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    He clashed hard with staff(both front office and coaches)
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    I’m absolutely anti Trump for a number of reasons. But this is the last straw for me here. During last election, I damn near left this forum after being labeled a racist for my libertarian stances. I nearly left then but I’ve been following this place for forever. Then Jeremy promised to keep all the race baiting, political poo posting, unrelated Panthers stuff out of the main forum. Well guess what? This place fugging sucks now. It’s already driven away some awesome posters from the past (everyone misses SCP most notably) and this entire forum has become a group of cliques. Even some of the most prominent posters on here just post political poo for their peers to pie on and Panthers are typically secondary to the topics, of present at all. We have far right rebel flag morons raging war against far left anti flaggers who are more up their own ass than a Tesla owning native to San Francisco. Well you’ve lost one. Seriously. I’m out. There’s some awesome posters on here but they’ve all been outnumbered by 40 year old children throwing poo at each other and Igo seems to have some weird sort of ego keeping him from banning any of it if he tends to agree. Good luck this season kids. God help you all you miserable lot of unbearable pricks. To the good ones still on here. PM if you know any other decent Panthers related forums. I really can’t do this one anymore. It’s embarrassing here.

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