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  1. Isn’t the number 2 spot almost guaranteed to him unless we go into the season with 3 qbs?
  2. Thought the same thing going into last season, we saw what happened. Honestly I’ve learned that in life its generally best to have no to low expectations.
  3. This is great. I love how he can play on the exterior line too. Mario, KK, and Gerald on the d line could be a problem.
  4. Y’all are ridiculous. I trust the GM, scouts, and coaches who are paid to study these guys full time to know more about them than we do. Maybe Greg Little’s gonna be a beast, our staff sure does think so. That being said, glad we were able to get him in the second over the first round. You guys just don’t like the Little pick because of some unfavorable words Kiper, Reddick, etc. said after we drafted him. Crazy how a couple sentences effect people’s perceptions like that.
  5. This is how I look at it: Football starts in the trenches, and our pass rush was absolutely atrocious last season. We addressed that in the draft. A strong d line can make safety’s look a lot better. Additionally, we desperately needed a backup qb. The backup qb is a vital position in football. If Cam goes down, we don’t have to throw dudes like Heinecke or Kyle Allen out there. To those complaining that we didn’t get a safety in rounds 4-7, what are the chances we find our answer there? I trust the staff to bring in a solid vet FA safety. Overall, I liked this draft.
  6. I actually really liked this draft. Yes, we needed safety help but football starts in the trenches and our pass rush last year was absolutely atrocious. We addressed that this draft. If you can consistently get pressure, your safety’s will look better. For those complaining about us not picking one in rounds 4-7, what are the chances you find your answer at safety in one of those rounds? We also desperately needed a backup qb, that poo is very important. If Cam goes down now, we won’t be trotting dudes like Heinecken out there anymore. I trust the team to bring in a solid veteran safety FA to address that position now.
  7. Agree with most of this but I think Boykin will make the team, over Todman. Maybe Mayo instead of Klein?
  8. You're trying to compare running backs who have never played a single regular season game in the NFL with 2 established players. You can't just dismiss the work Stewart put in the last half of last season. I believe CAP will be a stud one day but right now those 3 are no where near J stew.
  9. Would you say Brown is basically a lock to make the roster at this point? Its been sounding that way based on your reports.
  10. If anyone actually believes that Tolbert should be cut for this unproven undrafted guy... then you probably believed McNutt could be a #1.
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