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  1. redbuddha

    Have you voted yet ?

    Turned in absentee ballot Friday with Father. May be last time we vote together, mom couldn’t vote this year, she may pass within the next 6 mos.
  2. Is she married, sign me up for session 1
  3. WE sign Stewart to a 1day contract and run him up the middle for a 2 yard loss. Oh wait old regime. Play action pass with Macaffery running off tackle, but actual pass to Armah alone on opposite side of the field. TD!
  4. redbuddha

    Midfield Logo promo video

    Thought it would be bigger after making us wait so long
  5. redbuddha

    Should I swerve and hit him?

    Tell that mutha to put on a helmet
  6. redbuddha


    As a minority I wonder why this is such a big issue with white football fans. I could see if they were complaining about their non guaranteed contracts, or even the concussion issue. Something actually football related!. They could sit in a sauna pregame as long as they come to play.
  7. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/24342005/maryland-terrapins-football-culture-toxic-coach-dj-durkind Several current University of Maryland football players and people close to the Terrapins program describe a toxic coaching culture under head coach D.J. Durkin before offensive lineman Jordan McNair's death in June after a football workout.
  8. C’MON man even Queen Latifah doesn’t weigh that much!
  9. Maybe his offensive coordinator could have called plays to stop his offensive lineman from getting beat like a drum. Maybe he was depressed because he was getting hit so much he knew one more hit might put him in concussion protocol.
  10. redbuddha

    Cam presser

    Where does one buy the keep pounding cowboy hat?
  11. Josh was right, this matchup is delicious!
  12. Looks like Bad Ass Santa!
  13. This game is just what I needed to see decreased ticket prices in Atlanta, they have no hope sell low!