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  1. ... says the guy with 24 posts ........
  2. yes.... let's not play him.... at all..... ever...... don't want him to get hurt ........
  3. Never claimed that it was written by me. I did not trash Rivera (I actually like him a lot) nor did I say he was the best thing since sliced bread. Just thought it was worth posting as it showed up on one of my feeds. No need to get so upset. More than anything, I hope that he will be successful this year and that, with this very promising roster, he will take "us" into the post-season (and beyond).
  4. • Ron Rivera could again be named Coach of the Year. He has already won it twice and has a talented team in Carolina. Still, when I asked three head coaches who the most underrated coach in football was, Rivera was among the top three names each gave. They think he's one of the best in the game at managing a locker room, and with the talent the Panthers have this year, the team could make a deep run in January. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2847849-mike-freemans-10-point-stance-what-storylines-will-shape-nfl-season-to-come?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_medium=referral
  5. ....... I dont "like" Rapinoe....... because I am Dutch and she (and her teammates) ended the Dutch Cinderella Story by defeating the Dutch women in the final of the Worldcup (well deserved if I may say so)...... Seriously, she is a superstar and she has every right to express her opinion about #45.
  6. Heck yeah.... my son and I are huge Panther fans. Shem creek is a great spot. I personally like Saltwater Cowboys a lot (even though I might be a few years older than the average individual). Reds is cool too. Shem creek is of course "east of the cooper" and if you live downtown or "west of the ashley" (or John's Island, James Island etc) a little bit of a drive. Folly Beach is cool too and you can get great food almost anywhere you go. Lots of upscale dining options downtown, also great BBQ (Rodney's BBQ, and Lewis BBQ are pretty famous). And, if fishing is your thing....... Charleston is the place to be.... PS I prefer to watch games at home... no distractions, nobody to get annoyed with.... it's what it is....
  7. Good to see all in great spirits..... let the games begin!
  8. Yes, things happen fast.... YET, some make the right and some make the wrong decisions !! Burfict is a POS, period...
  9. 10 -12- 14... oh what am I saying, I love them all !!!!
  10. ffing YES.... what a game !!! I dont ffing care whether the media focus on the Seawhos implosion.... we WON and I feel good !!!!
  11. Nice pictures....... I particularly like #3 with Cam "praying" even though I am not religious myself. While the others are nice "actionshots", this one has more "depth". To me, this one is on par with the rain picture of Luke.
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