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  1. -13 Amp-

    NFL/PA deny targeting Eric Reid

    wheres the proof? the NFL/NFLPA has made an assertion, they did not provide any evidence to prove anything Eric said he was tested a buncha times, the NFL just replied 'we looked into it and nuhuh"....so, so far we have 2 statements made by the 2 parties, nothing more
  2. Gifted Peyton a SB? Did 2006 not happen now? He didn't need anything gifted to him when he had already won it before... His team built a great D and came in with the perfect gameplan to win....Goodell didn't put Remmers on roller skates or Von Miller being a monster, he does it consistently...Ron and Shula made no adjustments to help on protection and they forced fumbles and INTs...
  3. we havent had that same attitude since 2015...i donno if the team has recovered from that and then opening week 1 in denver and Cam getting beat to death...Gano hits that FG, i donno if they spiral out the way they have and look....mediocre... the have fun attitude we had in 2015 is what we gave to the NFL, look at all the teams doing pretend team photos during games and dancing every chance they get...what happened to us? Philly had that swag last year, won the SB, ATL had attitude in 2016, made the Super Bowl...the Saints have in in spades this season...they look to be headed that way too we need that attitude back
  4. -13 Amp-


    i wouldnt think so...Rivers has survived out there with the Chargers through many coaching changes...Brett Favre went through a few, Holmgren, Sherman, McCarthy and some other dude stuck in between the 2 Mikes...and now Rodgers is about to get another coach, so thats 2 green bay QBs that lasted through changes and Favre and Holmgren were tied at the hip as a coach/qb combo... There are other examples but i believe Cam will survive a Rivera firing....at least i really hope so
  5. doesn't matter how many when the last Super Bowl we made we ran into one of those defenses, so it does happen, often enough for it to happen to us.... our defense that season was also remarkably better than whats being fielded this year and we still lost
  6. I feel like its gonna be Wilson scrambling around to buy time and chunking up prayers that are always completed and their passing game looks like the Steelers... the blueprint on how to beat Riveras panthers has been the same since at least the super bowl, they cant stop deep passes and just smother the offense
  7. -13 Amp-

    To those claiming the NFL is rigged...

    well if the NFL is rigged and they hate Reid, does anyone that thinks that honestly believe they would allow Reid and the Panthers in a super bowl where they pay some famous singer to sing the National Anthem with him kneeling on the biggest game of the year? Why do we even watch the games and have threads about them and the team if its all rigged and they hate us?
  8. -13 Amp-

    Fun Bucs Stat

    chris weinke in 2006
  9. he played in 3 games this season, 2 picks and 2 fumbles, its a what have you done for me lately league...and not making plays down the field and knowing he wont, makes him a more mobile Jimmy Clausen like someone said above.
  10. its really not that different from the silver pants, if no one even told me they were wearing white pants, i donno if i would have noticed on TV...
  11. I remember years ago when a poster on the board would write fugin novels on DVOA and why it means that Cam sucked. Pantherspride or someshit....the threads were almost daily and they were so so long.... It just proved that no matter how reputable a metric can be, it can be used for the reverse argument just as easily
  12. Mike Smith wasn't the coach when Vick was playing QB, that was Mora Jr....Smith got the ATL job in 2008, Vick pled guilty in 2007, he didn't play a down for the Falcons after 2006 to answer the question Sean Payton for sure #1, I enjoyed beating Gruden as well....
  13. I love the panthers and hate the rainy city bitch pigeons
  14. i was gonna play that joke too but i double checked, the bible says you can get divorced and remarry as long as there was sexual infidelity, and the woman cheated on RW, so he's in the clear "I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.” ...i did wanna make that joke though
  15. 2008 correct?...and my favorite single Delhomme moment was the one play moose TD in the super bowl, the pointing and poo talking after that was just awesome i also loved how he be runnin down the field wavin his arms in the 2 minute offense, so firey and that video with him sitting beside smitty is hilarious, he looks like hes pouting and smitty is just goofin'