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  1. He'd be the smartest analyst on TV but I think he'd bore and go over the heads of most viewers. He's not as personable as Olsen or Romo and that's honestly more important for TV than how much you know.
  2. Kia is Real Housewives of Charlotte bad not instagram thot bad. There’s levels as Cameron has learned.
  3. I don’t judge Cam on any moral level I just think it’s kinda dumb for these guys to try and settle down so early in their careers to begin with, but I guess he really wanted kids. I have a lot of respect for John Wall dude is open about the fact that he is just out here slinging sausage and has no plans to get cuffed anytime soon.
  4. Many would apparently prefer a 2nd round pick (at best) over the chance that Cam bounces back. Mind you most of the Huddle also thinks Hurney is inept and can’t draft past the first round anyway. It’s nonsensical no matter how you try to reason.
  5. Ngl I kinda saw this coming. Kia ain’t on the level of the baddies that bro can afford and the Lebron types who ride with their sweethearts through it all are rare.
  6. So we're thinking about trading him because we aren't sure whether he can get healthy again, and we're going to trade him once he does?
  7. 100%. LB coach is the right move and an easy transition for him if he excels. I think he should take some time away as well but all I've ever heard about Luke is that football is his love. Like even the fishing I think is him trying to force himself to expand his hobbies. This was clearly a hard decision for him and I'd be shocked if he stepped away from the game completely.
  8. This also changes nothing about Cam’s situation. The OC hiring was a bigger deal in that regard. This board went from optimistic about him staying back to “he’s probably gone” gloom and doom again in 24 hours.
  9. He said Hurney should be fired a couple of threads ago guys don’t do this
  10. I’m just happy he went out on his own terms. Don’t think I could continue watching football if he fell to CTE. Thanks for making my life a bit more fun and enjoy yours, bro.
  11. lame prank considering the circumstances
  12. Are you sure you aren’t looking forward to next season?
  13. Media’s acting like Lamar’s exposed and a bad passer because his team let him down. THAT is taking the mantle from Cam.
  14. I love that Tepper picked a guy based on philosophy and not just how long he's been around. For some teams it makes sense to seek a veteran coach to right the ship but that's not where this team is right now. We need to get with the times and I think we're more likely to get innovation out of a new kid on the block than with a Rivera, McCarthy, Gruden, etc.
  15. Needs to work on hand placement. Situational awareness questionable at times. Lacks finesse.
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