future. He saw a version of his future that reminded him of his past: his son a criminal, his wife a drunk, his own life in shambles due to a series of terrible choices. And what's more, 78-year-old Biff stole the DeLorean, flew to 1955, gave that version of himself a sports almanac, and set in motion a chain of events leading to an alternate reality, a dystopian 1985 that finds Hill Valley in physical ruin, crossed with barbed wire, bodybags, machine guns, social decay, and the flickering neon lights of excess and immense economic inequality. In other words, they were in Philadelphia. Absolute disaster! Much like Doc and Marty, the Panthers last year found themselves humuliated by the Eagles, sacked nine times and overwhelmed from the opening snap. A starting secondary consisting of Melvin White, Antoine Cason, Charles Godfrey, and Thomas DeCoud couldn't stop Mark Sanchez from lighting up the scoreboard, and an offensive line consisting of Byron Bell, Amini Silatolu, Chris Scott, and Nate Chandler couldn't stop a formidable pass rush from shredding the point of attack. The result was a humiliating 45-21 loss that was a deeper drubbing than it sounds (14 of those Carolina points came in garbage time.) In the trash-strewn alleys of 1985, Doc and Marty knew they needed a plan to reverse the past and make the present right again. Just like they had to devise a plan to return to 1955 and steal Biff's fateful sports almanac, the Panthers need to devise a plan to clip the wings of a Philadelphia team coming off of two straight wins, surging in the NFC East and motivated to prove the doubters wrong. Philadelphia has fixed several early-season hang-ups, maximizing their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses. Taking them down won't be an easy task, but here's a few keys to making it happen: 1) Take advantage of a soft interior line. This is probably the Eagles' biggest weakness personnel-wise. Guards Allen Barbre and Matt Tobin are playing some of the worst positional football in the league, consistently allowing penetration by defensive tackles on both running and passing downs. More surprisingly, center Jason Kelce is having the worst year of his professional career (perhaps Panthers fans can sympathize, having watched Ryan Kalil's effectiveness plunge when sandwiched between subpar talent.) Star Lotulelei and Kawann Short should both have huge days. 2) Force DeMarco Murray to run laterally. One of the Eagles' biggest problems over the course of the season has been trying to get Murray going south downfield. He hasn't been able to do it, largely because of terrible interior line play, which plays right into the Panthers' strengths. Interior pressure should force Chip Kelly to treat Murray as the scat back he isn't, sending him outside, around the tackles, where rising star Kony Ealy and newcomer Ryan Delaire are good enough to seal the edge and allow a speedy linebacking corps to come up and make plays. 3) Put the ball in Sam Bradford's hands. Prior to this season Bradford was touted as having the best pass-to-turnover ratio in the league. Not so this year. Bradford has looked atrocious, and it's reflected in the Eagles' bottom-scraping average of 8+ yards to go on third down. Third and long has been standard fare for Bradford through six games and this is where Carolina can force him into mistakes. Bradford's problem hasn't been decision-making, it's been accuracy, and it's hard to imagine a defense better suited for making him pay for off-target balls. The Giants' last-ranked pass defense forced three interceptions last week, so expect a feeding frenzy. 4) Play physically against Philadelphia's receivers. None of them are playing good ball right now, and both have proven susceptible to being nullified at the line of scrimmage when pressed. Jordan Matthews has made a few plays but tends to come up short when it counts (see: game-losing bobble against the Falcons in week one) and Aglohor has proved deeply inconsistent, notching only eight receptions and a fumble through six games. (It's worth noting he didn't practice yesterday and may be out for Sunday's matchup, leaving the number two duties to second-year man Josh Huff, a negligible threat.) Riley Cooper is reliable but dislikes minorities. 5) Isolate the Eagles' cornerbacks. This is going to be key on offense for the Panthers. Last year the Eagles defense struggled in coverage, allowing the most yards after catch in the league, and retooled the entire secondary as an answer. Both safeties are playing at a high level, but corner Byron Maxwell is having an awful year, and his counterpart, Nolan Carroll, is only marginal. There are no tricks to exposing Maxwell. Here's a play the Jets ran in week three: Nothing special, just a deep out run by Brandon Marshall. Maxwell is turn inside in coverage, attempting to direct the route inside where he'll have safety help upfield, or simply not get beat over the top, which has been a problem for him. Much like Cary Williams last week, Maxwell often has to play off the line of scrimmage to avoid getting beat. This buffer often leaves openings for quick cuts and big plays. Cue Brandon Marshall: That's as easy as you're going to get in the NFL. Maxwell plays too far back to recover when Marshall pivots outside, and Fitzpatrick connects with him for a nice gain. The Panthers should be able to take advantage of matchups like this all day. One way Mike Shula can isolate poorly-performing corners like Maxwell is heavy use of two TE sets. A play like the following would likely be successful: Nothing special about this play other than that it utilizes a good tight end and a fast wide receiver. At the bottom of the screen the strong safety will probably have to come up to bracket the TE, Olsen, in the flat, leaving single coverage outside against the receiver (a safer bet than your strong-side linebacker alone against Olsen.) On the upper end of your screen the slot receiver (ideally Philly Brown or Ted Ginn Jr.) will force the free safety to give helped to the nickel back over the top, leaving one-on-one coverage outside for the receiver (who runs an outside hitch in this case.) Plays like this will isolate Maxwell and Carroll in space, where they struggle to position themselves properly against opposing receivers. If the Panthers can do these things they should come out with a convincing win - beating Biff, as it were, and restoring things to the way they were meant to be: victors over the Eagles, undefeated. 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    I will be there tonight!!! GO PANTHERS!!!! #KEEPPOUNDING!!!
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    I predict that if we lose, the chicken littles and the naysayers will be screaming 'EXPOSED' and crowing about how they knew it all along.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but History for the Franchise if we go 6-0..
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    Respect to Tony Dungy though. He has consistently stuck up for us.
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    Forgot we were going to have to suffer through costas and collinsworth. fug I hate those guys so much
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    I live in Princeton/Trenton....right on the Delaware river. i'm like 15-20 mins out. About to go to an all Eagles party, with the gf's family. I'm drunk and unruly, should be fun!
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    Charlotte is nuts right now. NBC doing a special, taking to the streets. Doing the weather forecast from the Roaring Riot tailgate. I'm unable to make the game, so I have to chill at home. But my sights and sounds from the city are pretty awesome right now. NFCCG Playoff atmosphere in Charlotte.
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    It is a concern, but I'm not worried about it because we have Luke back. Without Luke, guys were badly out of position, there was minimal communication, and we barely countered any of the Saints last second shifts. Also, McCown has been in Payton's system forever and knows that offense back and forth. Meanwhile, Bradford is looking very rusty and the timing/quick decision-making just isn't there, which is what makes the quick passing offense work.
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    When a circus is constantly following you around, chances are you're a clown. Let Steve Smith retire in Baltimore. Good riddance.
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    When I saw your name pop up, I thought it was about to be locked and moved.
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    I'm afraid his Instagram says otherwise. Smith has never been one to say stuff he doesn't mean. And what he said there he said pretty strongly. He's not coming back. At this point, I wouldn't even bank on the one day contract retirement.
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    Spot on. What's ironic is that SS acts like nothing gets to him. DG's comments brewed into a poo storm that ended with Smitty's release. Now a simple comment by his son and PFT about being traded has turned into another circus.
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    DO NOT PUNT TO SPROLES!!!! For the love of God....
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    Boy I hope so. My Dad was let go from the Sunoco and I begged them to take him back, they didn't. Now he's dead.
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    yup I just went back a few pages and saw that. I should have searched.. Thank you anyway
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    Looks like he is a go from what I have seen.
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    And Rodney Harrison on the pre game......
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    As dirty as it makes me feel, I'm feeling strangely confident about this game. Hope I'm not jinxing us. 31-10
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    i'm going to war with my tv antennae, my furniture, the integrity of my home, anything to try and get 17-1 to come in in chapel hole...gonna murder myself
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    He should change his name back to Donald.
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    We will destroy them in everyway possible!!!!!
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    NEW DRINKING GAME RULE: Take a shot every time you see Jeremy on TV during the game.
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    stupid TV won't pick up NBC and i really don't want to watch the game with a bunch of drunk children at the bar
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    just bumping this back to the back of the thread....just in case anyone still thinks this is possible or a good idea and that it is something he wants.
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    Amazes me how.many people continue to worship Steve Smith, and hates Peppers. Peppers never pooed on the Panthers like Smith has.
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    Branford leaves the game with a knee injury....
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    What'd you expect him to say? Fvck my teammates, I want to go somewhere else?
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    Panther fans > Steve Smith fans This is the only thread he has posted in, so he doesn't care about the Panthers, only Steve Smith.
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    Ozzie has said he isn't dealing 89 89 hates our FO Our FO believed to get better meant 89 leaving ....why is this a thread?
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    Our Oline will dictate the win or loss, as usual
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    And Seattle had our number until last Sunday. The past is the past.
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    I predict the following. Lots of raging by the fans. Lots of shouting. Lots of hostility for the iggles. Lots of energy. Lots of points. Redemption road, we're on it. It's time to man the fug up. We're out for blood.. I see a blow out. Panthers: 41 Iggles: 13
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