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    Ron will stick with Allen...you know he will.
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    An evaluation brought to you by the guy who believed Amini Silatolu was better than Andrew Norwell. Granted, you have Turner's input as well but still...
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    Thirdly because Cam got hurt and it only took a few games for the NFL to figure out his backup. I'm not even mad at Allen. He's a UDFA who has far exceeded expectations, but his significant limitations as a starter are becoming painfully obvious. Well, painfully obvious to most I should say
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    Oh, mother of... I swear, that feels like a long, long time ago. Still can't believe he did that. That's actually probably worse than the Silatolu / Norwell thing.
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    You're approaching Nails/Hardy territory
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    You know he's on pace for almost 1300 yards?
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    I'm not at all convinced the outcome would be good. I honestly didn't want to draft Grier. But, what's done is done and if the season is lost already might as well try to get a look at what you may or may not have in live action.
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    Remember the guy with the shoe-bomb? Since it didn't work, the plane didn't explode and nobody was hurt, does he get an upgrade to first class seating and bonus miles?
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    You keep him on the bench. You don't even know what you have in Allen at this point with this horrible line much less what you will have in Grier. Next season you let all three battle it out hopefully with a better line.
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    I’ve always liked curtco to be used more like last year, Moore has the most potential to be a number 1 WR, I’d love to add a outside guy and have Samuel play the slot a lot more. Also would like to see him lined up in the backfield more. i think both of there performances are suffering a bit due to kyles play
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    is the Republican defense really going to ultimately be "well, sure Trump's personal lawyer was directing a quid pro quo for foreign assistance, but the President never said it!" Really? Really? really?
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    We use CMC way too much, and Samuel not enough (in the look). I know that some people believe he's just a gadget player, but I believe his best use is in the slot. And sure, it won't hurt to sub him in at the RB position for a down or two some damn time. But that's just me.
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    We haven't had a 1200 yard receiver since 2011 and before that was in 2008 and people have the audacity to call Moore a #4 wide receiver.
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    You pie whore you. Ok you convinced me.
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    Hopefully a big one so Tepper has no other option but to fire Rivera. I don't care what anybody says, I don't want to string together some fluke wins to end the year, barely miss the playoffs, and then we are stuck with Rivera for another 1-3 years. So for our sake, I hope we get absolutely destroyed, I'm talking our biggest loss of the year (yes even bigger than 49ers).
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    not really when you remember how much allen struggles with deep balls. moore's 1 td was on a 10 yard pass where he created a lane for himself to break it long off a crossing route. when the routes go much deeper than that things tend to fall apart quickly.
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    Are we gonna have to deal with these cringey threads for the rest of the season? Imagine if I make a thread every time Slye misses a FG, like “Lolol you Gano haters who propped up Slye by putting down Gano, where you at now?!” and just started tagging those people. I would never actually do that because it’s pathetic and I have a life, but more importantly I wouldn’t joyfully gloat in the demise of my team just to validate my position.
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    Agreed. I was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina. I've also lived in Chicago and currently live in Philly. From my experiences, I seem to encounter more casual racists in both of these large "progressive" cities than I did in Greenville.
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    yep so funny that everyone who never gave cam a chance instantly gave kyle allen every chance and are nowhere to be found after farting up these boards with their gleefully stupid opinions for the first half of the season
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    I have major reservations about Tua. 1) You're talking about a guy who can't stay healthy in college. Now you're expecting him to stay healthy in the NFL where everyone on the field is bigger, stronger and faster? 2) In his college career, he's been surrounded by superior talent at nearly every position. He hasn't been asked to elevate the play of those around him.
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    It's completely disingenuous for you to be calling anyone else a "nut hugger"
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    Legit possibility...
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    I just wonder how that conversation would go if Ron already feels he's fired anyway. He might just stand firm and force Tepper to drop the ax to get himself on the job market ASAP. Honestly, it would probably be the smart move on Ron's part.
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    She made the room erupt in laughter about trump lying and then got sondland to say Russia benefited then read Cohen’s testimony about trump “speak” into the record.
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    I know a lot of people think that, I'm just not a proponent of it. I think guys that have it just have it. Guys who get rattled early on and have their confidence cracked were probably never going to work out anyway.
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    It's clear the republican strategy is to generate three second video clips to prove that Trump is completely innocent. His base is stupid enough to buy that. The rest of the country isn't.
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    Every team eliminated from playoff contention should be exploring what they have in depth pieces. I'm not worried about Grier getting shellshocked, our OLine isn't great but Allen makes it look worse than it is. This will not happen with Rivera.
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    Trumpers are obviously completely able to understand this argument because they keep making the same stupid defense over and over.
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    Sure seems like building a new stadium is the golden ticket these days to hosting a Super Bowl. The NFL loves to dangle that carrot to help their billionaire owners extort hundreds of millions of dollars from city coffers to help build stadiums. Kinda makes me sick thinking about all the other things that money could do instead of helping those who absolutely need no help.
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    of course that is complete BS. There is no different conclusion. Facts are not up for debate. Trump withheld foreign aid in an attempt to get a statement of an investigation into his political opponent. There is no defense of that. The republicans are just making noise.
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    We'd have two QBs the NFL really hates. Breath it in. Embrace it.
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    I think that if we could get---legitimately get Crief into the mix, maybe that would give us more leeway to use Samuel more effectively. Of course, Norv has to be more creative, and Allen has to play better and make everyone a legitimate threat.
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    How many times have those doctors spoke to the press about those operations knowing his words if negative would drastically impact someone's professional and financial future? I didn't specifically state it, but I was only talking in terms of surgeon comments on athletes. Gotta remember, these guys have to follow HIPPA guidelines. If he said that Tua may never fully recover and his football future was in doubt, Tua could probably sue the poo out of him for disclosing private medical information.
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    Aight “Football historian” The real reason you didn’t want to be in this thread is cause you didn’t want to have to talk about Kyle Allen having
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    All Nfl qbs are gambles as rookies, i say we keep Cam and let Grier grow and see what we have in him. I think he fell so far because of how raw he is, he has everything that cant be tought imo and is missing things that can. Drafting another Qb is giving up on Grier and Allen as a backup. I like Cam-Grier-Allen, this is depending in Cam coming back healthy of course.
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    There is too much uncertainty regarding the future for me to be positive. The roster may be completely different, the coaching staff may be completely different and the front office may be completely different. Once all that is sorted out, I will probably be cautiously optimistic to very optimistic.
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    Yeah sorry I just read a really good book recently on how 2 guys won a Nobel prize for their research into how flawed people’s perceptions and decision making are and I’m dragging that abstract psychology stuff into a football convo and I’m just making things confusing and unclear. Forget I said anything and just leave my two cents at people are inconsistent for reasons both disappointing and goofy.
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    Squash casserole is the winner here.. doesn’t last past day 2 of leftovers.. gone!!
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    As funny as Ed Orgeron as Farmer Fran is here is visual evidence. Check out his Closed Caption voice to text conversions.
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    You should ask him just how terrible all the very good college LBs who will never even sniff the pros are then if all these pro LBs are garbage. I mean damn dude, you played JUCO ball. You must have been comically terrible! Maybe it'd put it in perspective...or maybe he'd kick your ass. LOL!
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    Exactly. The NFL didnt spring that waiver on them 1-hour before the workout. If he had capable representation they could have negotiated something agreeable to both parties. He had no interest in doing so. Total PR stunt.
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    Thanking the CIA for keeping us safe is like thanking God for not sending us to hell. Both are supposedly 'protecting' us from problems they created.
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    She asked Sondland if he might have been speaking in code to instruct him like what Cohen said, but Sondland said he can't judge that and all his conversations with Trump have been direct.
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    What the fug are you talking about dude. There is a huge difference between discussing a topic and crying. Just because I call someone a nut hugger doesn't mean I'm crying. I think you need to chill out with accusations a bit. If Grier was the answer why not start him when we played the easy part of the schedule not when he's going to hit the buzz saw?
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    The Grier Question has been answered twice. Once in the preseason and again when they brought Allen back. If he was good enough to start they would have already started him. Thread...
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    This whole play Grier thing has only come up because the Cam Nut huggers have taken their anger out on Allen and the other group is just in desperation mode thinking somehow a QB is not going to make our Oline a turnstile.
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    Allen vs NO: 6 ints, 11 sacks, 2 fumbles

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