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  1. I have a close friend who knows someone who works for the team (not front office) but is at every practice and on the sidelines of every game. He says the injury is pretty bad and a lot like Olsen’s foot injury. Says team is being hush about it right now since you don’t have to reveal anything in pre season. Not saying Cam’s gonna be out the whole season but take what im saying for what its worth to you.
  2. If he’s not the backup, then who? We need a backup.
  3. Yeah it came off to me as if Bush and Cam have some sort of beef... thats the type of shots Reggie was taking.
  4. And this is why I wanted to punch my TV screen earlier today when Reggie Bush and Cowherd were bashing Cam for not being “focused”, and claiming that he doesnt wake up early in the morning to workout like Russell Wilson and Brees do. How tf do y’all know that? This video was posted at 5 am btw.
  5. Cam is gonna be amazing, so is CMC. Can’t convince me otherwise.
  6. Isn’t the number 2 spot almost guaranteed to him unless we go into the season with 3 qbs?
  7. Thought the same thing going into last season, we saw what happened. Honestly I’ve learned that in life its generally best to have no to low expectations.
  8. This is great. I love how he can play on the exterior line too. Mario, KK, and Gerald on the d line could be a problem.
  9. Y’all are ridiculous. I trust the GM, scouts, and coaches who are paid to study these guys full time to know more about them than we do. Maybe Greg Little’s gonna be a beast, our staff sure does think so. That being said, glad we were able to get him in the second over the first round. You guys just don’t like the Little pick because of some unfavorable words Kiper, Reddick, etc. said after we drafted him. Crazy how a couple sentences effect people’s perceptions like that.
  10. Agree with most of this but I think Boykin will make the team, over Todman. Maybe Mayo instead of Klein?
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