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  1. Eli played pretty well last season. He had a couple bad games but besides that played well.
  2. I mean...Cam himself acknowledged that he has lied to the coaching staff about his injuries.
  3. All that BS above and you failed miserably at considering the fact, which I plainly pointed out, that Teddy wanted to start and was done sitting on the bench. The decision wasn’t the Saints to make. The Saints didn’t choose Hill over Teddy. Teddy chose a starting gig over a backup gig. Simple as that.
  4. With what cap space? Besides...Teddy wasn’t riding the pine for another season. He wanted to start again, and more than one team was willing to give him that opportunity.
  5. Teddy almost signed with the Dolphins last off-season...and that was before he went 5-0 filling in for Brees. There would have been suitors no doubt. The Bears, Colts, Chargers, etc surely all had some interest. And the Saints didn’t value Hill more...they could only afford Hill. They knew they didn’t have the cap space to sign Teddy to what he would command on the open market, so they went with the much cheaper option (who by the way was a restricted FA with an easily determined salary that Hill couldn’t negotiate).
  6. If there are no fans, mic up every player and push it out live on the broadcast lol
  7. Wasn’t that Jonathan Stewart? Or did Smitty lay one on him as well?
  8. His Temple and Baylor squads didn’t beat top 25 teams because they didn’t have the talent, plain and simple. How many players from those programs(esp in years one and two) got drafted compared to top 25 programs? Compared to other NFL teams (even top tier teams), our offense has legit talent. If our draft picks pan out this year and we can load up in FA and the draft next year, there’s no reason why we can’t be very competitive.
  9. I don’t think you can draw the same conclusion at the pro level. Rhule has inherited way more talent here (especially on offense) then he did at both college gigs. He will also have the cap space next year to pretty much go out and sign who he wants.
  10. I can see the Jets signing him honestly. They were a train wreck when Darnold went down last year. And who knows, a healthy Cam could send Darnold to the bench.
  11. Hope not. I was hoping we’d fly under the radar for at least 8 games. Beating the SB champs at their place in prime time will ruin that.
  12. We will have a top 5 offense this season.
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