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  1. If he is then this is a perfect example of what happened in 2018. This team is a dumpster fire and it happened quick.
  2. Herbert reminds me of Blaine Gabbert. Would rather suck in 2020 and try to get Lawrence.
  3. Hurney looks uncomfortable any time I see him anyway. Have to wear that Hurn-Dog nickname proud and own the strip club.
  4. Knowing the Panthers under Rivera, the score will be 12-10. I'd suggest going to more 4-3 looks since we have Wes back.
  5. I'd rather not have Freddie Kitchens as a head coach. I think Baker would thrive in Norv's offense, the same as many other QB's would.
  6. We still play the Saints twice and are down two games. They still haven't played anyone. Assuming we don't have a 2018 meltdown, it's not over.
  7. Better than switching to a new outfit that seems quality, but tips down the inseam on your way to a closing meeting for a $25 mm deal.
  8. But the Bucs game has an asterisk next to it, honestly. No moral victories here but a healthy Cam or Kyle and that game turns out the way the London game went. The Panthers and Rams game was also different because Gurley was playing and the Panthers were in their first regular season game running this 3-4 multiple defensive look. The 49er's are overrated quite a bit and I expect it will show the following week. They haven't played a team with a winning record and Jimmy G appears to be susceptible to a strong pass defense, considering he has already thrown 5 interceptions. Panthers strength is in their pass rush and coverage ability. I'd expect a strength on weakness showing here where the Panthers start to get the recognition they are working towards. Once again, 2013 anyone? Panthers go into a game against the 49er's, experts still incredulous, and pull off the upset while solidifying their rebound from an 0-2 start.
  9. We dominated the entire game....if you were ever nervous, you shouldn't have been.
  10. Well that's on them. It's a puzzle and right now he fits in. We've seen what he's like when he's a puzzle piece that doesn't fit in.
  11. I don't know what the market value of a 5th year guy who had 3 down seasons and 1 decent season looks like. I'd assume we keep him around, as long as he wants to stay, for relatively cheap. Do it again, you re-sign him to a deal and let Short walk.
  12. What people here hope Cam doesn't play well? I'll wait. We want to win. Point blank. Dating back to 2018, we averaged 23 points per game with Cam and have average 31.3 with Allen in his 5 starts. Correlation isn't causation but if it isn't broke, don't fix it.
  13. We don't want him "healthy enough". We want him to be Cam again. That requires being HEALTHY. No enough, no qualifiers.
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