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    Remember, just because he isn't popping on the stat sheet, doesn't mean he is playing poorly.
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    All I’ve learned from this is results don’t matter and we have the best defense of all time.
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    If only every person, right or left, would listen to his every-day wisdom.
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    If you asked CMC how the panthers can plan to win with him on the sidelines he’d say something like his backup Davis is just as capable of taking on CMCs load and will do fine. Great mindet and trust in the team. In reality, it’s not close to the truth. Tanking is a real thing, and it’s something a single player simply can’t control. It’s a team game. Whether they accept it or not is up to them. You’re not going to be able to surround a febreeze air freshener with 50 piles of poo and not smell poo.
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    I literally haven’t seen a single Huddler Complain about Burns.
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    Sometimes the whole is less than the sum of it's parts... or something.
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    Panthers 24 Bolts 21 Teddy throws for 310 yards and 2 tds
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    This just proves the obvious. They want a different QB long term. Teddy is only here for two years max.
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    He should have. Herbert was the best QB in the draft. But there was also a better cheaper option...
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    If you think the Panthers are a garbage organization why even bother posting on a Panthers fan forum???
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    I think you covered it well, but "school choice" is a common dog whistle for vouchers that really means getting white kids out of public schools.
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    Phil Snow said yesterday in his presser that they spent a lot of time scouting Herbert and that he was definitely in play if the picks fell a certain way. Thoughts?
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    you bad faith shitlibs always fall back to “heh sorry i don’t post so much” i mean it’s 2020 everyone can post from anywhere with service and like 75% of my posts are just copying links lol. i spent wayyyy more time making effort posts with nothing to show for it. pasting twitter links rules because it pisses off all of the right people. anyway i don’t expect you to be aware of everything i’ve said. it’s more a commentary on your relatively recent spike in activity. it’s that time again. time for you to virtue signal while treating the product of your selfish motivations as a selfless act. it’s really not lol it’s perfectly consistent with his words literally his argument. not hard to connect those dots. you just have to want to. it’s hard not to. the quality of posts considerably improves.
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    i mean i do and yeah it works when i was on the set of Plus 1 (bad movie don't watch) the set medic had a poo load of normal saline. That entire production was a drug and alcohol fueled poo show. One of the extras was fuging selling heroin on set. anyway the medic would charge 150 bucks for a bag and people lined up to pay it lmao
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    Looks like Attica was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her career is likely done.
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    just say you don’t listen to rap. it’s not hard. this idiotic pandering is transparent and plays directly into why she polled so poorly with black voters before she dropped out of the race
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    I think he is the one guy I don't think I have heard a negative word about. I don't think he is undervalued at all. He gets almost no mention because there is nothing to bitch about.
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    Also...if you want an easy walkthrough and get the Black Knight Halbred you are set. The damn stats on that weapon are crazy and easily upgraded.
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    https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/25/world/asia/trump-united-states.html#click=https://t.co/b5fOsuakFq “The U.S.A. is a first-world country but it is acting like a third-world country,” said U Aung Thu Nyein, a political analyst in Myanmar. Adding to the sense of bewilderment, Mr. Trump has refused to embrace an indispensable principle of democracy, dodging questions about whether he will commit to a peaceful transition of power after the November election should he lose. His demurral, combined with his frequent attacks on the balloting process, earned a rebuke from Republicans, including Senator Mitt Romney of Utah. “Fundamental to democracy is the peaceful transition of power,” Mr. Romney wrote on Twitter. “Without that, there is Belarus.” In Belarus, where tens of thousands of people have faced down the police after the widely disputed re-election last month of President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko, Mr. Trump’s remarks sounded familiar. “It reminds me of Belarus, when a person cannot admit defeat and looks for any means to prove that he couldn’t lose,” said Kiryl Kalbasnikau, a 29-year-old opposition activist and actor. “This would be a warning sign for any democracy.” The diminution of the United States’ global image began before the pandemic, as Trump administration officials snubbed international accords and embraced an America First policy. Now, though, its reputation seems to be in free-fall. A Pew Research Center poll of 13 countries found that over the past year, nations including Canada, Japan, Australia and Germany have been viewing the United States in its most negative light in years. In every country surveyed, the vast majority of respondents thought the United States was doing a bad job with the pandemic. Such global disapproval historically has applied to countries with less open political systems and strongmen in charge. But people from just the kind of developing countries that Mr. Trump has mocked say the signs coming from the United States are ominous: a disease unchecked, mass protests over racial and social inequality, and a president who seems unwilling to pledge support for the tenets of electoral democracy. In Indonesia, the most populous Muslim-majority democracy, there is a sense that the United States has left the world adrift, even if its application overseas of democratic ideals was imperfect. For decades, Washington supported some of Asia’s most ruthless dictators because they were considered vital to halting communism in the region. “The world sees the dismantling of social cohesion within American society and the mess in managing Covid,” said Yenny Wahid, an Indonesian politician and activist. “There is a vacuum of leadership that needs to be filled, but America is not fulfilling that leadership role.”
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    oh and btw, medicare for all is extremely popular policy. running against it is detrimental to his campaign! he is actively working against the fight to remove the dang CHEETO from the WHITE HOUSE! and yet...crickets. because to the democratic party 4 more years of trump is preferable to medicare for all. no other explanation. extremely popular policy. important election. easy layup. and they refuse.
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    I ordered this guide to explain a few things but this damn guide is going on the bookshelf. Absolutely beautiful book, seriously. Hard cover...the best guide I have seen. Totally recommend but use as you like...I would avoid the walkthrough though. I looked back at the first area and it is kinda vague which is great but don't want to spoil things. https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Souls-Remastered-Collectors-Guide If you are purist...fine. Beat the game, but still order this book and check it out. Amazingly detailed and quality you just don't see that often. Covers it all!
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    I stand corrected.
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    Okay, that one I honestly had to look up. Holy crap is that misleading. Here is the language from the ad, posted in that same article. How the flaming fug do you get from that to "It would be an insult to my dead son for everyone to have healthcare?" Well by the author's own Admission, he made it the fug up. In other words, he went full Pepe Sylvia, extrapolated some poo and pulled an extremely click-baity quote out his ass. Jesus. No wonder you have a negative opinion of Biden if that's the poo that's been fed through your Twitter feeding tube 24/7.
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    Look through some of the threads, I have definitely seen complaints. I know I saw at least one mention of "bust." He's actually been one of the few defensive bright spots. He, Weatherly, Douglas and Chinn to an extent.
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    What talent? I see like 3-4 players that would start for other teams. 1 is out for a month.
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    At the end of the day, it’s your vote. Vote for who you feel best represents the values you stand for and vote for those who you feel will stand up for you and yours. Don’t let anyone shame you off your square. I still haven’t decided what I’m doing. I just know I will not be voting Trump. He’s shown his incompetence, and that he’s unable to get the job done. I am not scared of him, though.
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    My father had a brilliant mechanical mind and grew up in the muscle car era, a true genius. I dont have 1% of his ability or knowledge. He taught me about everything, along with his friends. Started small, go-cart/lawn motor engines then move up to simple cars. Simply put a engine is an air pump, add fuel and spark its a miracle. He always said "The engines' magic is the amount of work its able to do". He'd ask "How many men would it take to move a 3,000 pound car up a long hill??..... while going at 70 mph?" "Or move 14,000 LBs 10 miles down the road"
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    I mean, some of that is company line stuff. Even someone like Hurney is better off not saying it publicly. We saw the email from Tepper and we saw the personnel and coaching hires, so none of us are naïve enough to think that this was anything other than a rebuild. This is just an odd debate to be having, quite honestly. Did anyone in this discussion seriously think this was anything other than a rebuilding year? If so, explain that to me because I am genuinely perplexed about what the rest of us are not seeing.
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    The issue is nobody in the building is admitting its a rebuild year. Hurney, Rhule, The players all think they can win and should win. Tepper is the the only one like... "Ya guys..."
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    Replacing what 70% of your roster and starting journeymen, rookies and 2nd year players is a definition of a rebuild. Sorry if you dont see it that way but it is just the truth. Losing a HOF TE, HOF linebacker, your starting MVP QB doesnt lead to a seamless transition of still being able to compete. Oh and a completely new coaching staff top to bottom and a new system on both sides of the ball
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    It’s strange when journalists use random people’s social media comments in articles. Just seems wrong lol
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    This is super cool man! Not many of us get to fulfil passions, and many of us don't have passions to begin with. You must be very happy, and that's really cool.
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    In fairness, $20 mil is no longer a lot of money for a QB anymore. Is it too much for Teddy? Eh....I predicted somewhere in the $15-20 mil range so IMO it was roughly market value. I also don't know if there were any serious offers that high, considering it was Marty Hurney being involved. If it was me personally, spend that money on the OL all day long. But, by that same token, we can't go out and spend freely on the interior of our OL in free agency. That is also how you end up with salary cap issues. Was it a great signing? Probably not. I also don't view it as a terrible signing. If nothing else, we can trot Teddy out there next year even if we do have a new rookie QB so that he can take those shots instead of our new guy.
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    This has the feeling of a game the panthers randomly win. The defense forces 2 turnovers of Herbert and teddy throws for 294 yard and 3 TD along with 1 fumble as the panthers escape with a 24-17 win .
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    I think the Oregon kid on the other side makes a few rookie mistakes, especially with a week of game planning against him. I’m from San Diego and now in LA and I’ll tell ya, the reason Taylor was named the starter is Herbert was having issues getting up to speed with the full spectrum of what the chargers wanted to do offensively. This game gets decided based on how Little handles the pass rush and how our front 7 handles the run. Since all the trendy losing predictions are taken twice over, I’m gonna go Panthers with a 4th quarter upset, 28-24. Teddy throws for 275.
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    Chargers - 23 Panthers - 26 TB throws for 189
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    Panthers 24 Chargers 17 Teddy throws for 297 yards 2 tds 0 picks
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    i don't think the last two teams were very frustrated
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    I'm not sure Snow will work out, but I think two games with a SUPER young team that had ZERO preseason and limited offseason is far too early to tell.
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    like the panthers are bad but they have a young team and a young coach and are moving in the right direction i think the jets are just miserable and everyone hates gase and know he's gone. Also probably darnold.
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    Ouch. My wife is a from Massachusetts and a lifelong Pats fan. It’s been weird semi-rooting for the Pats because of Cam, but I did want them to stomp the Seahawks. Listening to her “old-school” dad contort his brain to avoid complimenting Cam has been hilarious. “I’m just glad everyone stood for the anthem” and “I don’t like his showboating” are a few of the veiled things he has said haha
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    PFF were not fans of Derrick Brown during the draft process, they're just patting themselves on the back after a poor 2 first career games.
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