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  1. Was concerned he would choose someone else when he said he wanted to play for a contender. This is awesome.
  2. Maybe #1 for first quarter of season before he gets hurt.
  3. Isn’t Cam not fuging right now?
  4. If McShay quadrupled his prediction accuracy percentage, he’d still be less accurate than a weather man.
  5. How do y’all find the minutes in the day to devote to keeping DG on your mind? He’s been gone for a while now.
  6. DG literally said, “we are EVALUATING everyone” and SS went the fug off on a tirade like a baby. Just evaluating. Not drafting replacements or competition. Evaluating. I love SS as a talking head, but he is the last one that should be talking poo about a player being a baby.
  7. Holy poo Deuce McAllister got BIG. He looking like Quad McAllister now.
  8. He was awful the first time around and hasn’t gotten better with age. I want the team to be successful, but can’t wait for Tepper to wake the fug up and get rid of Hurney.
  9. So is the general consensus happy or not about this pick? I know nothing about him. Seems a good 3-4 pick?
  10. Me and my wife are gonna go for two weeks. Maybe meet up with my cousin in Ireland on my birthday. He can’t come back to the US for six more years and I can’t afford to fly to Asia so it would be dope to get to see him.
  11. That sucks because I just got two weeks off approved in October and me and the wife were just waiting to buy tickets. Buying round trip airfare tonight.
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