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  1. Montsta

    Dave Gettleman is the dumbest GM ever

    You a sensitive young peacock trying to show everyone your plumage. I said Gettleman had tons of flaws and ended up being mostly junk, his biggest flaw being his hubris. He initially handled the Norman situation perfectly. He told a guy that wanted way too much to fug off. Right move. Then the guy was shocked and wanted to come back to the table and that’s where the ego got in the way because Gettleman should have brought him back. You are trying to lump people into two groups when there is a whole spectrum. I think Gettleman did well and had a good game plan but ultimately failed because he is too stubborn and can’t deal with people. Not sure how long you’ve been around here, but the SS firing was a BIG deal to a lot of people and sent most off the deep end, so it’s a valid point to make that people started to hate him at that point.
  2. Montsta

    Dave Gettleman is the dumbest GM ever

    The Gettleman debates are old and tired to be honest. I was a staunch supporter of DG, as was Mr. Scot. I can’t speak for Scot, but I was tired of this stagnant franchise keeping around fan favorite has been a and was happy we had an all business kind of GM coming in to clean house. That’s not to say DG was immune to criticism for some of his bad decisions. But as someone who “hates hypocracy and double standards”, you have to admit this board is filled with people who bitch about wading in mediocrity and never having back to back winning seasons or a Lombardi, but then bitched when DG came in and dropped fan favorites who were overpaid and past their prime. The hypocracy goes both ways.
  3. Montsta

    Dave Gettleman is the dumbest GM ever

    I ridicule Rivera because he has to be top 3 coach in history in letting huge leads slip away with his awful situational awareness. He is like that dog in the meme that is sitting around while the house is on fire saying “this is fine”. That dog is Ron Rivera to a T. He gets his ass kicked even when we have had two weeks to prepare for a team, or when a team plays Monday and has only had a handful of days to prepare for us. Gettleman has tons, TONS, of faults, his hubris being a big one. But let’s not kid ourselves, people around here are mostly sour on him because they want to have Steve Smith’s babies and got their feelings hurt when he cut him and SS threw a fit. Gettleman has been mostly junk, but worst ever is a stretch.
  4. We also have a silk screened logo on the sleeves, maybe they are switching to embroidered there?
  5. Montsta

    Gronkowski is a moron

    Without getting too political on the main forum, and with all due respect to you Philly as I genuinely respect you (despite our vast differences in opinion on damn near everything), wasn’t a certain leading female candidate for the office of the presidency completely absolved of criminal wrongdoing based solely on the defense of “she didn’t know what she was doing was wrong”? For true equality in society we need both sexes held equally accountable when they screw up and do something stupid. Look forward to your honest take on this and then it’s back to football discussion I’ll go.
  6. Montsta

    Gronkowski is a moron

    I bet he lets his sons wrestle at backyard barbecues too. Rotten son of a bitch.
  7. Goes to show how unbelievably tough Cam is and how lucky we are to have him that he has been dealing with this poo line for years and has remained pretty injury averse. We will miss him when he’s gone.
  8. Montsta

    Cam speaks out on IG

    I’m not lightening anything. When I see people that are being pieces of poo I ban them. But I can’t see everything. That what the report button is for. I go through the reports as thoroughly and as often as I can. They often number into the 100’s daily. I sift through and see what’s legit and what is superfluous. If you have reported these people with legit complaints and I haven’t seen them or gotten to them yet, I apologize. But I go through each of them one by one and ban, warn, or just complete the report as needed. I’m sorry you hate this board so much.
  9. Montsta

    Cam speaks out on IG

    Are there idiots here? There are plenty. Are there people here who’s opinions are rooted in bigotry? I’m sure there are. Can I take a post that says Cam Newton is a headcase and scream RACIST and ban the person for it? Can I take a post that says Cam focuses too much energy on his hats and scream RACIST and ban them for it? Absolutely not. If you report a post where someone is outwardly being a racist piece of poo then I will ban them indefinitely. If you want me to ban every poster who has any criticism of Cam because you feel that makes them racist then I’m sorry you are going to be disappointed because I can’t do that.
  10. Montsta

    Cam speaks out on IG

    I could care less about clicks. I don’t get paid for this. Jeremy doesn’t send us marching orders from up on high to not ban racists. I issue warnings and bans all the time. If someone says “black quarterbacks are dumb” or some ridiculous poo, they’ll get banned. If someone says “Cam isn’t right in the head and his shoulder is shot”, I can’t ban them for having an unpopular opinion. My reports box is filled with alerts I go through and tbh 75% are bullshit so it’s hard to keep up
  11. For a guy that whiffs on picks so god damn always, I’m surprised how many people are excited for this.
  12. Montsta

    Cam's IG

    I love how Cam types in windings font. It’s the new Times New Roman, Cam is just ahead of the times.
  13. This. I’ve seen him get burned trying to lay the wood this year, but he is a safety in his prime that’ll be better than anyone else available. Happy to resign him long term, but we need some complementary pieces around him too. Also, Tepper needs to go in person to the league office and say this 7 tests in 10 weeks bullshit needs to fuging stop immediately. Random my fuging ass.