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  1. You don’t want to win now because it *might* cost a shot at winning later? I’m not the smart football analyst here like @PhillyB or @Mr. Scot, but that seems illogical.
  2. And my point was people feel the need to put people into cliques and bubbles so they can focus their energy on a perceived enemy. People can think Teddy isn’t the answer without thinking our top picks are busts. Even now you are saying the “Teddy will never be good enough” crowd like it’s some group with membership dues and meetings on Tuesdays, like we have a collective hive mind. My opinion, which as you rightfully alluded to isn’t worth much, isn’t necessarily the same or for the same reasons as the next guy that doesn’t like Teddy Bridgewater as a long term solution. It’s all relative and it’s all subjective.
  3. I don’t think Teddy is good enough, still don’t, and have literally never said any of those other things you mentioned. Someone having an opinion on one player has nothing to do with the rest.
  4. Next Sunday. This Sunday he will look like a sure fire HOFer.
  5. Things are never “sold” this way. The owner just decides a direction and goes with it. He doesn’t have any checks and balances. He says let’s do this, and it happens.
  6. Two of us are actively posting in this thread. Shenanigans and chicanery won’t last long. ;)
  7. This feels like a fair take. Feels like Tepper wanted to put his own stamp on his brand so he got rid of the face of the franchise and got a hotshot college coach to try and make some big splash.
  8. I flew to Arizona to watch Cam play in his first game with my wife and my mom. My mom took up photography as sort of a retirement hobby and took a picture of Cam under center for his first snap and made it a mousepad for me for work as a Christmas gift that year. We were all super fuging pumped. That’s the big dick energy that Cam brought to the team.
  9. Fair assessment. And when I say I don’t like Teddy it’s not some personal jab at the guy. He might be a great guy. But at the end of the day, our franchise think tank decided it was a good idea to get rid of Cam Newton because of “health concerns” to pickup a guy who hasn’t gone into a season as a starter in forever and who completely obliterated his knee and has every bit the health concerns IMO that Cam Newton might have. On top of that, they gave him an insane contract to boot. And the guy is a mediocre QB and that’s fine if you have a really talented team around him. But we signed a mediocre QB to a 3 year deal for insane money in the midst of a complete rebuild. So again I have no personal beef with Teddy B. and hope he has some unprecedented lightbulb go off and has a career year and balls out, but I’m certainly not gonna bet even a dollar against a hundred that that is going to happen. It’s not Teddy’s fault but it is what it is.
  10. I love Cam and wish he was still here with every fiber of my being. But I still got no love for Teddy B. I obviously hope he does well because he is my teams QB. Maybe if he was on a $5MM/year prove it deal I’d feel differently. But letting Cam go to pickup Teddy for $20MM makes me hate TB even if that’s not TB’s fault. I know it’s not logical and I don’t care. I’m clamoring for whatever QB we can draft that is a real future franchise QB. Bridgewater feels like an off-year quarterback to me like Rodney Peete or Testeverde. A guy you have until the real future shows up.
  11. This is me. I love me some Cam and love his energy and feel like the franchise did him dirty. Had he left like Pep did for a record breaking contract after his MVP year giving us the proverbial finger, maybe I’d be like fug Cam. But he was kind of left hanging out to dry. So now I will root for Cam to do well and those well-wishes operate complete outside of the Patriots that I could not care less about.
  12. I mean I’m old and maybe the kids of the internet got ahold of it and bastardized it (which happens so god damn always), but since the 90’s a “simp” was a guy that always tried way too hard with women, like a white knight/captain-save-a-ho, throw his brand new jacket over a puddle for a random chick super thirsty kinda dude, if that makes sense. Been that way for 30 years as far as I know.
  13. A simp is someone that does anything to try get/please a woman. What does that have to do with football? Not being a dick, just asking.
  14. I mean you can call it politics or not, abortion is seen as a political issue when a lot of people feel like there is nothing political about cutting the spines of children while still in the womb. Whatever side you take on the issue, it’s considered political. Whether or not you see it that way is not the point. Many viewers do see it that way and are deciding not to tune in, which I suppose is their prerogative whether you or I or anyone else like it or not.
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