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  1. I watched his game against LSU, Boise State, Wake Forest, and quite a few games in 2018. Dude is a career back-up. Draft him in 3rd or 4th round, perhaps, but he's Ryan Finley, Jake Fromm, or whomever else.
  2. Hurney signed KK to what his market value based on his production to that point in time was. It's purely coincedental that following that deal KK fell off of a cliff. There is no way to predict that. I dislike Hurney as much as the next fan but this is on KK, biology, nature, or whatever else; but it's not on Hurney. If KK played how he did before the deal was inked, it would've been a bargain deal three years on.
  3. You don't like the planet? Vegan diets will be the way of the future. Get on board or get sent to the Gulags for re-education.
  4. Was still one of the best corners in that one season that i've seen in a Panthers uniform. I'd like to see what could've been had he stayed in Carolina instead of chasing money; not that I fault him for that. He's likely around $35 million richer (taxes, fees, etc.) and even without winning, that can buy you a lot of opportunity to continue winning off the field.
  5. He has a net worth of over $1,000,000,000...he will be fine eating a small town restaurants. I'm more interested in how he can make the Panthers successful. Operations manager/owner does not a hedgefund manager make.
  6. Tepper is buying the Hurricanes and Hornets, merging the two while designing a new sport in the mold of Baseketball? Because why not? He's a billionaire... Seems like the logic everyone uses here to justify his actions; "He's a billionaire, he ain't no dumb dumb"...dude has straight up trashed the place since he bought the team yet blamed it on everyone but himself. Perhaps he's selling the team to someone who knows football so he can focus on "managing" Hedge Funds aka hiring and delegating people to manage other peoples money yet only one person gets rich.
  7. It's pretty much a nightmare scenario. Why on Earth would you draft Brian Burns only to move back to the 4-3. You don't draft cornerstone pass rushing talent for one defensive alignment and make the switch after one season because it didn't go well. Most people know that the switch to a 3-4 from a 4-3 is a two year project, at least, especially because the Panthers have run a 4-3 base for at least 8 seasons prior. Tepper may not be stupid but he sure as poo is a moron if he was the person who sanctioned the change.
  8. He's not 250. That may be his listed weight but he's probably playing closer to 235, if you look at his frame.
  9. He doesn't play at 250, come on now. He would be max playing weight of 230 to 240 if you look at him.
  10. Yeah...you don't draft a guy in the first round to be a situational pass rusher. Perhaps he could be Aldon Smith minus the issues? Perhaps he flames out. Either way, if we change back to the 4-3 it's a wasted pick and sets us back.
  11. Perhaps we weren't as bad in 2019, as a roster, as most fans think. Olsen believes that with Cam back and a transition back to the 4-3 (if that's what's happening) we will make a quick turnaround? P.S. if we switch to a 4-3 where does that leave Burns? Unless he puts on 50 lbs he may be close to useless as a 3 down end.
  12. Is ESPN bleeding money so badly that they can't hire semi-decent talent for their broadcast? Put Randy, Steve, or whomever else in the booth instead of Booger and Tessitore. It can't get any more mundane and boring than it currently is. 2019 was the first season that I've watched the NFL that I simply could not stomach Monday Night Football because the broadcast was so bad.
  13. Because that's all he did. Watch football tape, work out, or fish. Anyone with a significant other knows that kind of life is the dream and even as an NFL player is still unacceptable.
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