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  1. This. Bad drafting sets a team back years. Gentleman was a terrible drafter, even worse than Hurney back in the day. The best draft this team has seen in 5 years was this year.
  2. Smithers

    Eric Reid fined for hit vs TB

    He’s lucky he’s not being fined for every passing play that he’s out of position. He’d be broke. I know I know...so would most of the rest of the team.
  3. Smithers

    Comment of the day

    Pretty sure he’s been a contributing factor for offensive lineman’s pancake stats. Does that count?
  4. The Panthers SM team surely knew this wouldn’t end well.
  5. Yeah I say we get what we can in a trade and go from there.
  6. Smithers

    Put Heinicke in

    I gotcha. Thanks for the clarification
  7. Smithers

    Put Heinicke in

    15 if we cut. His full salary (21) next year if we trade.
  8. Exactly. When will Huddlers wake up and realize that Reid fuging sucks in coverage. He’s been a liability since he arrived. It no coincidence that our defense declined drastically since he was given a starting job. Nut huggers need to stop spinning on his knob and realize that he can’t cover a parapalegic
  9. Haha true. Let Olsen coach. At this point I’m hoping for a good draft pick and a new coach. We damn well better take a DE with that pick.
  10. Here’s the problem. We are down 2 coaches already. You fire Rivera now, who do you make HC? Prob Turner...but offense isn’t the issue and Turner isn’t going to fix the defense. Tepper will wait until the season is over.
  11. Smithers

    Put Heinicke in

    I hate to even bring it up, as I love Cam. But we can save 21 million by trading him.
  12. Damn are we gonna lose to the Browns by two scores? Defense needs to make another big play
  13. Damnit Cam. Clean pocket. Wide open WR. And he underthrows him by 5 yards
  14. Smithers

    Halftime thoughts....

    I can’t stand the way this team plays. 45 seconds to line up for a FG??????
  15. Smithers

    Halftime thoughts....

    Since we leave guys open anyways, let’s just take a risk and send 7 on every single play.