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  1. Trap game for them honestly. I think we actually screw ourselves and win this one.
  2. Ron wouldn’t be able to handle the NY media. He’s had it made in Charlotte. Those reporters up there will consistently ask the questions Ron doesn’t want to have to answer
  3. Lol..I mean...they’ll all be gone in three weeks.
  4. I’m tired of Jackson, and over him. He has been blowing coverage all year. He let a guy beat him who has barely played this season and is 4th or 5th on their depth chart. Man up Donte. Btw...Champ Bailey would have made that play, douche.
  5. Trade Cam to the Dolphins for a swap of first rounders and a second rounder ...
  6. So he’s 86%? That’s not far off from Gano’s average in Carolina (85.7).
  7. You don’t think he cares that beer and food sales are down tens of thousands per game? Don’t think he cares that seats are empty? Don’t think he cares that sponsors want people in the stands? I beg to differ.
  8. Correct, but it would help if our play design actually spread the defense out wide. Every single damn goal line run involves us in a tight formation. Stupid.
  9. He tried the Cam Newton patented spin move back 25 yards. Just didn’t work for him as well as it does Cam lol
  10. Someone will be fired tomorrow. Tepper knows he needs to show the fans something.
  11. A lot of us thought we were going all in this off-season with some of the big acquisitions. We forgot one thing...we are one of the most talent poor teams in terms of coaching in the NFL. So glad that ends this season. Fug you Ron.
  12. Yep...they have two backups in your front, one of which was signed 5 days ago. And they are destroying us. Pathetic.
  13. This is the worst offensive performance that o remember seeing in a long long time. At least 2 weeks
  14. His stupid grin drives me nuts. He knows he’s a goner. At least coach with some balls and put something on tape for your next job
  15. Punting from the other teams 38. Wow. Ron really playing scared right now
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