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  1. Hasn't Kaep turned down back-up jobs? I personally believe that he turned down jobs for back-up positions because he felt he could make more money in his collusion case. I think Carolina is the only place that makes sense for him as a back-up because the offense is already suited to a dual threat QB. Many other teams would struggle should Kaep be forced into action because then the entire offense needs rework. Us efficiency experts know that rework is bad.
  2. So what good are the timing routes if Norv's system is reliant on vertical passing to open up those lanes? If there is no threat to go deep, defenses will stack the line of scrimmage, pressure receivers, and send pressure all day. It isn't difficult to defeat. We would be better off with someone who is slightly less gifted but has the ability to get the ball down the field.
  3. What? If Cam could throw the ball 60 yards in the air we wouldve been 14-2 last season with the emergance of Samuel and Moore. Cam wouldve been in the MVP conversation as well. But that didn't happen because his shoulder is fuged, hopefully not beyond repair.
  4. We were 6-2 and then defenses figured out Cam couldn't go yard. If Cam doesn't have the ability to stretch the field even 40 yards past the LOS, he doesn't need to be playing. Sorry, but at that point he becomes a hindrance. I love Cam as much as the next person and pray that he gets healthy because he truly has elevated the franchise, but if he can't go he can't go. Gotta be able to throw that "hot, stinky, cheddar."
  5. CPcavedweller

    Let's see what DJ Moore has been up to

    Is that actually him? Doesn't look like him. Why isn't he practicing? God no wander we sux so badly nd the 2018.
  6. CPcavedweller

    7 round mock from Miller

    A solid talent evaluator can find guys worthwhile in that range. Jackson is not worth more than a 7th compensatory and it wouldn't be mine. I've watched enough real film of QB's, high school, college, and Pro, to know a fit when I see one. Jackson's actual game gf ape is far different from his highlights. He is Logan Thomas. Draft him in the 7th, have him pack on 30 lbs and move him to TE. He will run a 4.7 or so which wouldn't be bad TE speed.
  7. CPcavedweller

    7 round mock from Miller

    I watched some of his games live. He is all over the place. As a project player, I put him on the practice squad. If we go with him backing up Cam, we would be in serious trouble should Cam's shoulder not heal correctly. We will be in serious trouble regardless but starting Jackson could be seen as tanking. Nevermind the fact that there is a correlation between being over 6'5 and being unsuccessful as a QB, for whatever reason. Perhaps the talent at that size for the available sample is low, but there have been no 6'7 QB's who've panned out in the NFL .
  8. CPcavedweller

    7 round mock from Miller

    Tyree Jackson would be a terrible pick, in any round. He is a practice squad guy.
  9. CPcavedweller

    Gronkowski is a moron

    Have you thought that he may not care what people think about it? My guess is it was a baited question, as said here, and he went with it. She clearly knew what the answer would be because it's Gronk. I'd imagine they share some relationship off the field that isn't public and that's his way of joking about it. As for the effects, what effects? He made a 69 joke. fuging PG movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure has a 69 joke in it. This PC crap has gone too far. Words DONT fuging HURT PEOPLE.
  10. CPcavedweller

    Gronkowski is a moron

    If she baited the question knowing the joke, it was a voluntary crude response. Thus, she likely was fine with him making the joke back to her. As such, I see nothing even close to harassment in this scenario. Is it amateur? Sure. But Gronk isn't married, doesn't have kids, is rich, young, and nearing retirement while being set for life. Hes going to do and say what he wants.
  11. CPcavedweller

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    To all of you saying the Patriots are cheating, or have cheated, it is a convenient excuse for being unable to beat a team. The only guarantee to stop the Patriots is for us to make the Super Bowl next season because Cam/Rivera/Luke have yet to lose to Brady.
  12. CPcavedweller

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    What? That wasn't cheating at the time and the Patriots weren't the only team doing it. The Deflategate crap is an attempt to scapegoat someone for the torch passing to Golden Boy Andrew Luck. And even if it did happen, the Oanthers and Vikings both cheated by heating balls in 2017. How did the Patriots make it to the Super Bown this time after going 11-5? What kind of cheating? There is no cheating that guarantees wins in this league and most everyone knows it. You have the Rams who were granted a Super Bowl appearance by the NFL to get Los Angeles fan base and population (4,000,000 people) involved. They need a new cash cow and they see it in the Rams
  13. CPcavedweller

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    Really? You still believe this? Every team walks the line. Lest you forget the Panthers were caught cheating, per the definition, in Minnesota in 2017 (or 16). Nothing the Patriots had done before was cheating including "spygate" because there weren't rules against it, and they were the only team to get caught. Regardless, what you witnessed tonight was greatness with grade B athletes versus Grade A athletes. The Patriots do more with less than any team has done in the history of the league.
  14. CPcavedweller

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    Well they had a chance to win the game? Win the game in regular time or don't complain. Ford shouldve been on the line rather than over it and the Chiefs win. Overtime isn't there to give favors, it is there to decide a winner because regular time couldn't do it. If you want to win, stop the other team, point blank. College Football overtime is something I can't stand because it favors offense over defense.
  15. CPcavedweller

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    Tom Brady is clearly the GOAT, in the context that football is a team sport. Mahomes might be one of the most talented guys at the position in league history, but until he has the hardware, there is no comparison for them. Patriots get a lot of hate but it's not fair to hate them because they win. Any franchises fans would love for that to be them and I for one enjoy witnessing the consistency that is the New England Patriots.