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  1. Robby will be great for whoever we draft to replace Ted
  2. This team has disrespectfully sent my favorite player packing twice now lol
  3. Brady's domino effect. They stopped being coy about Cam because Bridgewater wasn't going to be available much longer.
  4. They'll blow it up for the right price. They've probably drummed up more interest in Cam now than they were getting prior to this.
  5. Smith's implying he aggravated his foot off the field before the injury
  6. Cool and exciting talent that forced a good ol boy organization to evolve.
  7. The 2015 line was an accident that fell into their lap. Oher wasn't even great, just vastly better at pass protection than Bell was and that's all it took.
  8. I don't really understand this announcement coming from the team. Why not proceed as if he's the starter and force Cam to demand the trade himself? Can we only sign Bridgewater with a cut/trade?
  9. No they cheaped out on Kemba too, maybe more so than the Panthers did Cam considering there were no health issues and he's in his prime. He even indicated he'd take a discount for Charlotte and didn't need a supermax contract. Should have at least offered the halfway between the league max and the supermax at $180m. They offered less than $160m, which is a little more than what he could have gotten from the rest of the league and insulting. Jordan could have paid the luxury tax if he really wanted to keep Kemba so the team's finances aren't even that relevant. Kemba and Cam are the biggest stars to come out of Charlotte and when they needed some reciprocation their franchises got frugal.
  10. I think we're past due to shorten the field. Our offensive line is a revolving door. All our years of chasing the deep ball got us one good season where we held our breath every time it went to the only guy capable of separation.
  11. I'mma keep it real with you guys I don't know if Charlotte as a sports town can handle losing Kemba Walker, Luke Kuechly, and Cam Newton all within the course of a year.
  12. unspoken advantage of having coaches fresh from college is the instant upgrade in scouting for the next couple years
  13. Tre over-performed here because he was so familiar with the old system and was a direct product of it. Under a new regime he loses a lot of appeal.
  14. Genuine question: Why aren't we talking more about Becton? I know Brown's more of a sure thing but Becton's measurables are insane and he's played mostly LT. Kinlaw is a tier below IMO
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