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  1. There is no Hurney 2.0 without Gettleman. It took a polar opposite approach to fix Marty's first run and find the ideal middle ground.
  2. I figured as much when we got him in the 4th. Any other year I would have been fine with him as our first DE pick.
  3. I figured as much when we got him in the 4th. Any other year I would have been fine with him as our top DE pick in the late 1st-2nd.
  4. MKG's shot stagnated after his trainer left to coach UNC Charlotte but it's lightyears ahead of where it was before. Tiger Woods also famously switched his mechanics up and bounced back after some growing pains.
  5. Really bad that it took like 8 years and his shoulder practically falling off to get this point but better late than never I guess.
  6. I'm indifferent on Jourdan personally but sports media needs people like her and Jeremy who can tow the line between social media personality and reporter. That's how you bridge the gap between twitter and print. Cam put her in a bad spot with his dumb comment so I don't care about that whole thing.
  7. I hate to say this because he's my favorite player but it took getting rid of Steve Smith for the culture we have now. Cam's competitive while also having a lot of fun, hanging out with teammates, etc and I think the guys really gravitate towards that, and any athlete would aspire to Luke's work ethic. Smitty was just too abrasive and intimidating, there wasn't a whole lot of camaraderie in the locker room when he was the main voice coming out of it. It's like going from a drill sargent to a camp counselor.
  8. I think he just appreciated the team pulling out all the stops to get him here. Not sure a lot of teams would have gone this far to attract a DT, even one as prolific as McCoy.
  9. Give me this over the Gettleman approach any day
  10. Sidebar: they need to release this on the fuggen switch like FIFA. I'll ignore all of the broken jankiness of Madden if I can play on my toilet, on a plane, etc.
  11. This was definitely a "we'd like to keep you but we need the money one way or the other" sort of deal. I think the coaches agree with you but if his contract was standing in the way of signing McCoy he was gonna get sent packing, and he knows that.
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