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  1. Obada is still PS eligible isn’t he?
  2. Not a great fit honestly. They will be a decent team this season with little dysfunction. I would have rather seen the Giants.
  3. Millers knock was his ability to stay healthy. No one ever doubted his pure talent. If he can stay on the field, he will be a steal for sure.
  4. Lol I was about to say...if Igo is excited about him, he won’t make the roster.
  5. Can’t be. I heard that he once threw an interception in rookie minicamp and therefore won’t make it in the NFL.
  6. I remember when Jake Delhomme changed his mechanics...that was the final year of his career in a Panthers uniform. that being said...Cam has to change his throwing motion if his shoulder is going to hold up. His wind up is incredibly long, and are seems to turn his shoulder incredibly hard with every throw. Sticking with a shorter motion might prolong his career.
  7. I have never ever thought that Captain Munnerlyn was a beast at any point lol
  8. He did have this bad ass one handed interception during OTAs last week
  9. First of all, great topic OP. I have to start with Rivera. The team culture starts and ends with the head coach. Rivera gets a lot of hate, but he is respected in the locker room as a man, a coach, and a former player. Teams that have unraveled in the locker room often have coaches who can’t lead. Look at Pittsburgh. Internally they are an absolute mess and former players like Harrison, Bell and Brown have attributed it to Tomlin not treating players fairly. Rivera leads our locker room.
  10. Burns should be fine. The fact that he refers to himself as a comic book superhero tells you all you need to know about his passion. Go Spidey!
  11. Confirmed. I’m getting drunk tonight
  12. Prob been mentioned already...but we clear another 7.5 million off the books tomorrow once Kalil’s becomes effective.
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