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  1. That's an int, stop being homers you lunatics, the world isn't out to get us. That's the sort of thing you wouldn't see if we had better receivers.
  2. They are adults, not kids. And these are billion dollar organizations investing millions into these individuals. It would be crazy for them not to do things like this.
  3. Mad? No Nervous? Definitely I'm never mad if we get good players who are healthy enough to get on the field and contribute, even if it's not the most immediately pressing position. We'll all be happy if he stays healthy and is as good as he is supposed to be.
  4. They should have brought back Incognito too. Those would have been some fun practices.
  5. I don't get why everything has to be so polarizing with you lunatics. He's a talented but flawed player. He's not a bust, he's not a steal. It was a solid pick and I'm happy he's a Panther. Deep breaths everyone.
  6. I root for these guys as football players, not as humans. I really don't care one way or the other about his interview.
  7. Good shape for what? A 1st round sweep? We're a bad team, like always. Being a Horncats fan makes me want to kill myself sometimes.
  8. Because that money will be tied up in positions that matter, and not in multiple running backs.
  9. Stop being over dramatic. She's not popping the thing out in some back alley like a stray cat.
  10. It's a lot easier to have more kids than to make another super bowl. She should be thankful enough she got knocked up and has her golden ticket for life and tell him to play no matter what.
  11. Couldn't happen to a more deserving university. I don't think they are actually any dirtier than any other similar school, but it's nice to see their holier-than-thou shtick come crashing down.
  12. This isn't all on Shula and Rivera. We all knew they were incompetent going into this. You've gotta look at the people making these hiring decisions. We are just not a professionally ran organization, starting from the very top, and it shows up on the field.
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