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    . Becoming and being a parent puts a lot of perspective on things. I was in the same boat as you, where in the past, I might’ve stood back and just accepted certain things. Now, I want a better world and a better USA for my daughter, and I will do anything to make that a reality for her. At the same time, I will do harm to anyone who gets in the way of that for her. She and her mother are set up for life if something happens to me, but I couldn’t live with myself if I knew I could’ve done more and didn’t. My daughter and future kids should not have to fear being gunned down by police just because they have dark skin. I am a lot more active in the fight for true equality for those of us black in America. Honestly, it’s been time for a bit of violence
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    https://www.nfl.com/news/greg-olsen-julius-peppers-among-steve-smith-s-top-five-teammates He left off some names that surprise me, and one that I'm sure will piss some people off.
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    I mean...Cam himself acknowledged that he has lied to the coaching staff about his injuries.
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    Wouldn't put anything past a pig imho. They're just more casual about it with Black People.
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    handwringing about the protest is telling when the most violent acts by far have been committed by cops and that pawn shop piece of poo
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    Peaceful protesting is not working. Those people in Minneapolis are making a statement. You fug with us? We burn this entire bitch down. No more fuging games.
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    We did hire a new offensive line coach, traded for a left tackle, and signed 2 offensive guards that started all their games in 2019, not to mention have 2 lineman coming off their rookie year who they are hoping can take a leap forward. Conversely we lost arguably our top 2 CBs and replaced them with a 4th round pick and nothing else. We went from Bradberry and Cockerill to an unproven day 3 rookie and Corn Elder. Until we sign someone else, that worries me more than our offensive line.
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    These protesters should to take a lesson from the 2A people and start showing up stocked with AR-15s
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    All anyone really needs to observe to understand the system is the police reaction when something like this happens versus when everyone shows up with their AR-15s and their Trump flags in the beds of their F150s protesting to reopen businesses in a fuging pandemic.
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    Thankfully those decisions don't rest in your or my hands. I absolutely commend and respect the hell out of those in Minn fighting the good fight. I couldn't muster the bravery to go out and do what they're doing. I tried to in protest with others in Charlotte not too long ago, but around that time I became a parent, and the value of life couldn't be any more precious to me than it is now.
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    same neighborhood as target, autozone, wendy’s. hmmmmm wonder why the chains were targeted.......
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    effective protest is always criminalized and you know that. a good rule of thumb is that any action that causes chuds like you to freak out only strengthens the negotiating position of the oppressed. you don't get anywhere by doing what cops want you to do. in many cases they will even murder you for that.
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    These riots are just gonna be framed as black ppl acting like "animals" for "not getting our way" by ppl like Bull123 to use in every conversation on race ever going forward, meanwhile white folks in soldier cosplay and other assorted white trash conspiracy theorists were just protesting last week about not being able to put others in danger in spite of 100k dead (bc of Trump) and the irony will be lost
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    Anything is possible. I don’t expect much, but if our draft picks play like studs out of the gate (similar to Aints 2017 draft class) helping the D, we could definitely have enough offensive firepower if the coaching is legit to get 9+ wins and playoffs. I would be a little surprised but not completely shocked.
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    Like it or not, rioting and destruction of property is as American as guns/nascar/jesus.
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    Where's Ken Lucas on the list???
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    I bet he’s fine with the protest that have been occurring with those wanting to open things back up. He’s probably ok with those same individuals showing up into state government buildings with weapons.
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    lol show more anger towards the rioting and the calling of someone racist than the actual racist crime. You can’t make this up. Like, there is no other reason that this cop felt the need to kneel on Floyd’s neck other than racism. That poster is probably one of those “MLK would not approve of what you’re doing” individuals.
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    yeah, this is more justified, it's not just about taxes, it's about lives
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    Of course they are. The true conservative platform has proven itself to be: 1) fug you, I got mine. 2) You can't tell me I'm wrong. 3) Own the Libs. This hits all three, so they're bigly on-board with it.
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    I mean Minneapolis has tried and convicted a cop for a killing in recent years they gave this guy 12.5 years for killing her oh wait...
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    I'm tired of seeing people who could be me, my child, their friend, an uncle, brother, sister, mother or anyone that looks like me being killed in the street like an animal. If burning down a historically prejudiced city like Minn has to force change, then pull a Thanos and sacrifice that bitch.
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    The English Premier League just got the green light to restart on June 17th.
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    selfishly as long as they don’t burn anything Prince-related down then ya burn that fuger down. Nothing else is working. but seriously I am a pacifist but I am privileged to be one. Black and brown people are not. They are getting executed on the streets by cops. At what point is enough, enough? What other options do oppressed people have? If I was in their shoes I would be fed the fug up. I’m fed the fug up and I’m white. Carnage and rioting is the only method to wake people the fug up. To tell the oppressor we’ve had enough.
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    Cam used to run and shy away from race discussion. I’m not upset about it, as I understand. I also understand that Jerry Richardson was doing everything in his power to wash away any “blackness” Cam expressed. High key, it’s why I believe Cam went the route of growing his hair and becoming eclectic in his attire. Jerry tried to strip him of self, and he lashed out in his own way. I say all that to say, it’s a shame how Cam and the organization tried to distance him from his skin, and it’s his skin that is playing a role in him not being signed. I’m not saying it’s the only thing, but I truly do believes it plays a factor.
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    Welp they’re not, hence our brave freedom fighters in the north doing their thing right now. Keep up.
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    Coming in to this topic completely unbiased, I have to say that Bytes has whooped a ton of emotional Cam fan ass. Pretty amusing to watch this go down.
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    So apparently there are what looks like 50-70 armed cops in riot gear defending the murderers’ house. This is where our tax dollars are going. This is a white supremacist country.
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    What the hell are you talking about I am talking about an issue for 10+ years. The Panthers literally took a DT and started him on the oline the entire season...you can’t make this poo up. It’s been a problem for a long time.
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    This is such a tired narrative. All athletes with Cam’s level of competitiveness downplay injuries because they don’t want to let down their teammates. It’s the coaches and staff’s responsibility to recognize when there’s a problem. Especially when even we fans can see it while watching from home.
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    This is why you pay backups. RR was saying over and over Cam gave us the best chance to win even tho it was clear to fans and DCs he could not throw over 20 yrds, that was bs why pay players if you are not going to use them? Cam and RR are at fault both didnt want to face the truth and it ended up costting both there job. Lots of fans where saying it as it was happing, they are playing for the short term future be damn...
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    Yeah well although I am less than enthusiastic about Bridgewater, I don't want to see him in a wheelchair. We definitely didn't do enough on the OL. I am willing to bet the results of this coming season will show that, as well.
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    First off, points for Deathnote. Second, every single time I see her face, "Turn Off the Radio" pops into my head.
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    That crazy bitch sold her soul for money. She will be thrown away soon just like Diamond & Silk.
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    I always hear this from the Panthers...we go into the season with a glaring hole, and we as fans expect it to be a big name vet player still in the market, looking to prove themselves for a one year minimum deal, but we get news a day or two later that we signed a complete no name who will end up starting.
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    I’m starting to think the Panther need to hire an oline specialist. They’re glaringly incapable of fixing it, and Hurney and Gettle are completely incompetent. I really don’t think they know how. CB is your biggest worry? Lol yea it’s bad but the oline has been atrocious for 8 out of the last 10 seasons...what will it fuging take good lord
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    if you want to blame anyone blame Rivera for playing him knowing he was hurt or blame Cam for hiding how bad his shoulder was . He played when he couldn't throw a 20 yard pass . That did not fall on Hurney or Tepper . Tepper made a business decision to let Cam go . Only time will tell if it was the right one .
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    Rodeo was spot on with his response. If violence and looting was fine for something as simple as being taxed, then there should be no problem with what’s going on now, as human life >>> taxes. Not unless you feel a certain group of people’s lives aren’t worth it.
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    Moral of the story: Dont let these folks take you off your game, or mold you how they want you. After they’re done using you, they’ll spit you out and leave you on the street like they don’t know you

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