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  1. Agree with almost everything OP mentions. Jackson remains a liability. His positional awareness needs to improve. At times he is more interested in figuring out whether there is a possibility for an interception rather than making sure that "his man" is properly covered. The officiating was bad. We all agree. It went both ways and it was not the deciding factor in the game. The turnovers where painful (certainly the endzone interception) but were also not the reason we lost. Our run defense and the chunk plays allowed did us in. I am very impressed by KA. He is a slippery SOB !! He kept several plays alive with guys thinking they were about to sack him. JJW still has nightmares I have been told.
  2. As the famous Forrest Gump would say: "stupid is as stupid does"
  3. ... at one point we had not one, but two "franchise faces", I'll never forget the Smitty era ....."ice up, son, ice up"
  4. True.... but there are many other professions like that.
  5. wish I could have seen all of it (having a beer on a roof top in Malaga was also fun)..... 4-2 ain't bad !!!
  6. Truly sorry to hear that. Next to losing a child (witnessed first hand that situation when my dad passed away and his mother, my grandma, had to say her last goodbye), losing a parent may be the hardest thing to go through. Cherish all the good memories, share when and where needed, and pay the love forward. Keep pounding and stay strong.
  7. ... thanks.... I couldn't find the right word to express my feelings....
  8. blasphemy... there is "consensus" on this forum that Rivera should never, ever, get credit for anything !!!!
  9. Remember when we COULDNT score from the 3 yard line..... Just need to stop the Texans now. Score first, let your D do the rest!!
  10. never said that.... I am still a fan of Cam, but I am glad that, as it appears for now at least, that we have a good backup which is extremely important given the fact that Cam is becoming injury prone. As for the video, I will watch it again from beginning to end, just did not have the time last night.
  11. more than anything..... I believe that this all shows how little faith Cam and the Panthers staff had in the QB backups. Clearly, Cam and the folks around him believed that a <80% Cam would perform better than either of the backups. That is sad, but not surprising given what we saw in the preseason. Kyle's performance in the game against the Saints at the end of last season is often mentioned but we did not see the same Kyle in the preseason and that must have played an important role in the (poor) decision making at the end of this regular season. As far as the Youtube video, I am not sure that the timing was that great. Cam obviously wants to spot light to be focused back on him rather than on Kyle. I must admit that I fast-forwarded parts of it, but did he mention Kyle, and his performance, at all? It is another distraction which we really do not need.... ok just my $0.02 (and I know y'all don't care)
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