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  1. Maybe 6 wins next year. Not enough to draft Lawrence though. Bummer.
  2. It’s crazy to me how little success we have had over the years but then our ex-coaches and GM’s love to bring the same garbage players along with them whenever they go somewhere else. Win or lose, I’m happy to have Rhule right now. At least it’s fresh.
  3. Ok this thread has run its course I’m locking it down. Xoxo, Montsta.
  4. They think there are 15 better overall players than Brown in this draft? I don’t believe that.
  5. Bruh he used a tweet from @totallylegitnflsource it’s obviously a joke oh wee mayne.
  6. Because the government LOVES a crisis that makes people more dependent on them and gives them more control.
  7. The NFL Marketing people do a great job of hitching their wagons to whatever feel good thing is out there at the time. So right now everyone has a hard-on for nurses who are crying into tiktok videos, so the NFL is going to try and capture and capitalize on that. They’ve always done that. Also, as fans, we can’t pay ourselves on the back too much about how we affect the game. Sure teams pump up the fans with the “your the best fans in the world” poo, but other than the few instances where a team is really close to the end zone or it’s really, really over the top loud, fans don’t really affect the games at all.
  8. December 2019, a busted ass 6-7 Cowboys team DOMINATED the Rams and Aaron Donald and allowed like 300 scrimmage yards to RB. Aaron Donald did nothing that game. He is still god-tier DT. Everyone can have a bad game.
  9. Great pick. Simmons is great but without some pressure up front he’d be neutralized big time. Pair him with KK and Burns (bulk him up) and I like our new D Line.
  10. fuging inept Panthers staff can’t even get their cameras in the correct position for a video conference. It would be tragic if it weren’t so funny at this point.
  11. Why Goodell got a Xbox Kinect in his basement though?
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