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  1. I say bring him back on a one year contract. CMC isn't a battering ram of a player. Not sure that Stew wouldn't be good in Norv's offense.
  2. It may not be here. His injury really hurts more because he hasn't had it fixed and it's given him fits for two seasons now. He isn't a Payton Manning who is as cerebral as any player in league history and already had a favorable release and trajectory for a weaker arm. Cam throws bullets that are flat because of his arm angle and throwing motion. Weakness in the shoulder, his primary torque converter for lower to hand to ball, has failed. Unless he reinvents himself, what we saw down the stretch last season could become the new norm, and thus, the end of Cam Newton in the NFL. I'd love to be wrong but Andrew Luck had the injury, swallowed his pride, got it fixed, worked on it for an entire season before returning. Cam just keeps playing, running, hitting. You don't keep driving a misfiring vehicle and expect it to get better, or not cause other issues. You change the damn spark plugs, COP's, fuel injectors, CAT, or whatever the issue is, if you have the money. Cam has a huge guarantee and could've taken time to get his shoulder repaired but instead, what was a spark plug misfire became a clogged cat. Clogged CAT damaged the downpipe causing it to crack. Loss of compression caused oil to beginning burning, it ran low, and now the lifters are broken. That is a $3,000 fix, depending on the vehicle.
  3. On a 53 man roster, yes you can. You can have too many QB's as well. Too many RB's. Too many receivers. Too many DT's. Look at Louisville's roster breakdown of class and position. They had so many more receivers than they needed and it wasn't even close. Same thing can happen on a smaller scale in the NFL.
  4. It's called Corporate Sponsors. Bernie...is gonna make sure....we can...ALL AFFORD...PANTHER PSL'S! Make the Pantha's...work...for YOU! Not themselves! Bunnie bunnie bunnie
  5. He looked good after OU took the initial punch. Made some good reads, got the ball over the defense, showed his ability to run, etc. Couldn't read defenses but Jared Goff and Sean have shown that so long as the coach can be in the QB's ear, the QB doesn't have to read a defense.
  6. He's won Super Bowls. He has been where we want to be while playing with one of the greatest offensive players in league history. Hopefully he can have some influence and guys can keep an open mind.
  7. Charleston is more than bars and restaurants. I wouldn't mind raising a family on the other side of the airport in the West Ashley part of town. Downtown would be nice to visit from time to time. Beaches are relatively close, Florida and North Carolina are both a reasonable drive. One place I wouldn't live is in Winston. I live in Greensboro now and Winston is just a bit too much like Bergentown from Trolls to me.
  8. I know. I just like to say the Panthers' should move to wherever i'm living any time something about location is brought up.
  9. No @Lilsmitty09 get us some juicy insight into the team. Don't waste your gift. To those whom much is given, thine must giveth back to thy Huddle.
  10. It does work at the college level. App, from what I can tell (and I watch a lot of G5 and P5 football), has been the primary school utilizing speed over size in the first two levels of the defense. That is done mostly out of necessity but it has worked since they moved from FCS to FBS. However, now that the staff and that defense is going to Louisville, you are going to see the true ratio of defensive weight to offensive weight in the trenches grow closer while outside linebackers likely still remain small-ish to allow for coverage ability. If it works as well at Louisville within 3 years (transition periods tend to take time, particularly with how poor Petrino was with roster building) as it did at App, I'd expect popularity to increase. Because of where it's coming from I expect you may see it within 6 to 8 seasons, if at all. It worked at App against Georgia and Tennessee. This season they will be running the same defensive style with new coaching and have opportunities against UNC and USC so we will see how that goes. Georgia Southern and Georgia State run the same defense now with the same style of player so we will see how the Nate Woody Tree ( one season at Georgia Tech because Paul Johnson retired, the defense takes at least two seasons to develop when changing from 4-3 to 3-4) develops.
  11. Wes Horton? Bargain? I believe he is valued correctly and paid according to the value he adds to the team. Is he great? Not even close. But he's serviceable and he's paid as such.
  12. Little guy is relative. I'm not talking about a 290 NT at the NFL Level. In College football you can get away with a 260 lb DE and 920 lb NT in a 3-4 defense. What i'm saying is that comparatively smaller but just as strong. Being an immovable object at 300 lbs and 340 lbs isn't all that different if the 300 lb guy is stronger and faster than the 340 lbs guy. Von Miller is 250 lbs which is around what App State's DE's are in their 3-4. Obviously when you create a ratio of size to opposition size, that weight would need to be higher at the NFL. But you can also go up in size without sacrificing athleticism at the NFL level. If you maintain the ratio of the size of the D-Line to the Offensive Line from the NCAA to the NFL, the results should remain the same. In a league predicated on passing the ball, having speed at the first level with more coverage ability in the second level, which a 3-4 provides, is very important. But again, this is just a theory based on analytics that I have no way of evaluating in reality because NFL is slow to adapt to changes that occur at the college level despite offenses slowly evolving into the Air Raid concepts. I'd like to see my plan put to the test at the NFL level because it would allow for more speed off the edge and equal blend of speed/strength in the middle of the defense. Discounting someone because of their weight, despite other measurables, doesn't make since because what is holding a guy in place at the point of attack is the friction of the turf and cleats and the ability of someone to leverage their body position.
  13. The idea was prefaced with the notion that it was a theory (or hypothesis). You would think that size would constantly dominate smaller players but smaller doesn't mean weaker. There is likely a bell curve shape rather than direct linear regression in the relationship between weight and strength. Smaller guys who are faster and comparatively stronger for their size could fare decently in a straight up wrestling match that is trench play in a 3-4 defense.
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