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  1. IGSaint

    What's up with Luke?

    There was a Cam sucks thread right after the game ended. You can look for it if you want. And besides that, you're not new here. Cam has been criticized plenty and continues to.
  2. When you're responsible for your QB getting two picks, I would say that's terrible.
  3. IGSaint

    Dat Cam Block Tho...

    That block was amazing. Cam always gives full effort.
  4. Ian Thomas was terrible yesterday. TE is gonna be a sore spot the entire season.
  5. IGSaint

    Ron on the Hot Seat

    Rivera has been going for it on 4th downs like his job is in jeopardy so I wouldn't doubt it. It makes sense why he has been so aggressive this season.
  6. We were way too conservative on offense. Stop fuging running on every dow jesus christ. Put the foot on their neck and score touchdowns.
  7. IGSaint

    Ron says we good at safety

    I guess we're fine with the Saints and Falcons dropping 30+pts on us every game.
  8. Cam has to keep his cool a little better, at least not be so overt in trolling the defense. But the refs were clearly trigger happy on the flag for Cam.
  9. We need to sign Reid or trade for a safety. We will not win anything with Colin Jones being there.
  10. Agreed. I'm kinda ready to move on from Philly if Hill and Garrett can take his spots. I think last season was Philly's ceiling.
  11. Totally agree and his combine video was even worse. He looks small and not very athletic or strong. He honestly looks like a third or 4th round type of TE. He is just getting hyped up more due to a bad TE class.
  12. Take a chill pill and relax, it's not that serious. You would think you're doing the drafting with the tone of your posts.
  13. Maybe Gettleman won't feel he's a gamble. Ever thought of that?
  14. Out of those I think Henry(RB), Ogbah Henry(TE) Butler is the choices in that order although I think you could switch Henry(TE) and Butler as well.
  15. IGSaint

    What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    Da fuq was Bell even doing so far away from the rusher. Yeesh, I'm glad he's gone.