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  1. Need a 3tech and 0. The last time we did that it worked pretty well.
  2. We likely have 5 or 6 losses coming in the division. Of the other 10 games, you expect us to go 8-2 or 7-3 against the following: Bears - Loss Lions - Loss Broncos - Loss Raiders - Loss Cardinals - Toss up Packers - Loss Chiefs - Embarrassment Chargers - Toss up Vikings - Loss Redskins - Toss up Not going to happen friend. 4-12, perhaps. but not 8-8.
  3. Grier has more arm strength and will be a good fit for Brady's offense which is more horizontal than vertical. Turner's offense was a poor fit for him. There is a reason Walker was in the XFL and not the NFL; same reason he will be in the XFL in 2021.
  4. We traded Allen because we could get something for him and we still have Grier. Walker will be cut or on the Practice Squad.
  5. So wait, you watch one highlight tape of Walker and make the supposition that you know what throws he can and cannot make in the NFL, rather than the XFL? Walker wasn't in the NFL for a reason. He won't be in the NFL in August for a reason.
  6. We are going up against a Bruce Arians - Tom Brady combo, Drew Brees - Payton, and as little as people think of Matt Ryan and Julio, it's still formidable. I can't think of a tougher division in football. Unless we fix our offensive line play and front 7, we are toast bro.
  7. Because we signed Robby Anderson they believe DJ Moore is gone? DJ Moore is twice the complete receiver of Anderson. Anderson may be a more traditional deep threat than Samuel but I can't see any of them being gone. Honestly, what I'm visualizing right now is an attempt to look like the Chiefs and 49er's in terms of the speed on the field. Brady is going to run a mix of those two schemes to get wide open lanes. 6th Round Draft Pick: Darrynton Evans (App State)
  8. Had we stayed with the 4-3 full-time last season we would've been fine. Ron saw the writing on the wall and had to make some sort of change - a change that typically requires multiple offseasons to complete - to keep moving forward. The guys we had were quality but the transition and injury to KK really muddled things up. We lacked a true OLB/DE for a 3-4 scheme which apparently Tepper didn't see any need to fix. Had we thrown in a Clowney or something similar last season I expected things would've been a bit different.
  9. Is this sarcasm? If you thought 2001 and 2010 were bad.... This year is going to rival those...
  10. He looks more like a 3rd string NFL quarterback. Quick release without a lot of velocity on the ball, great mobility and footwork in the pocket, couldn't see what he was seeing downfield to make an assumption on his ability to read defenses. If he were a starter we would need a Baltimore Ravens offense as he doesn't look like he could run a more traditional looking NFL offense due to a lack of arm strength and relative lack of speed (in NFL terms) to extend plays. Wouldn't be surprised if he's cut down in Summer Camp.
  11. Teddy Bridgewater....because we dumped Cam Newton who finally had a year off to recover physically and mentally, while having a contract number in line with what is being paid to Teddy "Two Gloves and One Knee" Bridgewater. Would also say Rhule has a lot to prove as an Executive of a Professional Team because what many believe Ron Rivera lacked as an Executive, he remains one of the of the best X's and O's defensive minds in the game (when the personnel in in place to be successful). Perhaps this point of transition will be fine, but Cam was a transcendent player for a Franchise that needed an injection after the "it is what it is" years of John Fox. Now after 9 years of transition from the old school way the organization had been run, we dump that injection for two gloves and really have nothing to be excited for other than McCaffrey is still around. Oh, we also traded one of the best interior lineman in the game for an aging and declining Left Tackle in Okung. I've been a Panthers fan for as long as one can and this is one of the more disappointing off-seasons I've experienced.
  12. Football will be back. They will use 6 foot spacers to make sure everyone is social distanced properly; spacers will be similar to jousts which will make tackling all the more fun to watch. Want a virus from the Dark Ages? We will give Dark Age Sport!
  13. No. This is what happens when you hire Marty Hurney to help pick a GM and then Marty Hurney picks Marty Hurney; Marty Hurney then makes Marty Hurney the highest paid GM in the league because that's what Marty Hurney does.
  14. If we could not draft Love that would be great. Herbert or Tua would be fine but no Love, no Love, no Love. It's better to not have Love and lose than to have Love and still lose.
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