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  1. Smithers

    Friday Notes and Quotes

    Rivera doesn’t have control over personnel. That was G-man
  2. Sean Payton Sean Payton Sean Payton Sean Payton Sean Payton honorable mention - Ron Rivera
  3. Smithers

    Updated Remaining Schedules

    That’s what I thought. So we benefit from the Eagles winning if the Skins also win. If the Eagles lose and Skins win, they move to the 7 spot and we drop to 8. Best case of course if for the Eagles, Skins and Vikes to all lose.
  4. Smithers

    Updated Remaining Schedules

    So are we only ahead of the Skins because of the 3-way tie breaking procedures? If the eagles lose and the Panthers and Skins both win, I think the Skins will move ahead of us since the 2 way tie factors in the head to head, which we lost.
  5. Smithers

    Game last night

    Our receiver was also wide open...
  6. Clark has been awful at times. I honestly don’t think it really matters at this point.
  7. How are they gonna have a bye? We are going to beat them twice and they will fall behind the Rams and Bears.
  8. This. Bad drafting sets a team back years. Gentleman was a terrible drafter, even worse than Hurney back in the day. The best draft this team has seen in 5 years was this year.
  9. Smithers

    Eric Reid fined for hit vs TB

    He’s lucky he’s not being fined for every passing play that he’s out of position. He’d be broke. I know I know...so would most of the rest of the team.
  10. Smithers

    Comment of the day

    Pretty sure he’s been a contributing factor for offensive lineman’s pancake stats. Does that count?
  11. The Panthers SM team surely knew this wouldn’t end well.
  12. Yeah I say we get what we can in a trade and go from there.
  13. Smithers

    Put Heinicke in

    I gotcha. Thanks for the clarification
  14. Smithers

    Put Heinicke in

    15 if we cut. His full salary (21) next year if we trade.
  15. Exactly. When will Huddlers wake up and realize that Reid fuging sucks in coverage. He’s been a liability since he arrived. It no coincidence that our defense declined drastically since he was given a starting job. Nut huggers need to stop spinning on his knob and realize that he can’t cover a parapalegic