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  1. walk in the doctors office and ask em for that andrew luck lol
  2. Way more Huddlers who act like Cam is holding the team back than those who think he does no wrong.
  3. Yeah but unlike the panthers those teams could win without a great performance from their QB
  4. MechaZain

    Kelvin Benjamin released.

    separation, blocking, completion percentage
  5. MechaZain

    Kelvin Benjamin released.

    if you ever need proof of Cam's greatness he made this dude a 1,000 yard #1 WR
  6. MechaZain

    Kelvin Benjamin released.

    Naaahhhh maybe for the occasional contested ball but Funchess has surer hands and doesn't slow the offense nearly as bad. Arizona should sign him and hope Fitzgerald saves him.
  7. Lmao I forgot it was the owner's homecoming that's just icing on the cake If Ron's let go rest assured it'll be because of his performance over 8 years, not just 4 weeks.
  8. He's the best or only head coach many of them have had they literally don't know any better.
  9. the awkward realization that we have coordinators and no head coach
  10. MechaZain

    Are we using Rivera as a scapegoat?

    If the players take all the heat for execution and the coordinators for play calling and personnel decisions, what exactly is the head coach's duty? Locker Room Dad?
  11. Tepper approved Rivera's list of fall guys
  12. Yeah but he needed to go anyway so it worked out.
  13. Could potentially screw up that "defensive-minded" line he's been putting on his resume all these years.
  14. MechaZain

    Protecting Cam Newton

    Endangering Cam even when it's unnecessary has been the MO since the beginning. Finishing strong might be Rivera's only shot at staying so I definitely don't see that changing.
  15. He'd be another stubborn and outdated coach marginally better than the last guy like Rivera was.