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  1. Well if you wanna rip Ron Rivera for his horrible mismanagement of Cam and his injuries repeatedly throughout his career I’m right there with you. If you are implying that there is some ulterior motive for Cam staying home or that he isn’t a team guy because he didn’t travel or something, well I just can’t back that for a second.
  2. fug a nickname. He’s 1-0 against bitch ass Kyler Murray who royally fuged my A’s and can kiss my ass for all eternity. So he alright in my book.
  3. Are those all pics of Greg Olsen at home games?
  4. Dude players do this all the time. Sometimes they roll with the team, sometimes they don’t. When KD was hurt with GS last year he would fly to some games and some games he wouldn’t. Charlotte to Sky Harbor is a long flight to stay on for rah rahs on the sideline. If either Cam or the team or both felt his time was better used in Charlotte rehabbing then flying across the country then so be it.
  5. This is speculation designed specifically to form some sort of weird narrative. You have no insight whatsoever as to whether or not Cam was told to stay home or opted to on his own or what. Knock it off
  6. What I typed means keep doing you and I’ll keep doing me. You keep getting upset and thinking every single slight against you has some nefarious undertone, and meanwhile I’m here enjoying life. Take a breather? Look in the mirror bud. Act like the five Rico’s before you and chill the fug out sweetness. You’ll find life much more enjoyable.
  7. I realize AZ is horrible, but man this is fun to watch. We have a GREAT backup and a healthy Cam will tear poo up. I hope they rest Cam another few weeks and let him wow the crowd in London.
  8. I’m only a terrible mod because you are still here. You are like a little brother with his finger in your face saying I’m not touching you. You’re a child. Keep going on while I’m here living my best life wishing you the best. Kisses.
  9. Report them. Like I’ve said forever. Y’all like to bitch bitch bitch but don’t bring anything to my attention. You think I’m sitting in a command center with twelve screens and can see everything? Nope. Report someone and if it’s warranted they get banned. Easy money. But y’all just bitch and don’t do poo else. Get over yourself. You talked mad poo that you thought fit your narrative and that clown was banned before you clicked submit reply. So just admit that you were wrong and move forward amicably.
  10. I banned him 5 seconds after seeing that post. So nice try. You fuging played yourself.
  11. Dude we don’t have mod meetings and meet and greets and poo I can’t control what another mod saw or did. I never saw that. And I don’t go to the tinderbox period. I don’t moderate the tinderbox period. If someone on the main forum says man I sure hate those Muslims, report it and I will ban them. If someone makes an ambiguous comment like man Curtis Samuel all of a sudden looks like an MVP receiver, I can’t ban on that alone off of assumption of what they meant by it. That’s where you guys don’t understand poo. If someone has a history of open comments that are fuged up and it’s brought to my attention then that’s one thing. If a guy makes a comment that’s left to interpretation then I can’t ban him because of how it’s interpreted by some people. Let’s continue this discussion through DM please. I’m happy to hear your concerns and thoughts on the state of this board, but it’s gotta be through DM, not hijacking the game day thread.
  12. I don’t look at anything other than main forum so I can’t speak to that. The tinderbox is toxic and I don’t travel outside of here.
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