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  1. Going to the Superbowl is starting to sink in. Holy crap i am shocked, but super excited.
  2. Okay, who is playing the sick joke on me? This Sh!t can't be real.
  3. The fact that you are getting so worked up over this is sad. You won, big deal. You are craving for attention. You must have not got much attention or respect as a child, and still seems to be the same as an adult.
  4. Funchess baby, gettin it done. Oh, and fug that ref!
  5. Fug that ref.. Fuggin douchebag.
  6. Fantastic photos as usual. Thank you.
  7. Krucid

    What Packers Fans Are Saying

    Just change the name from coltsfan to packersfan and it will be the same bullsht as every week. Every week we hear how we haven't beaten anyone. How weak our schedule is and if we win we will hear the same poo. Only difference will be is that Green Bay isn't playing the same as they was. They are not as good as they was earlier in the season. Same bullsht different fanbase.
  8. Then next time use the word excited and not the word bigger.
  9. So your fandom goes up and down depending on who plays for the Panthers? Gtfo with that poo. Steve Smith is one of the greatest to ever suit up for the Panthers, but that ship has sailed. Get over it already.
  10. Motherfuggin finally!!! *** Seattle!!
  11. Damn i hope Shaq is okay, that didn't look good.
  12. Fuggin heart is in my throat.
  13. Krucid

    Falcons - Saints GameDay Thread

    I feel real dirty cheering on the Saints, but for my Panthers i gotta do what i gotta do.