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  1. Would love someone like Emmanuel Sanders...at 32 years old and with his team tanking, maybe he could be had for a 5th rounder. Hell we gave up more than that for a 35 year old punter a few years back.
  2. Not to mention that he didn’t reference the rankings of the defenses Cam faced.
  3. Every single year someone makes a thread saying 10-6 isn’t good enough to make the playoffs in the NFC...and then a 9-7 team gets in (just like last year). it’s way too early to determine what record will be needed to get in. A lot of these “top tier” teams play each other still...
  4. It’s a what have you done for me lately league.
  5. Ron should just walk out tomorrow and announce that he is sticking with Kyle indefinitely. Put an end to all the talk and make sure the locker room knows who the clear starter is going forward.
  6. When the opposing team becomes one dimensional, it’s supposed to get easier. Instead, Ron likes to sit back and play zone and make it easy for the opponent to score.
  7. It’s amazing how that one fumble changed the entire tone of the game. Could be driving to go up 17-0. Instead it’s 10-7 and they have all the momentum.
  8. Man I was really hoping Jackson could go. Hope Godwin doesn’t destroy us again
  9. Steven A said it last week...he said “yes you can lose your job to injury” when talking about Allen and Cam.
  10. I wouldn’t go that far. This team just needs to continue to improve. We have a lot of young guys take the field each week who will hopefully only get better as the season goes on. Getting Little, Turner and Jackson back will also be huge. Trent Dilfer won a superbowl for goodness sakes....Allen can certainly lead this team to playoff wins if we play solid team football.
  11. Heck we had 3 Should be interceptions on that drive.
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