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  1. This. If he wants to extend his career, he must throw the ball away more often rather than try to dodge 3-4 defenders while running for his life.
  2. It was another boneheaded late cheap shot. I remember 2 from last season...having another so early this year doesn’t bode well for him or the team. Refs will be looking his way on every single play.
  3. Good first half. Only gave up 7, on the road, against the champs, after Luke went out. Cam had a few nice throws before going out, not bad for having not played in a while. Defensive line caused about 6 holding penalties. im happy. Y’all sorry ass pessimistic losers can sulk all you want. Cheers.
  4. We have only given up 7 points, on the road, against the super bowl champions, after 18 minutes of game time. In 2018 it would have been 28-0 by now.
  5. The only time Reid doesn’t take a knee is after the is blown dead and penalty yards are in play
  6. Local channels are like $14 in most markets. Splurge for the season. It’s $70 or less for an entire season of Panthers football.
  7. That’s what 25 year olds living at home in their moms basement while working part time at Game Stop do.
  8. I mean...there is an 8 page thread here on the front page of the Huddle:
  9. This x 100. The title is fine and actually fairly better than I expected.
  10. I’ve seen him in 2 preseason games plus fan fest...and he has looked like hot garbage in all 3. I hope he improves, but damn he shouldn’t even be 3rd string at this point.
  11. Defense getting exposed tonight. Good thing it’s only preseason . Starters look terrible.
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