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  1. Could have locked the thread after this.
  2. nah just don’t be a dumb bigot about it
  3. I don't see how this matters in the slightest. I dislike the player on the field for football reasons but hell yeah I support him protesting injustice.
  4. I'm guessing 2-3 seasons worth of disappointing records. It would have to be a trend. I don't think the magic record it would take for an automatic firing is possible with the talent on this team.
  5. Guaranteed DA's throws are softer and don't ask as as much out of KB so it's a dream pairing.
  6. Shula failed because he didn't modify it to fit the personnel he had, that's my whole point. I think Turner's in the middle of trying to.
  7. Coryell offense requires multiple guys who can get deep, trusting your receivers, and methodical dropbacks, all of which is a radical change for Cam. Everyone's adjusting.
  8. mike smiths reactions were gold but sean payton is a genuine turd
  9. Manhertz's reception pisses me off way more than the stat in the OP
  10. I honestly get worried when the team goes too long without an L because they have a bad tendency to play out of character when the going's good, SB50 being the most extreme example.
  11. MechaZain


    I think it's been forgotten in all the excitement since drafting him but the whole debate over Moore was that his route running needed work.
  12. MechaZain

    CJ Anderson says...

    Rivera seems to prefer to keep the backup RB fresh in case the starter gets injured but it's a really backwards approach in my opinion, especially with how heavily we're using Christian. CJ should be easing the load, not just waiting for CMC to go down.
  13. MechaZain

    Devin Funchess

    Funchess was awesome but now that we've seen him big body a catch it's gonna be expected going forward. I hope he's ready.
  14. If your support hinges on whether they're winning or not yeah that sounds like a waste of time.
  15. MechaZain


    I'm just saying we knew going into the draft that Moore needed polish and Ridley was the pro-ready one so it should come as a surprise to no one that we're seeing that. I completely agree that Rivera & co are going about it too slowly but DJ's going through his growing pains as expected.