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    Since his posting history was also wiped it is difficult to remember the exact reason that finally got him banned. Might have been Panthro when he was more active here. I do recall that toward the end he started openly expressing homophobic views, displayed a disdain for black people, bragged about owning an AR-15, and talked about how maybe Hitler wasn't so bad after all. Some of that is here but only in quotes.
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    I don't think he'll be a shooter though. His blade work and kitana skills may be more efficient than any ballistic weapon.
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    *edit: and by sorry for i mean empathize with aspects of his struggle and also give him a 75% chance of becoming a mass shooter
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    he's been posting on and off here for years. he admitted half a decade ago he works eighty hours a week as a military contractor or some poo and is full of stress and incomprehensible self loathing. it was the only honest thing i've ever seen him post. he's the only total shithead on here i actually halfway feel sorry for
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    yep that was definitely him. i remember i found out who it was when i left a comment on an NFL memes post and some random dude replied to it calling me a fa***t or something. it was really weird and out of place and i clicked on the profile and one of the dude's photos was his avatar on here, a picture of himself trying to look super cool. i think i mentioned something about his employer potentially being interested in seeing his hitler crush and that's about the time he disappeared. shine a little light on these turds and they go scuttling back under the rocks they crawled out from under. anyway not to suggest there aren't truckloads of people like CCS on the internet but professor chaos sounds an awful lot like professor chaos
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    lmao "ive got an ar15 does thatt trigger u are you triggered huh? triggered yet?" some good ecu88 nuggets in there too. you could see his alt right story arc coming a mile away
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    Hahahahahaha...nice.... CNN calling Kanye and all African American Trump supporters the "N" word....who is the real racist now?...
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    They are a Mob now, shows they are losing and getting desperate....typical liberals.
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    Are you a psychiatrist? If that's the case, then you can call Rosie O'donnell, Maxine Waters, Kathy "hold severed Trump head" Griffin, mentally ill... huh?
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