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  1. Pitbull most likely. I'd say Ariana but some of her biggest hits don't really fit the NFL's vibe. I thought the same about Gaga though and she did alright. It's MJ then Prince then everyone else tho
  2. What happens if we have a great season and Mills gets HC offers? Do we replace him and extend Ron or promote?
  3. Plenty of other head coaches have managed with success currently and historically. It's an indictment on Rivera's abilities just like the defense takeover is on Washington's.
  4. imagine being so bad at your job that your boss invents a position to hand off your responsibilities
  5. MechaZain

    Let's see what DJ Moore has been up to

    Dude seems real quiet and reserved compared to Cam so I never would have guess this
  6. Some Panthers fan you are... I like the move as long as it wasn't at a premium and I doubt it was. Reid wasn't a pro bowler but he patched a hole on defense that was killing us. One less position for us to worry about for the next few years.
  7. David Newton with the least boldest prediction in the whole article.
  8. MechaZain

    The evolution is in process

    what does this even mean lmao "Jimmy told me to stick to what I know. I lost sight of that when I did the same thing for 8 years"
  9. May prefer Ed. For all the praise the players gave Proehl we didn't see a whole lot of quality WR play during his stint.
  10. MechaZain

    Are We Trading for Marc Gasol?

    Monk isn't as good as Lamb yet yet but that fact that he's so close in his first season of real minutes says a lot about his potential. He's averaging 10 points this season and if that holds it's better than Lamb's first five years in the league.
  11. MechaZain

    Are We Trading for Marc Gasol?

    Top 5 protection at minimum and even that's a hard pill to swallow if MKG is involved, but I think I'd be ok with that. Jordan & Mitch probably want top 10.
  12. CMC's gotta get more famous than Luke before you start talking this crazy talk son
  13. MechaZain

    Are We Trading for Marc Gasol?

    I'd be cool with a protected first if it means keeping Monk, Bridges, and MKG. Unprotected absolutely not though.
  14. Steve Smith's in the celebrity game as well
  15. MechaZain

    Carolinas pulling for the Pats?

    You’re truly blessed friend I don’t think I’ve ever been in a social circle free of a Boston sports fan, either by bandwagon or transplant connection.