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  1. Second Panthers player to get a 99 rating after Luke did it in last year's game.
  2. Grier will have to deal with whatever he's got just like Cam did. The line may not get better anytime soon. Could even get worse with a bad injury. Better to give him game experience now when we have the luxury of choice.
  3. Mashed potatoes are the LT of Thanksgiving dinner. Underappreciated but the performance there can decide it all.
  4. Dude it doesn't take a stalker to find you around here. You were fueling the debate at a blistering pace and have been noticeably absent since Allen looked awful.
  5. breaking news fam the panthers won't sign newton unless he recovers
  6. He took on full responsibility for Rivera with that last extension so here we are. Marty's great at selecting players and horrible at picking staff.
  7. Yeah DJ is improving at least but neither look like the sort of impact players you build around yet.
  8. If you can find any example of Ron being criticized in a way unlike his white colleagues. Cam's got a laundry list.
  9. Before he was drafted I said Lamar was mini-Cam on reddit and got downvoted to hell. "Cam's size is the whole point" they said.
  10. What gets me (and probably everyone who is considered a "Cam fan" around here) is that Kyle was/is not scrutinized nearly as much as Cam is. Now we're talking about a $100m #1 draft pick vs an UDFA so I get there's a different level of expectations. But after all of the criticism over the years and all of the good memories Cam's brought to this franchise despite it, everyone suddenly being so forgiving and supportive of the new guy's mistakes reeks of the same sort of veiled racism that's plagued this fanbase for Cam's whole tenure in Carolina. I just want the Panthers to be successful and wish we could analyze football without the BS, but unfortunately Cam brings out that in people and Kyle's 15 minutes of glory only highlighted it.
  11. Not how I'd describe our fanbase at all. BoA and Spectrum can sell out or be complete ghost towns any given week depending on how well the team is doing. Our diehards are some of the most knowledgeable out there but I honestly can't name a more fairweather city of fans in all of sports.
  12. I think Rivera resigned to his fate when the diagnosis came down. Tepper made it clear to him that this was the prove it year and the chance of that happening without Cam was always very low. The win streak just kept hope alive a longer than anyone expected. His only hope now is that Tepper is merciful enough to give him a raincheck on that last dance with Cam. He's in "rebuild mode" now because he knows that decision has likely been made already and the rest of this season is just a formality.
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