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  1. We dominated the entire game....if you were ever nervous, you shouldn't have been.
  2. Well that's on them. It's a puzzle and right now he fits in. We've seen what he's like when he's a puzzle piece that doesn't fit in.
  3. I don't know what the market value of a 5th year guy who had 3 down seasons and 1 decent season looks like. I'd assume we keep him around, as long as he wants to stay, for relatively cheap. Do it again, you re-sign him to a deal and let Short walk.
  4. What people here hope Cam doesn't play well? I'll wait. We want to win. Point blank. Dating back to 2018, we averaged 23 points per game with Cam and have average 31.3 with Allen in his 5 starts. Correlation isn't causation but if it isn't broke, don't fix it.
  5. We don't want him "healthy enough". We want him to be Cam again. That requires being HEALTHY. No enough, no qualifiers.
  6. He's in "one year, bet you can't do it again" contract mode now.
  7. He was hurt...again...after having a productive offseason. What did you expect? Sunshine and dandelions?
  8. Well, we could've drafted Von, still sucked in 2011, and drafted Luck in 2012? Butterfly Effect though.
  9. I'm not saying that Kyle throws more deep balls. I'm saying that he isn't checking down to McCaffrey on every other pass play. These are facts as I have them written down at home. Not at home to retrieve my notes at the moment. Find the Air Travel per m/s of Time to Release and you should find that Allen has a higher metric than Cam.
  10. Now change it to something more useful like Air Yards per Millisecond (TT).
  11. CMC also isn't being targetted 12 times a game with Allen like he was with Cam. Cam simply made his first read and then looked to McCaffrey. Allen scans almost the entirety of the field and escapes the pocket while still scanning for receivers before dumping to McCaffrey. Therefor, I believe an adjustment to that time is needed. Perhaps make a metric of air yards per millisecond to truly get a grasp on where passes are going. This stat, in a vacuum, is useless. CMC had 107 receptions in 2018 because Cam dumped the ball off 55% of the time. Allen does not. Start Allen. 5-0. Lets get Allen to 6-0 and be 1 game out of the 1st seed going into Week 9.
  12. I think this would be a good dose of humility for him. Not that he seems to have been worried about his job, but he is extremely prideful and it became a detriment to the team in the form of lying about the severity of his injury and pain. If Cam can take this moment for what it is, it can be of personal and professional benefit to him. If he wants to get upset and become the center of attention (which I don't think he will publicly or in the building), it will not be a benefit to anyone. Why did the Patriots keep Tom Brady on the field when Bledsoe came back? Because Brady was winning and could manage the game well. That's what we have now. Note: Tom Brady didn't become Tom Brady for a few more seasons. The Brady comparison at the comparitive stages of Allens and Brady's careers makes this a completely relevant comparison.
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