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  1. Good for Andrew there’s way more to life than football. Too grueling of a sport to play unless you love to.
  2. Unless the WRs completely flop his YPC will have to skyrocket to beat last year
  3. They're limiting our options on offense and stunting Thomas's growth by sticking to this one blocking/one receiving TE approach. I'm convinced Manhertz doesn't block well enough to justify it.
  4. We needed a running back and wide receiver and got one hell of a talent at both in one pick. Even if Fournette had lived up to all of the hype I don't think he could have compared to what CMC does for us.
  5. The OP was two sentences and one of them was "I'm not calling them busts just yet". Shoutout to those of you who read them both. Good lord. I should have chosen better wording though. By starter I really meant that caliber of player, not necessarily their initial spot on the depth chart. CMC and Samuel weren't slotted in immediately but that was just Ron being conservative as usual with rookies. Both and perhaps Moton even were capable plug-and-play talents from day 1. Clearly it's still early but all indication so far is that Burns is the only one in this class on that level. Thought that was funny due to Hurney's reputation for nailing the first pick and the rest being crapshoots. We're a good team but not so good that we can afford for everyone short of Burns in this class to just be "depth". I don't it expect it to remain that way but if it does it was a bad draft.
  6. and got one starter out of it lol. Not calling Little and Grier busts just yet but that’s hilariously on brand there, Marty.
  7. The headline itself said "excellent play" and he's just been solid. If you think ESPN would dedicate segments to his play thus far on the field if not for his activism you're kidding yourself. Richard Sherman was controversial and his highlights still got highlighted. If he plays well it'll be talked about like anything else. He's a freaking safety, they aren't exactly the talk of the town. The idea that Eric could have a pro bowl season go ignored because of his views is completely unsubstantiated BS along the same dumb mindset that thinks that Cam's fashion and dancing has any sort of impact on football. That headline like most of D.Newton's work is just yellow journalism that holds no value or insight.
  8. I'm normally first in line to bash Rivera but preaseason isn't real playcalling fellas
  9. If Cam goes down it's Grier the rest of the season idc how bad he looks. The coaches made that commitment when they drafted a QB in the 3rd round.
  10. This should be expected. To those of watching closely the team and Cam were a shoulder injury away from success, but if you weren't it just validates the popular narrative that he isn't a good passer. He's never been given the benefit of doubt and it's certainly not going to start now after going 7-9.
  11. That's because the sort of rock you and most people are thinking of isn't relevant anymore. If you want the biggest bands in rock today enjoy more performances from Maroon 5, Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, and Imagine Dragons.
  12. Everyone says "distraction" as if Reid's giving the guys sermons in the weight room I guarantee no one on the team cares or thinks about it half as much as the fans who say this
  13. He's also extremely media savvy, enough to know that teaming up with the NFL a year after dissing them will face a lot of scrutiny if it's just about a check.
  14. Unless he knows something we don't I think he should wait for the terms of the deal before outright calling it disingenuous. Jay-Z's publicly criticized the NFL over Kaep and even turned down the SB in support. For him to do an about face suggests that something changed. He's implying that there's no way for the league to do right by the black community unless Kaep is back in the league and I disagree with that.
  15. If Tepper combined efforts with Raleigh we'd have a Carolina MLS team in no time. They're trying to build a soccer stadium for their Div II team downtown that would have the capacity. If it weren't for the Charlotte/Tepper bid looking more likely it would be a no-brainer for all parties.
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