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  1. CPcavedweller

    Friday Notes and Quotes

    The issue is most likely related to us sucking on the road.
  2. We have a good team. All of our losses are by one score and have generally come down to us scoring one more time in the Red Zone. Find a way to correct that, back in to the playoffs, and pull a New York Giants type run to the Super Bowl.
  3. If Rivera managed to turn the defense around, I have no problem with him staying. The difference last week was night and day. If we can get to 10-6 and the playoffs, keep him and Norv around.
  4. We go 8-8 at best. Panthers have never had consecutive winning seasons. Something about a black cat for a mascot seems like a bad idea.
  5. What? What? What? We all knew this was coming. The Carolina Panthers have never had consecutive winning seasons. If anything, this is the status quo, not a low. Next year we will be 15-1. I don't believe we lose to the Browns but I predict we got 2-2 the rest of the way to finish the season at .500; short of a winning season.
  6. You're right, don't burn clock, give Seattle the ball back with 2 time outs and 2:30 to go in the game after punting and them getting the ball on the 25 with the game tied. SMART IDEA!
  7. What kind of logic? You have a hypothesis but unless you want to put it all in a spreadsheet and enter all data, I'd recommend that you not make decisions based on what seems mathematically logical.
  8. Ron Rivera doesn't make offensive calls. Furthermore, not only are you playing in that position to score, but you're also playing to run clock. If the Panthers were trailing, you can go gungho in that situation and dial up the aggression, however the idea is to leave as little time as possible while also trying to score. It really is a catch-22 but if Gano makes the field goal, this thread is never created.
  9. I remember we had to beat them to win the division. We won, it was great.
  10. I disagree. The loss of Star has affected the entire front.
  11. Has anyone stopped to analyze how the loss of Star has affected the play of both Short and Luke? Everyone reacts as if Luke as lost a step or is simply not filling gaps like he used to, but since Star has moved on Luke hasn't been kept clean. Short has also been receiving double teams and Poe has generated almost no interior push. @Saca312 or someone who has time or expertise to complete the analysis quickly should go back and determine if Luke's play is the result of him playing differently, play calling, or the departure of Star. Luke definitely hasn't lost a step. Against Pittsburgh I saw an open lane from the middle to the sideline and Luke met the running back after a gain of only two. The difference in the play was that he was kept clean. I also take issue with constantly using Luke to blitz on Third Down in Pittsburgh when they continuously ate up the middle of the field on third down, which is where Luke would've been defending. I understand that Peppers had a PBU, but sending Luke and dropping Pep is just 50 different shades of incompetent. Perhaps move Pep inside with Star and add an extra pass rusher on the edge on third down rather than sending Luke everytime. Blaming Luke for his perceived drop off is a gross oversimplification. If anyone wants to disprove this hypothesis, the data is out there.
  12. The NFL is about match-ups and game planning. The Steelers obviously had a better Game Plan than the Panthers did on a short week. I wasn't as discouraged as I would've been had App State not laid the same stinker of a game on a short week. Week night games produce strange results some times and the Steelers are dynamic enough to be difficult to prepare for on a short week. The offense didn't play poorly and given more opportunities, likely could've put up the 30 points we've come to expect from them. I'm not entirely sure what happened to the defense other than continuing to blitz Kuechly despite him having a 0% success rate in the game was a bad idea. Every third down Kuechly was sent and it left a huge void that he can usually cover, as one of the best coverage linebackers in the NFL. The play calling on defense was horrible and it's obvious that the game plan was off. I would honestly compare the game to the Georgia - Auburn game last year during the regular season. Very, very poor game plan against a good team will result in a loss like this. Play this game 9 more times and this is likely the only time the score would be this lopsided and the Panthers likely win 6 of the 9 outright.
  13. CPcavedweller

    Win Tonight - Playoffs Guaranteed?

    This isn't college football. That's not how it works. The team will still have 7 games to go and the team in front of us in our division happens to be the Top team in the league right now, technically. We are only two games up on the Wild Card. Sooo... NO. This isn't a playoff game decider. We looked like poo against the Failcunts and that is liable to creep up again.
  14. CPcavedweller

    I've seen enough. Hurney, do it.

    I am a registered unaffiliated with other selected as Race. I implore you all do to the same thing. Don't be part of the cog. Without that data, the politicians will truly have to apply their policy propositions to all people rather than who they see as being registered with whatever party. As for the plight of Black Americans (I refuse to say African because no one refers to me as European American, lets stay consistent here) and the systemic oppression. Oppression is an issue of socioeconomic status and has been since this Country was founded. Part of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington's concern following the conclusion of the Revolutionary War was how societal norms would change in a system in which average citizens had a say in politics. A situation in which the poor could rise to prominence in political arenas, could change socioeconomic classes, differences between Planting class and the industrial class shrunk, and all how to keep the Country from falling apart due to these changes. People didn't have mobility because debt had become an inheritance, wealth was a genetic trait, and people in general were restricted to remaining with their caste. The fact of the matter is that the ability to rise from nothing is present in the U.S. like no where else in the world. Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg all began businesses out of nothing. They are now looked at as evil because of the amount of money they have. However, Democrats should prop them up, if their messaging is that of positivism because they are living proof of the American Dream being present in today's society. Instead, they want to re-introduce regulations, repeal tax cuts, increase taxes on those who work to pay for a program that will cost approximately $35 Trillion over 10 years. This is a situation that introduces systemic oppression by limiting opportunities for people to rise out of nothing. To gain skills and subsequent employment with increasing wages. Last point to make, there is a difference between diversity of thought and diversity of skin color. Democrats want to consolidate and remove thought diversity. Trump points out how one side CNN, PMSNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, and PBS are yet the Left portends to be for inclusive thought and diversity of opinion. Yet, on these stations, they present no diversity of opinion and use Diversity in Skin Tone to create a facad that their commentators come from different backgrounds. However, they all have the same thought process, belief system, and derangement from losing in 2016. Diversity of Thought would be far more important to actually having constructive discussions that would inform viewers and be more representative of the population at large. Side Note: I heard someone compare Rick De Santis to a Chimpanzee on CNN today. Needless to say, no one really commented and he doubled down on that comparison.
  15. CPcavedweller

    I've seen enough. Hurney, do it.

    Considering North Carolina has the most active duty military members of any state in the Union, there are many reasons he could rub people the wrong way. No one has to support him and plenty likely have good excuses. Personally, I don't know that I like him as a person after the Malcom Jenkins fiasco but he is a good player. I'm for good players on the team and despite the manner in which he tries to affect change, his play is more important to me. I would hope he spends some time in the community and learns from Cam on how to affect positive change without being as abrasive and divisive as he is. He seems more like a Black Panther Party leader than a Community Organizer type.