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  1. Goes to show how unbelievably tough Cam is and how lucky we are to have him that he has been dealing with this poo line for years and has remained pretty injury averse. We will miss him when he’s gone.
  2. Montsta

    Is Eric Reid Gone?

    So sick of this poo. OP is taking a 3 day ban and I’m shutting this bullshit thread down.
  3. Montsta

    Cam speaks out on IG

    I’m not lightening anything. When I see people that are being pieces of poo I ban them. But I can’t see everything. That what the report button is for. I go through the reports as thoroughly and as often as I can. They often number into the 100’s daily. I sift through and see what’s legit and what is superfluous. If you have reported these people with legit complaints and I haven’t seen them or gotten to them yet, I apologize. But I go through each of them one by one and ban, warn, or just complete the report as needed. I’m sorry you hate this board so much.
  4. Montsta

    Cam speaks out on IG

    Are there idiots here? There are plenty. Are there people here who’s opinions are rooted in bigotry? I’m sure there are. Can I take a post that says Cam Newton is a headcase and scream RACIST and ban the person for it? Can I take a post that says Cam focuses too much energy on his hats and scream RACIST and ban them for it? Absolutely not. If you report a post where someone is outwardly being a racist piece of poo then I will ban them indefinitely. If you want me to ban every poster who has any criticism of Cam because you feel that makes them racist then I’m sorry you are going to be disappointed because I can’t do that.
  5. Montsta

    Cam speaks out on IG

    I could care less about clicks. I don’t get paid for this. Jeremy doesn’t send us marching orders from up on high to not ban racists. I issue warnings and bans all the time. If someone says “black quarterbacks are dumb” or some ridiculous poo, they’ll get banned. If someone says “Cam isn’t right in the head and his shoulder is shot”, I can’t ban them for having an unpopular opinion. My reports box is filled with alerts I go through and tbh 75% are bullshit so it’s hard to keep up
  6. For a guy that whiffs on picks so god damn always, I’m surprised how many people are excited for this.
  7. Montsta

    Cam's IG

    I love how Cam types in windings font. It’s the new Times New Roman, Cam is just ahead of the times.
  8. This. I’ve seen him get burned trying to lay the wood this year, but he is a safety in his prime that’ll be better than anyone else available. Happy to resign him long term, but we need some complementary pieces around him too. Also, Tepper needs to go in person to the league office and say this 7 tests in 10 weeks bullshit needs to fuging stop immediately. Random my fuging ass.
  9. I’m pretty sure Jamos has it correct. On a money line bet the lower the number paid out on $100 bet, the higher odds Vegas sees it happening. For instance betting $100 for the Warriors to make the playoffs probably nets you $105.
  10. Montsta

    Stop defending Cam

    I agree. He is not right. Let him rest. So tired of Ron having Cam bail him out of a jam.
  11. Montsta

    Stop defending Cam

    I’m one of them. As someone that doesn’t watch college ball outside of Stanford season tickets, I remember exactly where I was when Luck said I’m going back to school. I was heartbroken like are you shitting me?!! Then we got Cam and he was unkown to me but I fully embraced him and have defended him against an onslaught of haters since. It sucks to see a fan base turn on him when he was having a career year the first half and now something is clearly wrong and everyone is ready to move on. But I guess it isn’t uncommon. When Peppers had 2.5 sacks everyone said it was because he was lethargic from aids from his gay lover because he was quiet and not a leader.
  12. It’s actually crazy when you think of how many seasons we’ve had where success or failure was determined by 7 points per game.
  13. Montsta

    Stop defending Cam

    Wins are a great stat for MLB pitchers, because when you get down to it, it’s a 1v1 game. Same cant be said for football. There are a lot of moving parts that you need to look at. That being said the original argument remains to at least discuss the panthers record with Cam at QB. From that point you can dissect and assess kudos and blame across the board as needed. The intelligent discussion and debate of the context of that is what matters. Without it we are ignorant clowns.
  14. Montsta

    Stop defending Cam

    This right here is a valid argument and worth discussing. Congratulations on being one of the few that can articulate a dissenting opinion enough to warrant further talk. You’re a champ in my book.
  15. Montsta

    Cam's immaturity....

    Bruh you patted yourself on the back. Change your account next time pimpin.