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  1. grown man here.... cried twice over the last two weeks.... first when Luke announced retirement and today after hearing the news about Kobe..... second time puts the first into perspective... hug your loved ones !!
  2. No.... I don't..... I watched him and immediately knew..... I am pretty good in judging folks
  3. Burrow is an A-hole and an arrogant prick. He will be toxic in the locker room and become one of the most unpopular players ever signed by the Panthers..... I don't think it (i.e. us going all-in to get him in the draft) will happen, but if it does I do not think I will enjoy watching Panthers games anymore. With 89,TD, Luke, Greg, Cam etc we had a team with a lot of good/interesting personality.....
  4. I truly believe that Burrow is toxic...personality-wise the polar opposite of Luke, TD, RR etc. He might be an amazing QB, but I would hate to see this A-hole running the show in Charlotte.
  5. hmmmm..... the WORLD? The world will remember Mohammed Ali, Messi, Pele. Luuuuuke will be remembered in the USA as one of the best (that is coming from a fan who was more emotional yesterday than after losing the SB).
  6. What a f'ing ridiculous statement.... We went 15-1... couldn't stop Von Miller... our QB did not fight for the ball after fumble... and we were denied by the umps. The fact that we did not win had NOTHING to do with RR.
  7. .... you know what is "a lot of money"......the $426 million contract that Mike Trout signed last year.....
  8. This behavior is par for the course on this forum...... been a forum member for quite a few years (sometimes ask myself why) but if you want rational and logical thinking, there are other options.....
  9. The only thing that is holding MLS (and soccer in general) back is the fact that the quality of play on the worldstage is still mediocre at best. A country like the USA with all the investments in youth soccer (and the decline in popularity of some other sports) should be able to generate better players. As a Dutch soccer fan (my blood is orange) from Amsterdam (now for 25 years already living in the US) as well as a huge Panthers fan, I would love to see the new team in Charlotte becoming the US counterpart of AJAX Amsterdam (would be great if they could partner with them).
  10. ... and I hope, we will !! Not watching on Sunday to see MY team lose a game!! Never will!!
  11. Wrong forum to post this, buddy.... this is a forum for Panthers fans !!
  12. That's fine.... just don't call yourself a Panthers fan, just say'in.....
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