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  1. Would rather have any of the big three coming off of Clemson's DLine this draft. potential we could double up with them this year if one of them falls to the early second and I would be so on board with that.
  2. Gamecockfan40

    Our window has closed

    Careful, people will lynch you for this comment. You're not wrong though. If we truly are in a rebuilding phase why not at least shop him. Guaranteed just on name alone we could catch someone way overreaching and benefit from additional cap/draft picks for the next few years. I will say if we ride it out with him, would love to see us look at someone from the Tua/ Trevor Lawrence draft class.
  3. Gamecockfan40

    Cam is Quietly Having a Career Year

    Those stats aren't current. He currently has more than 401 yards. Hell he had at least 4 drops in the Detroit game. I'd easily say those aren't looking at the last 4-5 weeks. Dude is straight terrible and has definitely contributed to significantly lowering Cam's completion rating.
  4. Sad to think we won't keep both of them past their rookie contract and we don't have a coach that can utilize their talents.
  5. Gamecockfan40

    The little town of Almost Heights

    Consistent mediocrity isn't the answer. The goal should always be the Lombardi. Shooting for the playoffs with an early or second round exit doesn't mean poo. Everyone seems to think Tepper is a gunslinger who will radically change our teams historical outlook on performance. I sincerely hope they are right for the sake of my sanity. The fact that we still have a coach who prides himself on the idea that his team plays smashmouth football in a clearly offensive minded league is laughable.
  6. Gamecockfan40


    This times a million. How we don't move him into space with some sort of RPO is unbelievable.
  7. As a Gamecock and Panthers fan, I have just accepted that I pull for losers.