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  1. I had a qualifier in there. We changed defenses, thus I can qualify with an "if". Going to need good rotational guys on the line in this line up.
  2. Bad draft pick doesn't equal bad player. If he turns out to be a quality rotational guy, re-sign him for as much, but not more.
  3. "It’s a schematic approach worth considering when facing this offense. Not that Samuel and Moore are incapable of making big plays–quite the contrary. But McCaffrey and Olsen are the matchup cogs that make the passing game go. If you can take those two guys away and put them out of their comfort zone, you’ve got a fair chance on defense to win." Conceivably, the Panthers could move McCaffrey to the slot and bring in CAP, Scarlett, or whomever they decide to keep? If they want the best route runner on the team getting the ball, while maintaining their ability to deliver the ball to the safety valve, it would seem ideal to have some situational packages devised where CMC isn't the only RB on the field. Perhaps this is where Armah's role as H-Back, Halfback, TE, comes in? They mentioned numerous times last broadcast how the coaching staff wanted to see what Armah could do when lined up as a running back. My assumption of this is that the Panthers want to keep him on the field as a blocker, H-back, and TE option if they need to go hurry up. This would allow movement of Christian to the slot or outside while moving DJ, Samuel, or Olsen to the slot while maintaining defensive integrity in respect to the run. CMC can also block DB's should the Panthers decide to run? Maybe I play too much Madden? (or did in a past life?) Maybe I should send this idea in to the coaching staff?
  4. As a back-up? Would you want that noise on the Panthers? He turned down more money from the Seahawks to be a back-up than he got out of his settlement. You have to tailor fit an offense for him and you want a cerebral guy, usually, holding the clipboard. Not sure of Kaep's knowledge of the game (sure it far exceeds my own), but no team other than the Ravens have an offense where Kaep could be plug and play.
  5. He may hold up against the run. 3-4 gives you different leverage than a 4-3 as DE/OLB. App was playing guys who were 200 lbs at OLB against Georgia in the year of UGA's National Title run and held their running game to the lowest total rushing yards that season. It's about scheme. With Rivera as play caller on defense, I wouldn't expect him to pull Haynes purely based on if it's 3rd and 11 or 2nd and 20.
  6. Lets see, Sapp played on a Roster with 5 Hall of Fame guys, McCoy played on a roster with zero? Who has the better point? The article also says that "McCoy LED the Bucs to a ...... record". Would we be suggesting a defensive tackle is the most responsible player for wins and losses on the field? Two players I can think of McCoy might have played with who are good: Levonte David and Aqib Talib. That's it.
  7. I'd expect DJ Moore to show out when the season starts. When the intensity ratchets up and the windows get smaller, Moore is going to be on Top 10 plays all season long. Samuel provides that Ginn factor we've been missing since, well, Ginn. The Panthers with Ginn had been significantly better than without him and that's a good sign. It opens up the entire field.
  8. Pretty sure you are me. Two days in a row we have said the same exact thing, almost word for word.
  9. If he was trying to go today he doesn't have a high ankle sprain. He would've been in a boot.
  10. He also covers soccer apparently. Sent him a tweet demanding a supervisor.
  11. Let him practice and sit him in the game. He doesn't need to play. He will get more valuable reps against the first team of the Bills than playing in the game against the Bills second team.
  12. It actually happened around 8-months after the Tax Act. Tuition reimbursement became a thing, increased benefits, many people got raises and bonus's, and much of the money that was sitting in our foreign holdings was onshored and reinvested in the business (to the tune of $8 billion). That wasn't done because of anything Obama did. I studied economics. I study public policy and international relations on the side. Trump isn't a superhero by any means, and I'd prefer we have another President with more Libertarian policy positions, but Obama's robust regulatory apparatus was stifling the US economy while allowing China to fill gaps US company's couldn't fill. It also forced US companies to offshore some operations (manufacturing specifically) where environmental regulations are largely ignored to keep costs low. We would be better off creating a North-South America Trade Pact and involve some of the South Pacific nations than exclusively have TPP, which is what Obama was pushing. We are connected via land to South America and anything we could do to help modernize those economies would benefit us far more than anything we would do in Asia.
  13. China tariffs won't wreck much. Their economy is far more dependent upon our imports of their product. It takes time to adjust but with outsourcing being the norm since the 90's (NAFTA), businesses are as agile and responsive to change as ever, especially in the consumer product industry. Mexico is a very important point of manufacture for US trade and we should be working to reduce trade barriers, transportation barriers, and exchange rate fluctuations. We could solve both our immigration issues, Mexico's organized crime issues, and insulate North America from worldwide trade fluctuations that occur when you have an economy like China being built on a deck of cards. The fact that China subsidizes nearly all industry with government monies will cause a collapse at some point, no matter what any one does. They artificially reduce the price of their goods, keep the value of their currency low, and ultimately decrease international competition through these manipulations. Eventually, a market correction (conflation) will occur. A perfect example of this is that China can replicate a Boeing 737 for half the cost. The reason being that the government heavily subsidizes the manufacturer resulting in the ability to sell the product at less than cost. All the while the employees for this company go home to their shanties with 10 of their family members living in 2 rooms, circa the US in 1900. Another option would be for China to liberalize trade, remove subsidies for all industries, and open up to actual competition with developed economies like the EU and US. A second option would be to abide by international trade norms among developed countries and honor Intellectual Property Rights. A third option would be to cease their intelligence operations by sending students as spies here, landing them in tech jobs, and then bringing them home once they have stolen the information needed. The third option sounds like a conspiracy theory but having known people who attended university in China, this is a well known tactic used by the Chinese, in China. One positive of China's stealing US technology is that you can always tell. If there is a typo in the instructions, they will copy it. If there is a design flaw, they will copy it. If there is any problem whatsoever, they often lack the ingenuity to fix it before releasing it to the public.
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