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  1. Montsta

    What Eagles Fans Are Saying

    Cam puts the team on his back so god damn always that when he is off poo falls apart and he takes the blame. It’s comical at this point. It reminds me of when Curry and Klay are off on three’s and people start spitting that jump shooting teams can’t blah blah nonsense. Cam carries this team. Thank god for McCaffrey and having another talent on offense. Would be nice to use DJ Moore better.
  2. Montsta

    Seahawks Owner dead at 65....

    I’ve found many estates to be filled with bloodsucking leaches. Hopefully he had a trust that dictated where a large portion of his money would go and how it would be spent.
  3. He will stay here with Ron until Ron is fired.
  4. Was over when we went down 7-0.
  5. Luke just poo the bed big time right there
  6. Lol that’s absolutely a fitting end to this game lmfao
  7. There’s the Carolina special teams I’ve come to know and love. SMH
  8. That’s game. I might actually stop watching and go do yard work. This is disappointing to watch. Our DB’s are poo. I was excited about Reid but he certainly isn’t the savior of a garbage secondary right now. Hopefully it’s just a matter of him needing a couple more weeks to get comfortable in the scheme or something before we see the big plays he is capable of. And our LB’s look like poo too. And our D Line.
  9. That Vernon Davis catch just now wasn’t on Luke. They were clearly in a zone defense. It looked like Jackson drifted farther back and out of his zone than he was supposed to.
  10. This is not a playoff caliber team here. Our defense is as bad as I can ever remember it being.
  11. I don’t know but a prime Steve smith on our current offense with CMC catching out of the backfield would be fun to watch. Smitty would get 1v1 coverage all day and it would be glorious.
  12. Stiff Arm - 110 Run Blocking - 95 Juke/Spin Move - 99
  13. Montsta

    Lighten Up....

    CMC, Samuel, Moore, Cam.... We could do a lot worse.
  14. Montsta

    Week 4 Sunday Games Thread

    I am so glad that Gene Steratore is no longer an NFL ref. God that guy is awful.