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  1. Smithers

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    Kaep is the one who opted out of his own contract in SF. Not to mention that he sucked balls that season, and was benched in favor of Blaine Gabbart. Collusion my ass
  2. Smithers

    Case Keenum anyone?

    I’d be shocked if he doesn’t wind up with the Skins to give Smith time to recover...that is if he ever plays again.
  3. I mentioned a few weeks back that this type of thing will happen a lot leading up to the draft and QB needy teams now won’t be such by draft time. Foles is next.
  4. Blackburn did a great job with the unit last season. Jacobs just might be a solid addition.
  5. I wonder if this injury has scared Cam Into demanding an extension?
  6. Watch the Falcons take him.
  7. Uhh...Brady didn’t really have to do anything last night. That was one of the best defensive performances I have even seen in a SB. If they keep that up, they don’t need Brady to do much.
  8. Smithers

    Antonio Brown trade?

    I’d just be afraid to give up a mid first round pick when we have so many holes to fill. Would AB help us win another 3-5 games? I don’t think he would, especially if our OL and DL play aren’t any better. That first round pick, plus the 22+ million in cap space Brown would command, could go a long ways toward adddessing both sides of our line.
  9. Smithers

    Antonio Brown trade?

    AB will command a 1st round pick, just like Cooper did.
  10. If he wasn’t such a bitch to Cam; he could have helped this team win SB 50
  11. You have to remember that Foles, Bridgewater and Flaco will have starting roles somewhere. Wouldn’t be shocked to see Foles head to Denver.
  12. Smithers

    Here for my lumps...

    Kudos to you for showing up. with that being said, no other coach in the NFL deserves to lose in suck epic fashion, 2 years in a row, than Sean Payton.
  13. Smithers

    Ron is no longer the biggest pussy HC in the NFL

    Why do people post poo like this before the game actually ends? Lol. Happens way too often.
  14. Screw Sean Payton! Bounty gate karma lives on you scum bag SOB!
  15. He’s 4th all time in sacks for the team. Laugh all you want.