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  1. Everyone got a little carried away. They gave him veteran competition for our guy money.
  2. There's virtually no enforcement of the quarantine and now not even of the masks in NY. Businesses might call police if someone refuses to wear one but that's about it. You'd have to tell a cop you broke the travel rule to get fined.
  3. The vast majority of the people still working are doing so to keep their lights on, not yours. Actual essential workers aren't the problem, is that there are so many who aren't but are forced to expose themselves anyway order to survive.
  4. By that I mean they could do it right now and have chosen not to. The $2000/mo stimulus cost estimates range from $2T-4T, and that's under the generous assumption that it would take like a year of complete national lockdown for the threat to subside. Our poor handling of it is already having massive global economic effects. I really believe they fear the political consequences of the country getting a UBI trial run more than anything.
  5. Our government's got the money to let everyone take the rest of the year off if we needed to but they decided that tens of thousands of American lives weren't worth the cash.
  6. And tamper his free agency even further? You're picturing one vindictive front office my man. And it was certainly a lowball so the numbers won't make them look any better if it turns out he's still elite.
  7. Every IPA lover should check the 120 off their bucket list at some point but tbh I find the 60 and 90 to be better and more drinkable. 120 and Dogfish's Midas Touch are great conversation starters to have in your fridge if you know other beer lovers though. I resented sours at first but I'm warming up to them. First few I tried were gross but it's a broad beer type with a lot of variation.
  8. Christian's fantasy football's MVP and the consensus top runningback at the moment so I don't think we'll be any less relevant nationally, but he doesn't rile people up like Cam does. It'll be more like the constant praise Luke got.
  9. There is noooooo way they didn't offer anything at all that would have been a deliberate and malicious "screw you" of epic proportions. I agree that Cam likely thought he was easily worth at least 3 years at typical salary elsewhere and the team probably wouldn't commit that long and/or wanted him to restructure to something heavily performance based.
  10. Irish and Kentucky coffee are my official work from beverages. Chilling on the beer because I'll go through 12 a week easy cooped up inside all day.
  11. The fanbase was practically kicking Ron out the door so I think that was them just trying to be cordial. I wish they had done more for Cam but a highlight reel when he and many fans believe he's still got it in him probably wouldn't have been received very well.
  12. I don't think it was that complex. The team's made it pretty clear with their actions that they are stumped on Cam's health. Simply came down to do you pay him and risk your new staff being saddled to a hobbled QB or let them start fresh with a guy we know is at least better than Kyle Allen. He is mostly risk adverse like any good investor and went the safe route.
  13. If he finishes his career there he'll go down as undefeated against New England.
  14. Maker's Mark goes up in price every year bro I hate it
  15. Jameis beat us last year with an incredible average statline and probably would have twice if he hadn't thrown like half a dozen interceptions in the second game.
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