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  1. Hell..just look at how many top 5 picks the Lions and Browns have screwed up Over the years.
  2. I would never want a culture where we play to lose just to get a better draft pick. I want every player on that field every Sunday to play like their career depended on it. If we set the precedent in week 17 that losing is ok so long as we get a higher (not necessarily better) draft selection, then what message do we send to all these players we sign to incentive laden contracts. “Hey...you have a chance to his these benchmarks if you play hard...well...unless we are eliminated from playoff contention, then we want you to play like poo and put the teams draft position before your financial interests.
  3. Yeah, we tend to suck balls when playing in primetime.
  4. Great signing. But I don’t think this impacts Smith’s status at all.
  5. Even better...eliminated them from playoff contention.
  6. He’s just grouchy from an entire month of not climaxing. Don’t worry Cam...only a few more days!
  7. Smitty, Gross, and Peppers should be in it.
  8. I certainly don’t think free agency is over. We signed to offensive lineman and only used 7.5 million of our cap space for this year in doing so. We are going to sign a DE, FS, or CB before the draft.
  9. I must be nuts...I didn’t think Poe was that bad last year. He outplayed Short and often faced more double teams than short because of that. PFF even graded him as above average. Granted our entire defense sucked...but I didn’t think Poe was to blame. Maybe I am missing something.
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