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  1. Im not trolling. I made a comment relevant to the thread topic (and even more relevant to this board for that matter) and within seconds you had to comment on it. Just like you always have ever since I questioned why you are a mod after making a post about switching teams just because you aren’t happy with the moves the team makes. You’ve been on my case ever since. bottom line dude-someone will without a doubt claim that Cam’s redemption season was cut short or impacted by Covid, thus impacting his stock for his next contract. It will happen. Knowing this board it will happen sooner rather than later. My comment has nothing to do with how I feel about Cam. I’ve been one of Cams biggest fans for a long time. And taken a lot of poo for it. I was merely making a statement in a thread where it should be made. Hell I surely wouldn’t want to make that statement in a newly created thread and suffer the wrath of you for creating another Cam thread. My comment wasn’t anti-Cam. It wasn’t unfair. I wasn’t trolling. It was about Cam’s upcoming season and the fact that so many of his teammates won’t be available, which will surely impact him. the only trolling and judging that took place was in the comment you made about my post seconds after I posted it.
  2. No-but several of his teammates have. My original comment was about others claiming he won’t have fair shake this year as a result. What is so hard to understand here? oh, and be careful. Pretty sure “STFU” can result in a mod giving you a warning. Oh wait...
  3. It’s a threat about opting out. Keep up if you can. More Patriots players have opted out than any other team. In addition they have placed a couple offensive starters on the PUP. So actually, my comment is relevant based on the thread topic. oh, and i am far from a Cam hater. As a matter of fact, I’ve been one of his biggest fans and supporters over the last decade. But what do you know-you aren’t a Panthers fan anyways. Just happen to be a mod on a Panthers board for some reason.
  4. How long until someone says that Covid is setting Cam up for failure?
  5. And a contract roll over, which just might be a sweet deal for players in camp battles or nearing the end of their career.
  6. It’s a crap shoot really. It seems players are opting out for a variety of reasons...pregnant wife, new child, at risk family members, etc. im sure we will have at least one player.
  7. The Jags haven’t been to 2 Super Bowls
  8. 98% of people have been wearing masks for over 14 days. Numbers keep going up at a rate higher than pre mask madndates. Can we agree that masks do no good.
  9. I for one appreciate your work, and appreciate even more your attitude toward ungrateful fans. Keep up the great work man.
  10. Not sure how the scheme is relevant. Heck teams change schemes all the time. We are a good example of that. He signed his contract as a 3-4 OLB.
  11. Nah-he needs to stay at OLB. Whitehead will be the MLB
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