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  1. Sad to see but I agree it does look like he's shot. I feel like this was around the point of the season he'd start falling apart on us. Hate it for him because you can still see flashes of prime Cam, but the hill has just gotten too steep. This has been implied heavily for years with all of the talk of him being a poor decision maker and relying on his athleticism over his brain.
  2. Thank you. Shows less than zero faith in your guys and declares to the world that this isn't a NFL worthy secondary. There isn't an offense in the league that won't walk all over us if we're scared to man up against the Saints backups.
  3. He's not wrong but not calling a quick pass there is on the coaches.
  4. He had a good game. His deep ball looked great today. I just don't trust him to come from behind late.
  5. I don't know how much to put on Rhule because this was the defense's fault yet again. Snow doesn't have much to work with but he's not doing them any favors. He was going against the Saints backups and still got trounced.
  6. Trying to avoid the sack instead of tossing it away is a bad decision and cost us that FG. Getting it out of your hands should have been the only option. Brady holds that L too.
  7. Awful split second tuck by Teddy at the end instead of throwing it away.
  8. Smith is my favorite player I’m just saying keep that same energy. Does what they do on the field outweigh being a diva or not?
  9. The locker room cancer stuff is so overblown. His drama is media fodder and at worst gets him kicked out of the team/league again. I doubt that stuff kills team morale in any meaningful way. Steve Smith was fighting and intimidating teammates constantly THAT is a guy you should be worried about in the locker room.
  10. this is common sense based on him being the last carryover from the old regime not insider info
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