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  1. That’s fair but you’re making my case. If QB1 is easily replaceable why are we using a high pick on a backup instead of a starter at a needed position that would make us even more QB-proof. Unless the outlook on Cam is grim or Grier looks like an all-time prospect it doesn’t make sense.
  2. If Cam’s shoulder is really that done we won’t need to tank to get a better QB prospect than Will Grier.
  3. if we come out of this draft with a top OT and DE I will never question Hurney again
  4. I wouldn't be upset with S I'd love either. Edge rusher is more of an immediate concern but you don't get a shot at an OT like Williams very often.
  5. He's healthy he's just riding that excuse to easy money. He was on track to heal while on IR and there was never any indication that he didn't or that he was even behind schedule. It would be less embarrassing for everyone involved if he actually was just injury riddled, management would have made that public if it was the case.
  6. Don't want Bosa in the locker room. Not because he's a trump supporter but he tweets like he gets off on trolling women and minorities.
  7. Yes and frankly this would be a good deal on a full velocity Cam.
  8. Iconic Panthers: Smith, Peppers, Cam, Luke. Hometown heroes: Mills, Davis, R.Kalil, Gross, Muhammad, CMC someday? Fan favorites: Delhomme, Kasay I think the Ring of Honor should be kept to that top tier for the most part. Those are the elite players who are/were the face of the Carolina Panthers in minds of NFL fans everywhere. Mills is a fine exception for what he means to this team, and I think TD is right on the bubble and the argument can be made for him. Past that, you are getting into just "great Carolina Panthers" territory and we're gonna have a lot of people in there eventually if that's the bar. As it's been pointed out we're still a young team.
  9. Don't have to be a nuthugger to know that this would be extremely stupid regardless of the QB class
  10. Reid's first contract back was worth as much so that makes no sense.
  11. No first round QBs while there's any hope of Cam bouncing back and we have other pressing needs.
  12. Love it for the same reasons as Paradis. Hurney arming himself well for the draft.
  13. QB's have to know everyone's individual assignments and understand the offense to the point where they can adjust plays situationally, on the fly. WRs just need to learn their route. It's why guys like KB can start like two weeks after getting the playbook in Buffalo.
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